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Memo From Middle America | House Republicans Must Ignore Flown-In “Soros Evangelicals”!

This Monday, October 28th, the National Immigration Forum, funded by globalist billionaire<a href="

Progressive Perspective: Is America's Immigration Disaster A Side Effect Of Decadent Elite Drug Abuse?

The post-1965 policy of non-traditional mass immigration is so obviously suicidal for the historic American nation that it’s impossible not to wonder how it could happen. My suggestion: perhaps it actually isn’t a policy choice.

Are Americans Ready To Accept A Police State? It All Depends On Where You Live

Are Americans ready to accept a police state? Are pastors and Christians ready to accept a police state? Are Republicans and conservatives ready to accept a police state? Are Democrats and liberals ready to accept a police state?

America’s Health Care System Is “Possessed”—By Mass Third-World Immigration

A young woman comes into the ER suffering violent seizures. Her husband says she is “possessed.”

Beltway Right Wants To Cave On Immigration—But Fears Grassroots Anger

President Obama has just staged a media event to demand that Republicans cave on the Schumer-Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill. [Obama Urges House Republicans to Act on Immigration, by Michael D. Shear, New York Times, October 24, 2013].

John Derbyshire: A White Flight From Christianity?

My video clip of the week, perhaps the year, is this one of Vincent Stewart, a/k/a/ Reverend X, preaching God’s Word.  The whole thing is 13 minutes, but here’s a flavor:

Hang A Campaign Consultant From Time To Time, To Encourage The Others

One of the most effective ways of discouraging people is to make them think there's absolutely nothing they can do about something, anyway. Thus, liberals have tried to insinuate that Obamacare is impossible to remove, hoping conservatives will despair. 

National Data | September Jobs: Immigrant Displacement of American Workers Reaches ANOTHER New High

The shutdown-delayed employment report for September, which was supposed to be released about three weeks ago, found that only 148,000 jobs were added over the month. Even this may be too optimistic, as it reflects the situation prior to the government shutdown.

Memo From Middle America | Los Tigres Del Norte—Reconquistas, But WASHINGTON POST Didn’t Notice has already noted the scandalous presence of a Reconquista band, Los Tigres del Norte, at the October 8 rally that illegal aliens and their Treason Lobby supporters were permitted to hold on <a href="https://t

Hail to the Redskins! (And Down With PC)

Hail to the Redskins!After Sunday mass at Holy Trinity, the parents left their four boys in Georgetown to drive to Griffith Stadium to join 27,000 fans to watch "Slingin' Sammy" Baugh take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Already a legend, Baugh was the greatest football player of his era. Record-setting passer, runner, punter, place kicker, defensive back. Yet, not until the fourth quarter did Sammy throw for a pair of touchdowns to finish off the Eagles 20-14.

Something else was happening that Sunday. As the scoreless tie went on, there came a series of public service announcements calling on admirals, generals and officials to leave the stadium and report to their posts. Only when mom and dad left did they learn why.

It was Dec. 7, 1941, and the headline on the extra edition of the tabloid press sold outside Griffith Stadium read in big war type: "Japs Bomb Pearl Harbor!"

Seven years on, after a black Tuesday in the family on my 10th birthday, Nov. 2, 1948, the day Harry Truman waxed Tom Dewey, I was the privileged son taken out to see the Redskins face the same Eagles.

But now the Eagles had the NFL's leading running back Steve Van Buren and the great All-Pro end Pete Pihos.

Surfing the web to conform my memories, I came across some things I did not know then. Van Buren, an NFL immortal who would set all-time rushing records, had been orphaned as a boy in Louisiana.

Pihos had a more arresting story. His father had been murdered. An All-American at Indiana, he had his career interrupted. He had been with the 35th Infantry under Gen. George Patton, took part in D-Day, was commissioned a second lieutenant on the battlefield, and won a Bronze Star and a Silver Star for bravery.

And for a tiny fraction of what players make today, these tough men were battling it out in the '40s in a boys' game in leather helmets.

Washington was another city then, a deeply rooted city, not the cosmopolitan world capital of today where our multicultural elites all seem to come from somewhere else.

Yet, one still recalls from boyhood that when the Redskins would score the fans would all take up the team's fight song written by Corinne Griffith, wife of owner George Preston Marshall. Redskin bandleader Barnee Breeskin wrote the music in the '30s. Here is how it went:

Hail to the Redskins!

Hail Victory!

Braves on the warpath!

Fight for old D.C.!

Yeah, I know. Pure unadulterated racism. We just didn't know it.

Fortunately, we now have sensitive souls

"Hitler's Revenge" And Donor Riots: Why Americans Aren't Allowed To Talk About Immigration

<img src="" alt="Peter Brimelow celebrating his 66th birthday with his daughter Felicity and Ulrich von Dog, October 13, 2013 " title="Peter Brimelow celebrating his 66th birthday with his daughter Felicity and Ulrich von Dog, October 13, 2013 " class="imagecache imagecache-f

Democrat Sees Veterans Betrayed by Open Borders Clichés

Veterans know the country they fought for is being given away.

A Faithful Catholic Condemns Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York: Anti-American Oaf

Last Sunday, to pep up his homily, a visiting monsignor regaled our Long Island congregation with an anecdote about how he had recently learned, at the cost of bruised ribs, just what a firm-grippin’, bear-huggin’ guy good old Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York and president of the <a href="

Is Secession's Time Coming Again?

Pat Buchanan recently wrote an intriguing column titled, “Is Red State America Seceding?” His column clearly reveals that an independence/secession movement is spreading globally.