Illegals To Get “Stimulus” Jobs? Left Cannot Survive E-Verify Sell-Out Of Unemployed Americans

By the choices we make we define
ourselves. We reveal our biases and beliefs. And so,
too, do our institutions.

In writing the $789 billion
stimulus bill, Congress revealed that, for all its

"Buy American" blather
it does not truly put America first. It does not believe
that 10 million jobless Americans, in the country their
fathers built, should receive any preference in hiring

12 million to 20 million illegal aliens

broke into this country
and owe her
loyalty, allegiance or love

Is this a
slur on the patriotism
of some of our congressmen?
You betcha.

What other conclusion can one reach
after Congress refused to require that employers on
construction projects, paid for by
U.S. tax dollars
in the stimulus bill, verify that
their workers are Americans?

For that is precisely what Congress

The first paragraph of the
front-page story in
USA Today says
it all. "Los
—Tens of thousands of jobs created by the
economic stimulus law could end up filled by illegal
immigrants, particularly in big states like


undocumented workers

heavily represented

, experts on both sides of the issue
immigrants might get stimulus jobs, experts say

By William M. Welch, March 10, 2009]

According to the Center for
Immigration Studies, illegal aliens will take 300,000 of
the 2 million construction jobs to be created by the
stimulus bill. The CIS figure is based on Census Bureau
estimates that

15 percent of all construction workers
are illegal
aliens or immigrants who are not authorized to work in
the United States.

Robert Rector of Heritage
Foundation concurs with the figures on the number of
jobs Congress just voted to give to non-Americans.

"Without specific mechanisms to ensure that workers are U.S. citizens or
legally authorized to work, it is likely that 15 percent
of these workers, or 300,000, would be illegal
immigrants." [Senate
Stimulus Bill Would Provide 300,000 Jobs for Illegal
February 4, 2009]

Other experts put the figure far
higher than 15 percent, and certainly higher in
California and other Southwestern states, where illegals
tend to congregate.

In taking these jobs, illegals will
be shouldering aside unemployed Americans. Yet Congress
could have, with one vote, guaranteed that virtually
every job paid for by U.S. taxpayers would go to U.S.

How? By mandating that all
beneficiaries of stimulus money use the

E-Verify program of the Department of Homeland Security
which lets employers check the validity of the Social
Security number of all new hires. E-Verify is available
on a voluntary basis. It is simple, swift and easy to


is becoming standard operating procedure
for U.S. businesses that wish to obey the law. According

, U.S. businesses have used E-Verify in 3
million inquiries this year alone. That is almost half
the total of 6.6 million inquiries for all of 2008 and
five times the rate of use in 2007.

E-Verify is a smashing success with
an accuracy rate of over 99 percent that holds out
promise of a day when every employer in America will be
able to ensure that every employee is an American or
someone authorized to work here. At its rising rate of
use, one-fourth to one-third of all new hires could soon
be checked by E-Verify.

Isn`t this what we all want, what
we have all sought—an easy, verifiable, non-intrusive,
inexpensive way for businesses to assure that those they
hire are in our country legally?

No, it is not. For Tuesday night,
the Senate voted to strip away this protection of
American workers from the

unfair competition of illegal aliens

The Senate voted

50 to 47 to end E-Verify in six months
, when current
funding runs out. Sen. Jeff Sessions` proposal to give
this successful program five more years was rejected 50
to 47.

Republicans and seven Democrats
voted to save E-Verify. But only Democrats voted to kill

How did Harry Reid kill the
E-Verify provision that was in the House version of the
stimulus package? The Senate was not even allowed to
vote on it. And when the two bills were reconciled in
the Pelosi-Reid conference, E-Verify disappeared.

This was a huge victory for

La Raza
and the

U.S. Chamber of Commerce,

lobbyists have labored long
to ensure that their
member companies pay no price for dumping U.S. workers
and hiring illegal aliens.

Yet, this battle is not over. If
Americans understand that the Pelosi-Reid Democrats have
no problem with
illegal aliens taking jobs from unemployed Americans
that party can be made to pay a price in 2010.

As of today, there exists a
Republican-Blue Dog Democrat coalition in both houses
that is serious about putting our country and countrymen
first, be it on spending bills or trade measures. This
is a foundation to build on.

E-Verify is not dead.
For the Reid-Pelosi-Obama Left
cannot survive the perception that it is aiding and
abetting illegal aliens in taking the jobs of unemployed



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