Diversity Is Strength! It`s Also…A Really Weird Visa Program That`s Nuts No Matter How You Look It

Another sign of approaching winter, along with shorter
days and a chill in the air: the

annual Diversity Visa drawing,
held this year from

Oct. 2, 2008 to Dec. 1
for at least 50,000 slots.

The Diversity Visa is Exhibit A proving that there is
neither rhyme nor reason to federal immigration policy,
at least
far as benefiting the American people.
Nothing says
“random” like
a drawing. After all,

wouldn`t want to accept any skilled people by mistake
and admit that, in some quarters, qualifications still

Of course, there is some skills-based immigration
permitted (13
in FY 2006). And

Bill Gates
wants unlimited

H-1b visas
to keep

Microsoft humming along
. Still, the majority of
legal immigrants get here based on family connections—a
system that doesn`t do much for the

average education
of the current immigrant crop.

But optimistic foreigners who hope to get lucky and win
a freebie pathway to citizenship can sign up online for
the Diversity Visa, in the new, modernized raffle. The
contest remains a popular one, with

9.1 million entries
received last year for the
DV-2009 season.

Unfortunately for us Americans, however, problems of

fraud, abuse and terrorism
have been associated with
the program throughout its history. It could hardly be
otherwise, given the goal of importing some of the most
diverse and dangerous people on earth.

Would it be too much to ask that immigration visa
programs not increase the likelihood of
In 2007, the GAO published a report

Fraud Risks Complicate State`s Ability to Manage
Diversity Visa Program

From page 4 of that document:

“Although none of the officials at State headquarters in
Washington or the

consular officers
at the 11 posts we reviewed
considered the DV program to be specifically targeted by
terrorists, a few said that difficulties in verifying
visa applicants` identity could have security

A Reuters article (Sept
21, 2007

the GAO report`s disturbing numbers and
painful amount of stupidity:

U.S. admits nearly 10,000 from "terrorism" states

“Nearly 10,000 people from countries designated as
sponsors of terrorism have entered the
United States

under an immigration diversity program with relatively
few restrictions, a report released on Friday said.

“The report by the

Government Accountability Office said the State
Department`s inspector general warned in 2003 that the
Diversity Visa Program posed a significant risk to
national security and recommended it be closed to people
from countries on the U.S. list of
state terrorism sponsors.

“But four years later, the program remains open to people from those
nations and little is known about what becomes of them

once they enter the United States
, the GAO said.”

Security: Fraud Risks Complicate State`s Ability to
Manage Diversity Visa Program

Under the Bush Administration`s optimistic worldview, the State
Department`s list of State Sponsors of Terrorism has
shrunk from six to a
mere four.

remaining exclusive club



. (Good work, Condi, for

whipping North Korea and Libya
into shape!)

You might think a stern wake-up call from the GAO might
prompt a modest readjustment in the program.

Not so. Nothing has changed. The

visa drawing recently completed
includes slots for
fortunate individuals from the four remaining State
Sponsors of Terror.

Well, surely interviewers will ask really tough
questions of visa
before they are unleashed into America.

Just imagining here…

State Dept. employee:

"Are you a terrorist?"

New Diversity Visa recipient:


State Dept. employee:

"Well, you`re good to go then. Welcome to America!"


in particular is an interesting case. The United States has had
diplomatic relations
with the Iranians since 1980
following the

1979 takeover of the US embassy

where 52 diplomats were held hostage for 444 days. There
have been no embassies and no official contact. The
Presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad—punctuated with his
threats of nuking

to accelerate the

apocalyptic coming of the 12th Imam
who Shiites
believe will

rule before the end of the world
—has not improved
relations either.

If there`s one country on earth that has acted most
consistently as

America`s enemy
, Iran would be it—most recently
supplying training and supplies for the Shiite
insurgency against the US efforts at nation-building in
Iraq. American soldiers have certainly died as a result
of Iranian policies toward Iraq.

Nevertheless, due to the generosity of the State
Department, between 2000 and 2006
a total of

3,164 Iranians
were granted residency visas via the
Diversity program

For DV-2009, an additional

1,689 Iranians
will receive permission to immigrate
to America.

All will be able to sponsor in relatives and begin new
chain immigration.

What a country!—ours, that is.

which has been a bad actor on the world stage for
decades and is run by the Baath Party (the one favored
by Saddam Hussein in Iraq) is the other designated terror
supporter from the Middle East. Syria has busied
itself recently with destroying the
democracy of Lebanon,

anti-Syrian leaders there.

