Extreme Girls: All the President`s Radical Women

We are in the era of Democratic
Extreme Girls—Big Nanny handmaidens who demand control
of your children, your health care, your energy use,
your pocketbook and your news. And that`s just for
starters. If you think President Obama will move to the
center after the midterms, think again.

Liberal bloggers are buzzing about
the possibility that environmental czar

Carol Browner
could be appointed White House chief
of staff next year. The
Marc Ambinder floated the trial balloon this week,

that despite zero national security

, Browner
"has more than
enough experience dealing with Congress, with the rest
of the government, and is a subject matter expert on the
subject that will occupy a considerable amount of the
president`s attention in the next two years."

Browner is the neon green
bureaucrat who

sits on the board
of the

George Soros-funded,
Center for
American Progress
and was listed by the Socialist
International umbrella group as a member of the

"Commission for a
Sustainable World Society"
until her

czar appointment
was announced in 2009. A

ruthless, power-grabbing regulator
since her days in
the Clinton administration, Browner has spearheaded the
Environmental Protection Agency`s war on carbon, with
EPA Secretary Lisa Jackson serving as her front-woman.
Their anti-carbon agenda`s job-killing effects are so
alarming that several House Democrats have signed on to
legislation curtailing the draconian greenhouse gas
emissions rules.

You want to talk about
Browner has plenty of
bullying American business executives. She infamously
told auto industry execs last year

"to put nothing
in writing, ever"
regarding secret negotiations
she orchestrated on a deal to increase federal

Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)
standards. She
is salivating at the prospect of ramming through the
massive, increasingly unpopular cap-and-tax plan in the
lame-duck session. And more recently, she gained
hands-on experience telling falsehoods to the American
public about the

BP oil spill.
The independent presidential
commission on the disaster criticized her earlier this
month for repeatedly misrepresenting the findings of a
federal analysis, which she claimed showed that

"more than
three-quarters of the oil is gone."

The oil spill panel also singled
out fellow environmental extremist Dr. Jane Lubchenco,
Obama`s head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration and a former high-ranking official at the
left-wing Environmental Defense Fund, for misleading the
public and

"contributing to the perception that the government`s findings were more
exact than they actually were."
When she isn`t
spreading misinformation, she`s overseeing policies that
mom-and-pop fishermen believe will lead to drastic
reductions of commercial fishing fleets and recreational
fishing activity in favor of centralized control.

At the Department of Health and
Human Services,

chief inquisitor Kathleen Sebelius
rules the
roost—threatening private companies and insurers who
increase rates to cope with Obamacare coverage mandates
and lashing out at newspapers who dare report on the
costly consequences of the federal law.

Among his inner circle, Obama has
leaned on senior adviser and Chicago

Valerie Jarrett,
the woman who bragged about being
"delighted to be able to recruit" disgraced Marxist green jobs czar

Van Jones
; Anita Dunn, the

former communications director
who touted

Chairman Mao
as her

favorite philosopher
and was the mastermind behind
Team O`s war on Fox News; and, of course, the Big
Nanny-in-Chief herself, Michelle Obama, who`s using her
bully pulpit

to pressure restaurants and schools to change their
menus a
nd to lobby Congress to redistribute $8
billion away from the federal food stamp program for her
public employee union pay-off disguised as a child
nutrition bill.

While liberal New York Times

Maureen Dowd
gins up fear about Republican

"Mean Girls,"

it`s the left-wing women pretending to be our benevolent
caretakers who pose the greater threats to our families
and freedom.



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