It`s Official: The US Is A Police State

On September 24, Jason Ditz

reported on

that "the FBI is
confirming that this morning they began a number of
raids against the homes of antiwar activists in
Illinois, Minneapolis, Michigan, and North Carolina,
claiming that they are `
evidence relating to activities concerning the material
support of terrorism.

Now we know what Homeland Security (sic) Secretary Janet
Napolitano meant when she

said on September 10
"The old view
that `if we fight the terrorists abroad, we won`t have
to fight them here` is just that—the old view."
new view, Napolitano said, is
"to counter
violent extremism right here at home."

"Violent extremism"

is one of those undefined police state terms that will
mean whatever the government wants it to mean. In this
morning`s FBI`s foray into the homes of American
citizens of conscience, it means antiwar activists,
whose activities are equated with
"the material support of terrorism," just as conservatives equated
Vietnam era anti-war protesters with giving material
support to communism.

Anti-war activist Mick Kelly, whose home was raided,
sees the FBI raids as harassment to intimidate those who
organize war protests.

I wonder if Kelly is under-estimating the threat. The
FBI`s own words clearly indicate that the federal police
agency and the judges who signed the warrants do not
regard antiwar protesters as Americans exercising their
Constitutional rights, but as unpatriotic elements
offering material support to terrorism.

"Material support"

is another of those undefined police state terms. In
this context the term means that Americans who fail to
believe their government`s lies and instead protest its
policies, are supporting their government`s declared
enemies and, thus, are not exercising their civil
liberties but committing treason.

As this initial FBI foray is a softening-up move to get
the public accustomed to the idea that the real
terrorists are their fellow citizens here at home, Kelly
will get off this time.  But next time the FBI will find
emails on his computer from a
"terrorist group" set up by the CIA that will incriminate him.

Under the practices put in place by the Bush and Obama
regimes, and approved by corrupt federal judges,
protesters who have been compromised by fake terrorist
groups can be declared
"enemy combatants" and sent off to Egypt, Poland, or some other
corrupt American puppet state—Canada perhaps—to be
tortured until confession is forthcoming that antiwar
protesters and, indeed, every critic of the US
government, are on Osama bin Laden`s payroll.

Almost every Republican and conservative and, indeed,
the majority of Americans will fall for this—only to
find, later, that it is subversive to complain that
their Social Security was cut in the interest of the war
against Iran or some other demonized entity; or that
they couldn`t have a Medicare operation because the wars
in Central Asia and South America required the money.

Americans are the most gullible people who ever existed.
They tend to support the government instead of the
Constitution, and almost every Republican and
conservative regards civil liberty as a coddling device
that encourages criminals and terrorists.

The US media, highly concentrated in violation of the
American principle of a diverse and independent media,
will lend its support to the witch hunts that will close
down all protests and independent thought in the US over
the next few years. As the Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels

"Think of the
press as a great keyboard on which the Government can

An American Police State was inevitable once Americans
let "their"
government get away with 9/11.

Americans are too gullible, too uneducated, and too
jingoistic to remain a free people.  As another Nazi
leader—Herman Goering—
"The people can
always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. Tell
them they are being attacked, and denounce the
peace-makers for lack of patriotism and for exposing the
country to danger."

This is precisely what the Bush and Obama regimes have

America, as people of my generation knew it, no longer

Paul Craig Roberts

was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during
President Reagan`s first term.  He was Associate
Editor of the
Wall Street Journal.  He has
held numerous academic appointments, including the
William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and
International Studies, Georgetown University, and Senior
Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford
University. He was awarded the Legion of Honor by French
President Francois Mitterrand. He is the author of

Supply-Side Revolution : An Insider`s Account of
Policymaking in Washington
and the Soviet Economy


Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy
and is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice
. Click


for Peter Brimelow`s
Forbes Magazine
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