In short,

is not the sort of place where an American would go to
recruit agreeable immigrants. But the Diversity Visa
program has admitted

162 immigrants from Syria
in the years from 2000 to
2006. The number for 2009 is


Over in Africa,
terror-supporting Sudan got

1,143 diversity visas
for 2009—in addition to the

3,703 people admitted from 2000 to 2006


is notoriously backward culturally because its

tribal Islamist ways
. Last year, I wrote (Teddy Bear Jihad: "Religion of Peace" Showing the Love)
about a zinger of a situation in which a naive
English schoolteacher allowed her young Khartoum class
to name a stuffed bear Mohammed—big mistake! A mob of
10,000 angry Muslims demanded she be executed.

Another Sudanese cultural indicator is the

stubborn continuation of slavery
there. And

, where a horrific genocide is continuing, is
a region of Sudan.

In 2000, the

Census counted 19,790 Sudan-born persons
residing in
the United States.

Why must we have any at all? There is no up side to
welcoming dangerous, hostile Sudanese for the American
people. Of course, not every Sudanese is bent on
murderous jihad, but why take a chance? But the
diversity-importation machine trundles along, with no
easy way to stop it.

Further confounding to me is the idea that the US requires more Cubans. They keep
coming to
, both in the

traditional way

and more frequently through

“Statistics make it clear that Cubans now believe that
although it is considerably longer, the route through

from the tiny

of Cortes

and other new launching spots on the western side of Cuba increases their odds of
reaching Miami.
Almost twice as many—11,487—took it in fiscal 2007,
which ended last month, as in fiscal 2005.

“By comparison, the Coast Guard intercepted 2,861 Cubans crossing the
Florida Straits in fiscal 2007, and 4,825 others eluded
U.S. authorities, reached U.S. soil and applied for
residency, according to the Coast Guard.”

immigrants take new route to U.S.
, by Marc
Lacey, San Diego Union-Tribune, October 16, 2007]

But despite no shortage of Cubans in south Florida, no diplomatic relations with Havana and a trade embargo
with Castro`s

for decades, the
United States

government invited

555 residents of Cuba
to this country under
DV-2009—to join the

872,715 Cuban-born residents
counted by the Census
in 2000.

Who says there`s no Santa Claus? It`s just that he lives
Foggy Bottom
—not the North Pole.

But potential terrorism is just one variety of diversity
being delivered up to US neighborhoods by the State
Department. Those Americans who admire the

literary style of Nigerian
spam-scammers may have
closer contact: The

crop includes 6,041 persons from that
charming country (there are precise numbers available

But potential terrorism is just one variety of
being delivered up to US neighborhoods by the State
Department. Those Americans who admire the

literary style of Nigerian
spam-scammers may have
closer contact: The

2009 crop includes 6,041 persons from that
charming country.

In addition, there are plenty of other rough
neighborhoods out there on the diverse planet.

has been a

source of trouble for years,
from the

banana peel Daddy Bush left for new

President Clinton in 1993
to the current episode of


How the Somalis avoided the terror bad-boys list is
really curious. Perhaps State figured that the
anarchy-ridden region was too disorganized to support

But if so, State was WRONG. The clan-warlord structure
apparently has its own genius for mischief, as shown by
the present pirate situation in which

14 ships and around 250 crewmen
are being held by


get to double dip. They are represented not
only as Diversities (256
in DV-2009
), but also as refugees,—83,991
in 25 years as toted up by Refugee Resettlement Watch

All of which leads to the obvious question: How much
diversity is enough? Are we there yet?

Likewise troubling is why

permits criminal cultures under the cloaking category of

The government attempts to weed out individual criminals

deport them
when they are discovered. (Albeit slowly
as in the case of Ethiopian torturer

Kelbessa Negewo
who was

finally repatriated in 2006

readily admits tens of thousands from Somalia, where the incidence of the
brutal torture of little girls from the practice of
female genital mutilation (FGM) is

98 percent

In 2002, US authorities sought to prevent
entrance of
FGM-practicing Somalis
with the argument that the
cruel custom was illegal.

Unfortunately, the effort failed
after the

State Department backed down
—a pity since it would have been a fine precedent against

societally sanctioned atrocities
which our culture
finds appalling.

From a practical viewpoint:


lost 1.2 million jobs
in the last year. We certainly
don`t need an extra 50,000 foreigners chosen for their
"diversity." But immigration policy operates
largely on automatic pilot, with no “Off” switch,
and against the wishes of the American people.

Our increasingly crowded planet is beset with wars and
smaller conflicts based on just those differences we are
urged to
— religion, ethnicity and culture.

Diversity utopians believe that if we Americans became
better acquainted with every culture under the sun, then
we would become more tolerant and great peace of

would prevail.

As a long-time resident of the

People`s Republic of Berkeley
, I can testify it that
hasn`t worked out that way in the most multicultural

—not by a long shot.

Diversity is best served with geography. As in, at a

Brenda Walker (email
her) lives in Northern California and publishes two websites,


. She opines that not all
diversity is equal.