Israel: The National Question Moral for U.S.

Western politicians were thinking wishfully when they
decided to resurrect an Israeli state on land held for
centuries by

. Passed from watch to watch, the
Israeli-Palestinian problem continues to elude the
skills of politicians.

Our fractured era has proved unequal to the
challenge. Desperate Israelis borrowed a page from

Afghanistan book
and decided to hunt down and kill
Palestinian terrorists with the exception of Arafat.

This action, sensible on one level, has had
unintended consequences. The stability of what are
called moderate Arab states and the U.S.`s
anti-terrorist coalition in the Middle East are

The Israeli-Palestinian relationship was never
promising. Throughout the Cold War, the Soviets stirred
the pot. Diplomacy tries to contain rabid Palestinians
raised to hate Israel. The U.S. will continue pushing
peace, but the problem will have an ending only when the
Arabs give up or the Israelis are decimated.

The U.S. is caught in a problem about which it can do
nothing and from which it cannot disentangle.

That being the case, the U.S. should draw the lessons
from the cultural conflict and cease replicating a
similar if not worse situation in its own country.

Israel is a Jewish–not
a multicultural
–state. Imagine Israel`s fate if it
had to contend with a Palestinian vote.

Imagine Israel`s predicament if the country permitted
massive non-Jewish immigration and, in addition, was
undergoing a

silent invasion
by illegal Palestinian immigrants.
Imagine, also, that Israeli schools taught that Jewish
males were

hegemonic racists
and sexists who oppressed Jewish
women and Arabs. Imagine, further, that Israel had civil
rights laws that made Jews second class citizens and
bestowed “minority preferences” on Palestinians and
other Arabs. Combine this package with guilt-ridden

political leadership.
What chance would Israel have?

As dangerous as its situation is, Israel has none of
these disadvantages. The U.S., however, has every one of

Thirty-five years of an insane U.S. immigration
policy has shattered the
“melting pot.”
Fellow feelings and common purpose
have given way to the racial spoils system, where
everyone except white males qualifies for preferential
government treatment.

Alien cultures and languages have taken root in U.S.
soil. The Southwest and California are rapidly becoming
Mexican provinces. In U.S. colleges,


studies teach hatred of white people.

Women`s studies
teach hatred of men. American white
males are as

in their own country as

Jews are in Palestine

The U.S. has far more serious problems than Israel.
Preoccupied with Israel`s problems, the U.S. cannot
its own

This despite the fact that we are drowning in
evidence that our Tower of Babel is falling apart.

For example, in Newsweek (April 8) Joseph C.

expresses his shock
at the vehemence at which young
blacks vilify America and voice “sentiments that are
anti-American at their core.” “My racial pride was
called into question,” he writes, “when I took exception
to the characterization of the destruction of the Twin
Towers as the `chickens coming home to roost.`”

On April 6 the Washington Times

that black and Hispanic activists have
agreed to band together to fight against white America`s
“dominant culture,” which preferred minorities perceive
as “deviant” and hostile.

Christine Stolba recently examined the textbooks used
in women`s studies courses in American universities. She

that women are taught that they, too, are
victims, controlled by male dominance of their belief
formation just as black slaves were dominated by their
white masters. Young women are taught to

view their fathers
as a “foreign male element” that
comes between them and their mothers.
[Read the entire report in


What future does a country have that destroys its
homogeneity, constructs doctrines that guarantee both
discord and the destruction of comity among the genders
and diverse races, and then sanctifies the corroding
myths with “civil rights” laws that make white males

second class citizens?

The U.S. is in greater peril than Israel. Little
wonder our politicians prefer to distract themselves and
the public with inconsistency by chasing after
terrorists in

distant Afghanistan,
while sending peace missions to
stop Israel from doing likewise along its own borders.

Paul Craig Roberts is the author of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice