Fines For Immigration Officials—Tax Money For Immigration Lawyers? Whistleblowers Expose Senate`s Amnesty Atrocity

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Guest Worker Amnesty—The Horrific
Implementation Problems

"Prolific Whistleblower X"
] readers
responded in force to my

Needs More Whistleblowing!
cry for help last week. 
And now that the Senate of the United States has
approved an

illegal alien amnesty (S. 2611), America

whistleblowing patriots
now more than ever.

Today, I turn the
floor over to those who have sent me their insights via
e-mail on various amnesty-related topics . . . in a
belated Memorial Day Salute to the Whistleblowers!

More Horrific Details Of Senate Amnesty Atrocity


I doubt you will have
many ICE attorney whistleblowers when they are as
overloaded as they are with massive amounts of work in
the bloated EOIR courts and BIA process!

Have you seen some of

being planted in the Senate amnesty bill—and,
incredibly, actually being pushed by the White House?

[Juan Mann writes: No! I`ve
not seen these “bombs” because, scandalously,
no copy of the final bill is as yet available to the
. So I can`t confirm what my correspondent
tells me was in the

early versions
it`s quite possible that it will all be law before
Americans know anything about it.]

There is even a
provision to allow affidavits from

day labor centers
(what`s next—affidavits for
vendors and popsicle vendors?) to "prove"

of up to $10K for immigration officers who
dare to use evidence that aliens have committed fraud in
immigration applications to disbar them from
citizenship; “persecutors
who have

persecuted political opponents
in their native
countries] and criminals to qualify; tax-funded pay
for attorneys for aliens to help them apply; and

greater job protections
to guest workers than
Americans have. I bet



American Immigration Lawyers Association
] is foaming
at their collective mouths with this bonanza.

You know, I don`t
even know right now why any alien would appeal or fight
removal at this point under this Senate bill. You could
have 20 formal removals, have used an

imposter card
, punched out or

a Customs and Border Protection inspector
and fled from pursuing police,

committed crimes
, committed genocide,

, executions, or been a

, arm-chopping

Janjaweed soldier
(as long as you were in the U.S.
for 5 years)  and still qualify for amnesty under the
Senate bill

Anyone deported today
could simply re-enter illegally, and still get amnesty. 
Or, as

John McCain
calls it, a


I guess the DHS
deportation officers will be reassigned as, what,
"welcoming officers?" "regularization officers?"…or
remain as demoralized insignificant casualties of
"comprehensive immigration reform."

With all the stories
floating around about the massive costs an amnesty will
inflict on the American people for years to come, I
cannot believe this one has been overlooked and gone
unnoticed. This AP story from the New York Times—"For
20 Years, Immigrants` Status Stalled
May 23, 2006—needs to be publicized more. It highlights
some of most unsavory and objectionable byproducts of
any so-called "immigration reform" . . .:

1. The 1986 amnesty spawned a lot of class-action lawsuits
on behalf of illegal aliens who did not qualify or were
ineligible—per Congress`s wishes. One lawsuit, by

rabid pro-illegal attorney
Peter Schey

him mail
lasted 20 years, at significant taxpayer expense
and use of immigration and government resources. After
20 years, the government

finally settled
and allowed all the unqualified
aliens to file for

green cards
anyway. Some aliens had been out of the
country for 6 months, a year, or more, committed fraud
claiming they had been here all along by presenting an
"affidavit" that could be created or purchased from any
document mill, or committed fraud by misusing a visa to
shuttle in and out of the U.S. to their home
countries…and still expected the government to accept
that they met the continuous residence requirement. And
eventually it did.

2. When the largest lawsuits were settled, they
spawned 400,000 "late amnesty" new applicants…plus, of
course, their

extended families.

3. Thanks to the example set by the 1986 amnesty,
attorneys (and Peter Schey is at the head of the line)
are standing by ready to file class-action

on behalf of any alien who
cannot qualify for permanent status under the new
"reform."  And in the meantime, the aliens still get to

buy houses
, have

, etc, while their lawsuits are pending. The
immigration lawyers collect millions in fees from the
taxpayer, and countless government attorneys are tied up
fighting off these

meritless lawsuits.

Another point: I
routinely check the

Ninth Circuit
Court of Appeals decisions page for
precedent decisions that may affect our operations. 
Immigration cases take up a healthy part of their
docket, there are usually 10 or so a month.  But since

"reform" debate in Congress

ramped up—
only one decision was made at the
beginning of May—and none since then.

I have to wonder if

Ninth Circuit
is deliberately holding off deciding
cases because it thinks the immigration legislation will
almost certainly benefit any

alien currently under appeal
. And there are
amendments floating around that will make ineligible
those with final orders or fugitives.  By not making a
decision, the court can simply remand the case to let
the alien apply for

whatever amnesty gets passed
.  Or am I paranoid?

Finally…did you know
that last month, someone in DHS finally ordered

reinstatements of removal
to resume within the Ninth
Circuit jurisdiction? 

And this how many
months after the Ninth agreed to an en banc
hearing, with the explicit order [PDF]
that the previous decision by the three-person panel not
be interpreted as a precedent decision?

Meet Two Future Amnesty Winners


I read your

last article
, and I am spreading it around!  Read
about these two winners from Pakistan who apparently
will be eligible for the Senate`s amnesty on this link
from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals: [
Akthar; Mohammed Salman

v. Gonzalez
(5th Cir., May 23, 2006). (2006 WL 1390263)


Both of these aliens
(Akthar and Salman) had full hearings in

Immigration Court, they had their

appeals to the BIA
[Board of Immigration
Appeals], and then they filed Petitions for Review to
the Court of Appeals.  All because they are able to
challenge a regulation that prevents adjustment of
status to certain aliens who were not "admitted" at a
port of entry upon their last arrival but were instead
paroled into the country.

These two aliens did
not have

permission to come to the United States.
 But once
here, they were allowed to drag out the process of
removal for years and cost the U.S. government many
man-hours of legal work and who knows how much



[Department of
Homeland Security] and DOJ [Department of
Justice] had only known what the President and the
Senate wanted for our country, they could have raised
the white flag years ago and saved time and taxpayer

We will not know who
we are dealing with until it is too late.  We will never
know their

true identities
or be able to adequately check out
their backgrounds before

giving them amnesty.
It is not much of a stretch to
guess that a percentage of them are here to harm us.

Lately I have been
wondering what it is costing the government to handle
the current scheme of removal proceedings and endless
appeals through the circuit courts, DOJ [Department of
Justice] / Office of Immigration Litigation, EOIR
[Executive Office for Immigration Review], and the DHS
[Department of Homeland Security] /ICE [Immigration and

Customs Enforcement
] legal programs. 

With that figure in
hand, I think anybody with any brains would see that

expedited removal
is the only way to go. 

!  For all the
details, read my

Absolutely Definitive Essay

on summary removal.]

Why do aliens who
entered or tried to enter our country on fake documents
have the right to anything other than interviews with
asylum officers if they

express a fear

if returned?  Consideration for
withholding of removal is the only obligation the U.S.
government has to them.

The fact that both
aliens in the above case are claiming valid

marriages to U.S. citizens
should not change the
fact that they need to go home and be processed for
immigrant visas and fraud waivers in their own country. 
That rationale should be extended to aliens who enter on
valid visas but overstay.  Of course, aliens

who crossed our borders illegally
should all be
forced to return to their countries to gain any status
here—but not according to the Senate Democrats or the

It is so difficult to
accept that our elected officials are trying to force
another amnesty on us and that they think they can fool
us by calling it a "path to citizenship."

Let us pray that the
House of Representatives will save us from this, because
these two aliens represent tens of thousands of others

came here on fake documents
and who will come out of
their hiding places if amnesty is passed.

Pro-Alien Attorneys Need Apply


I am a third-year law
student from

[X city].  Last
summer, I interned at the
[X city] Immigration
and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office.

I was told then and
have been told a number of times since that I was out of
luck for future employment at ICE. This because, after
the reorganization of departments and the consolidation
of INS

[Immigration and Naturalization Service] into DHS,

no longer hires graduating law students,
as DOJ
entities do.

My understanding is
that, in order to be hired as an attorney for ICE
nowadays, one must have several years experience in

immigration litigation
. And since the only
private-sector immigration litigation experience is
working for
immigration defense,

what kind of attorneys
will ICE be

able to hire?

It won`t be
prosecutorial-minded ones.

Or patriotic ones.
In this corrupt system, whistleblowers are America`s
only defense.

Juan Mann [email
him] is an attorney and the proprietor of
He writes a weekly column for
contributes to Michelle Malkin`s

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