At Home And Abroad, This War Is A Leap Into The Dark

The midterm

has given us evil twins–a

Department of Homeland Security
and a Middle Eastern
war. The unintended consequences will be costly to
Americans and come back to haunt Republicans and

One hundred government agencies
from 22 departments crammed into an unaccountable
bureaucracy of 170,000 civil servants creates less
security. Many of these agencies have histories of
feuding with one another. The feuding and lack of
cooperation will be exacerbated by lumping the agencies
under the same department name. Sheer bulk will not cure

federal government`s inability
to protect us from

Prior to 911 the
INS was incapable of keeping Muslim
terrorists out of the country. Post 911, nothing has
changed. Six months after their deaths, the INS issued
visas to terrorists who flew the jetliners into the
World Trade Center.

The INS is too
politically correct
to deport known illegals,
including Malvo, who has gone on to sniper fame. The INS
cannot even rid us of illegal rapist-murderers, as

by columnist Michelle Malkin in her new

. Once the INS has a 170,000-person bureaucracy
in which to hide, the opportunities for passing the buck
will be endless.

“Homeland Security” is

. To what homeland does it refer? Americans
no longer have a

. Deracinated by “multicultural diversity”
and turned into a sanctuary for unassimilable Third
World cultures, America is a

Tower of Babel.

You can forget the “security.” The
new bureaucracy will be a department of

citizen insecurity.
You will have to guard your
words, or a thoughtless joke or critical Internet
posting could result in a

knock on the door from the internal security police.

The Dept. of Homeland Security will

define “terrorist”
to fit its needs. Such a costly
department will need to justify its budget, and the
definition will take on wide latitude. The department`s
main achievements will be the diminution of

American civil rights,

censorship of the Internet
, and

gun control

Federal police forces will be able
to liquidate any group by declaring it “terrorist,” just
as Janet Reno exterminated the Branch Davidians by
declaring them “child abusers,” and FBI and BATF agents
murdered Randy Weaver`s family by declaring him “armed
and dangerous.”

What the neoconservatives pushing
Homeland Security and war don`t understand is that our
insecurity has as much to do with their policies of

, open borders, and total commitment
to Israel as it does with Muslim terrorists.

Americans are under a greater
threat from their own elites, who are determined to
destroy our identity with multicultural diversity and
mass immigration.

Paradoxically, Americans are
seeking security by placing themselves under

new and dangerous government powers
while permitting
the Bush administration to foment war in the Middle

Removing Saddam Hussein achieves no
security interest for the United States. Jews mistakenly
believe that American aggression against Iraq will
increase Israel`s security. Instead, it will stir a
hornets` nest.

Under Saddam Hussein, Iraq is a
secular state. Removing him opens the way for those who
want to merge Islam and government. Secular Muslim
states are weak, because Muslims are loyal to religion,
not to states. Overthrowing states does not overthrow
Islam. To the contrary, the mullahs are strengthened by
the fall of secular rulers.

Neoconservatives mistakenly believe
that the U.S. postwar re-socialization of Japan and
Germany, purging the former of militarism and the latter
of nationalism, is a model for reconstructing the Middle
East. But it took a world war to make Japan and Germany
accept defeat and cooperate with the U.S.

What if in 1945 the Japanese
Emperor had said: “The Americans have defeated us with
weapons of mass destruction. Now they come to destroy
our culture. Reply to them with terror.”

Today Muslims respond to U.S.
military supremacy with terror. Our viceroys in charge
of conquered secular states will be assassinated. The
large Muslim populations in Europe and the U.S. provide
bases for terrorists, whose grievances will mount as
Americans extend hegemony in the Middle East.

The Bush administration had best
cool its jets and come up with a less emotional response
to 911.

Otherwise, future historians will
describe Bush as

Lord Birkenhead

Stanley Baldwin

“He takes a leap in the dark,
looks round, and takes another.”

Craig Roberts is the author with Lawrence M. Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice
. Click

for Peter
Magazine interview with Roberts about the recent
epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct.