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Words With Fiends—Knockout Game Deniers Suckerpunch English Language

Whenever liberals are in a tight spot, they adopt the scorched-earth policy of argumentation. With no answer, they start demanding that you define words: What do you mean “liberal”? What do you mean “democracy”? What do you mean “patriotism”?

John Derbyshire: What Does South Africa Tell Us About The Prospects For A Successful Multiracial State?

Nelson Mandela will be buried on Sunday December 15. South Africa will, at least until then, have the world’s attention.

The Fulford File | James Taranto, The IRS, And The Minority Occupation Government

In The Press and the IRS | Journalistic partisanship fed the scandal, September 19, 2013, the WSJ's James Taranto provides pointers to the  Main Strem Media "dogwhistles" that may have led the IRS to target the Tea Party. A House investigative report [PDF] has this paragraph, which Taranto has a "annotated with links," describing the MSM "drumbeat" against the Tea Party groups.

Washington Post columnists accused Tea Party groups of "smolder[ing] with anger" [Colbert King] and practicing a brand of patriotism reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan [Courtland Milloy]. Another Post columnist opined in late March 2010 that Tea Party rhetoric "is calibrated not to inform but to incite" [Eugene Robinson]. In April 2010, Reuters tied the Tea Party movement to "America's season of rage and fear."

I thought it would be useful to annotate that paragraph with pictures—aside from the Reuters guy, a European socialist left over from the Cold War, they're all black:

Eugene Robinson

Colbert King

Courtland Milloy

Taranto's point is that there doesn't have to be an actual conspiracy based in the White House—it was mid-level employees of the IRS reading this stuff who attacked the Tea Party.

Of course, they were attacking on behalf of this guy:

Barack Obama Campaigning

And here's his Attorney-General, Eric Holder, shaking his finger at The Daily Caller's Neil Munro:


While the IRS was investigating the implicitly white Tea Party, Attorney General Eric "My People" Holder and IRS officials coached the explicitly black Conference of National Black Churches on how to be politically active without losing their ministerial tax exemption. [IRS Gave Black Nonprofits Preferential Treatment, by Paul Sperry, Investor's Business Daily, September 6, 2013]

In  2008, Joe Wurzelbacher (Joe The Plumber)

Reagan Was Right on South Africa

 "Apartheid is an affront to human rights and human dignity. Normal and friendly relations cannot exist between the United States and South Africa until it becomes a dead policy. Americans are of one mind and one heart on this issue."

The Fulford File | Harlem Nazis Of The 40's—Black Admiration For Enemy Dictators Didn't Start With Kim Jong-Un

Only One Of These Men Can Dunk A Basketball.

On Derb Radio in March, John Derbyshire noted that Dennis Rodman (left) travelled to North Korea for an interview with dictator and basketball fan  Kim Jong-Un (right).

On his return, Mr. Rodman had things to tell us. What things? Listen for yourself.

[Clip: "His grandfather and his father were great leaders. He's such a proud man. He's proud; his country like him; not like him, love him … Ilove him. The guy's awesome.]

You might be wondering: What is it with American blacks and commie dictators? Before Dennis Rodman swooned over Kim Jong-un there was Jesse Jackson dropping trou for Fidel Castro, quote: "Castro is the most honest and courageous politician I've ever met," end quote. That was in 1984. Thirty years before that there was Paul Robeson kissing up to Stalin and praising the Soviet suppression of Hungary's 1956 uprising.

The operative principle here is: My enemy's enemy is my friend. A lot of blacks think of America as their enemy. Since the U.S.S.R., Castro's Cuba, and North Korea are or were all enemies of the U.S.A.,

Conservatism Inc.’s Mandela Problem—The Grassroots Still Think It Was Right First Time. And It Was.

Conservatives have a Mandela problem” runs the headline of a December 6 Salon post by Alex Halperin. Actually, according to Halperin, [email him] conservatives—by which he means what calls Conservatism Inc.— have not one but two Mandela problems, rooted in its current fawning praise of the late Nelson Mandela. (To give credit where it’s due, some  well-known conservatives such as Joseph Farah, David Swindle, Robert Stacy McCain, Diana West, Gateway Pundit  and Tim Graham of the Media Research Center have been critical of Mandela.)

Conservatism Inc.’s first problem: the grassroots of the movement appear stoutly unreconstructed. The comment sections at most of the Conservatism Inc. websites has been overwhelmingly anti-Mandela.

The Left seems particularly fascinated by Ted Cruz’s Facebook page. Cruz gave a typical gushing statement, calling Mandela “inspiration for defenders of liberty around the globe.” But many of his supporters expressed skepticism. And these were not crazed “racist” ramblings, but the same criticisms that many Conservatism Inc. operatives themselves made in the 1980s.  Of the thousands of comments left on Cruz’s page, the worst the Daily Beast’s Jamelle Bouie could point-and-splutter at were:

  • “Let’s not forget that Mandela called Castro’s Communist revolution ‘a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people,’”
  • “Mandela was a communist trained by the KGB who sings racial hate songs…and now, the South Africa is a worst country for both whites and blacks,”
  • “Ted, long before you were born, his reputation was the complete opposite. He was, in fact, a terrorist and a criminal, he persecuted and killed Zulus. All the apartheid BS you hear in today’s media is all lies.”

Ted Cruz Commenters Hate Mandela, By Jamelle Bouie, December 6th 20131:

And Bouie wasn’t the only one to point-‘n’-splutter about Cruz’s evil supporters: ABC News, MSNBC, Huffington Post and dozens of other mainstream/left-wing outlets run stories about how Cruz’s Facebook fans don’t like his pandering.  An Austin Chronicle columnist proclaimed the comments were just proof Teddy Kennedy was correct to say that the GOP is the “party of Apartheid” not the “Party of Lincoln”

National Data | November Jobs: Immigrants Gain Jobs 7-Times Faster Than Americans Over Last 12 Months

The U.S. economy generated 203,000 jobs in November while the unemployment rate fell to 7.0%, its lowest rate in five years. In a familiar paradox, this apparent good news may be bad news for investors—because it increases the likelihood that the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates sooner rather than later.

In fact, the November numbers are not all that great. The job gain was slightly below October’s 204,000, and not much better than the 198,000 per month average registered in the first nine months of 2013. And note that the unemployment rate decline was driven mainly by the return of hundreds of thousands of federal employees following October’s government shutdown.

The labor force participation rate (LFP) went up last month. And that is good news, a signal that people who had been too discouraged to even look for jobs are back in the hunt.

However, as seen below, LFPs for native-born American workers are considerably below those of immigrants, and have declined significantly more over the past year. So worker confidence may indeed be up—but it is skewed toward those born elsewhere.

With immigrants less likely to work for the Federal government than natives, the end of the shutdown could explain why native-born workers gained jobs at a faster pace than immigrants last month:

In November:

  • Total employment rose by 818,000, or by 0.57%
  • Native-born employment rose by 700,000, or by 0.58%
  • Foreign-born employment rose by 118,000, or by 0.50%

Over the past two months, job growth has traced a neat “V” shape, as federal workers left in October and returned in November. This is clearly seen in right tail of the New V-Dare American Worker Displacement Index (VDAWDI) graphic:

National Data | November Jobs: Immigrants Gain Jobs 7-Times Faster Than Americans Over Last 12 Months

Native-born American employment growth is the blue line, immigrant

John Derbyshire Says China Really Feels It’s A Victim Nation—Handle With Care!

Are the ChiComs feeling their oats?

Exhibit A: British Prime Minister David Cameron spent the first three days of this week in China. The Communists greeted him with sneering arrogance.  The Global Times, a major Party propaganda organ, honked that:

The Cameron administration should acknowledge that the U.K. is not a big power in the eyes of the Chinese. It is just an old European country apt for travel and study. This has gradually become the habitual thought of the Chinese people.

[China won’t fall for Cameron’s ‘sincerity’, Global Times, December 3, 2013]

Another Communist Party organ, the China Centre for International Economic Exchanges, invited to submit questions to Cameron, asked: “When will Britain return the illegally plundered artefacts?” This referred to objects looted by British troops in the 1860 sacking of the Summer Palace and the 1900 Boxer Rebellion, most of which ended up in the British Museum.

There are a number of responses Cameron might have made. For example:

  • It is not possible, at this distance in time, after so many private sales, re-sales, and bequests, to determine which artefacts were actually looted.

    The British Museum has, though, for some years been co-operating with Chinese scholars in cataloguing its Chinese collection in hopes of identifying items improperly acquired.

    Would you like us to continue this co-operation?

  • I’m interested in getting representative opinions from the Chinese people. In what way are you, a Communist Party organization, representative? 

    I may represent “an old European country apt for travel and study,” but I do actually represent them. They elected me to a seat in Parliament, and my party to enough seats to form a government. Who elected your Party to anything?

  • The joint British-French expedition that burned the Summer Palace did so, as Lord Elgin said at the time, to punish the court while sparing the people.

    A Chinese general, in the Chinese tradition, would have burned Peking and put its inhabitants to the sword.

  • The 1860 expedition followed a gross outrage by the Chinese authorities when, in violation of all civilized norms of international relations, they tortured and murdered emissaries sent to negotiate following a British military reverse.

    (During which, Jonathan Spence tells us: “The American naval commodore Josiah Tattnall, despite his country’s declared neutrality, came to the aid of wounded British Admiral Hope with the ringing cry ‘Blood is thicker than water.’” And during which also, the immortal Private Moyse met his fate.)

  • The China of that period was roiled by two great rebellions threatening the central government: the Taiping (1850-64) and the Nian (1853-68).

    British military leadership and materiel were decisive in helping your government suppress those rebellions and restore peace to the nation.

    You’re welcome!

Ann Coulter On Knockout Game Denial: “Don’t Worry, Black America. White Liberals Have Your Back”

Never Trust a Liberal Over Three-Especially a RepublicanOn a break from pretending to believe they live in a country bristling with violent white racists, the Non-Fox Media have been trying to debunk stories about the “Knockout Game,” in which young black males approach random strangers and try to knock them out with one punch.

The left’s leading line of defense against the Knockout Game is to argue that young black males have always been violent, so, hey, this is nothing new.

You’re welcome, black America!

In Slate, Emma Roller wearily recounted other episodes of black-on-white violence in order to announce: “The ‘Knockout Game’ is a myth.”

Reminiscing about the flash mobs that shook many parts of the country a few years ago, Roller wrote: “I remember the summer of 2011, a story about a crowd of (black) teenagers at the Wisconsin State Fair randomly attacking fairgoers went viral as a sign of a burgeoning race war.”

So you see, stupid right-wingers, young black males have always been violent, so what’s the big deal about the Knockout Game? Your honor, my client’s not a killer; he’s a serial killer.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes reached for a different example of monstrous black-on-white violence in order to dispute that the Knockout Game is anything new.

Looking like a translator for the deaf with all the air quotes he had to make for “supposed” “trend” and “Knockout Game,” Hayes compared it to what he called the fake trend of “wilding” after a mob of black youths violently attacked and raped a white woman jogging in New York’s Central Park in 1989. According to Hayes, “there never was such a thing” as wilding.

Whether the boys who were convicted of the crime did it or, as liberals now claim, a man already sentenced to life in prison did it, the Central Park jogger was brutally raped and nearly murdered

Anti-Gun NFL: National Frauds' League

John Derbyshire Says It’s Obvious What The Knockout Game Is About—But Why The White Wimp-Out?

As the author of the notorious essay The Talk—which was, lest we forget, a truthful satire of various lying claims by blacks that they have to warn their children about white cops— I’ve naturally been thinking about what to write when the MSM inevitably calls for my views, now that I have been vindicated by, most recently, the Knockout Game. [Brooklyn cops probe another possible 'knockout' after woman, 72, is punched, New York Daily News, November 25, 2013 ]

But I keep getting defeated by the obviousness of it all. They might just as well be calling with some such request as: “Can you give us 800 words by press time on whether the Sun will come up tomorrow morning / who’s buried in Grant’s tomb / where flies go in the winter?”

Of course young blacks who encounter a lone nonblack want to commit violence against him/her. Of course! As the English expression goes: You could knock me down with a feather.

In the first place, scrappy young men are anyway inclined to that sort of thing. In 1960s pre-Beatles Liverpool where I was a schoolteacher, the fad was for “nutting.” There is a certain way of throwing your upper body forward and down so that your forehead impacts the bridge of the counterparty’s nose, causing sudden intense pain, a gush of blood from the nostrils, and momentary loss of consciousness.

(Do not try this at home. There’s a trick to it that needs practice.) There was nothing racial in it, although Liverpool, an old seaport, was considerably diverse: Most nuttings were white-on-white.

In the second place, in Western multiracial societies, whites are the wimps. Every other race asserts itself, lobbies, agitates, makes demands, and is given quotas, preferences, and privileges. Only whites cringe, defer, and grovel. It is natural to feel contempt for people who are so ashamed of their ancestors and of their own existence.

And in the third place, blacks in the generality hate nonblacks. Why would they not? Everything in the dominant culture encourages them to.

There is, for example, the Dogma of Zero Group Differences, to which all respectable people are expected to adhere. Assuming there are no essential statistical differences between human groups with different deep ancestry—a thing everybody does assume—what accounts for the observed differences between groups? For the huge black-nonblack differences in criminal offending as reported by victims, whether or not police and courts are involved? Or the sensational race gaps in household wealth?

If you cleave to the DZGD—as all the authority figures say you must—the only explanation can be white malice keeping blacks down.

You’d be mad, too.

And then there is the endless stream of propaganda featuring whites being beastly to blacks, from mid-19th-century Abolitionist porn, via Roots (1977), to 12 Years a Slave (2013).

And then again there is the encouragement young blacks get from older black authority figures. Listen to Michael Eric Dyson explainerating why blacks can’t be racist: Michael Eric Dyson Shares Why "Black People Can't Be Racist" Backstage At Don't Sleep!—YouTube. Dyson is Professor of Sociology at a prestigious university (Georgetown!). Why would a semiliterate black teenager not assume Dyson is speaking some kind of sense from a base of deep academic knowledge, rather than—as is actually the case—minstrel-show gibberish?

Why wouldn’t dimwitted young blacks hate us? What’s newsworthy here?

So I can never feel that much explanation is required as to why young blacks beat up on whites. But what needs explaining is why whites put up with it, even excuse it. [I Was a Victim of the Fake "Knockout Game" Trend, By Matthew Yglesias, Slate, November 25, 2013.] What needs explaining—what always needs explaining—is white ethnomasochism.

It really is a very peculiar thing. American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor, who has a first-class mind and has thought long and deeply about this, declares himself “stumped”:

I'm stumped. Even the Yanomamo and the tribes of Irian Jaya think they are hot stuff, and want their people and traditions to endure for ever. Only whites—and only in the last 60 or 70 years—have been seized by some form of mass insanity that requires them to believe that their mere existence is an offense to others, and that the desire to live in a white society and enjoy European culture is “hate.”

We are not short of offered explanations. Most popular:

"Southern Avenger" Tries To Come In From The Heat. It Won't Work.

[See also: Then They Came For Jack Hunter. They Can Have Him].

It’s fair to say that Beltway Right columnist Jack Hunter, once known as the Southern Avenger, no longer views General Robert E. Lee as an inspiration. After all, General Lee once advised his son Custis:

You must study to be frank with the world: frankness is the child of honesty and courage. Say just what you mean to do on every occasion, and take it for granted that you mean to do right.

No one who admired the great icon of the Lost Cause could possibly pen the craven and humiliating apology Hunter recently offered on Politico.

Jack Hunter was a staffer for Senator Rand Paul and a leading light of the Ron Paul-led “liberty movement.” Prior to his association with the Pauls, Hunter hosted a Charleston, SC talk show called The Southern Avenger and wrote for Dissident Right publications like [SouthernAvenger website 2005 | 2007 | 2013] During this time, he made mildly politically incorrect statements about race, homosexuality, and immigration. However, for the past few years, he has deliberately moderated or even outright reversed his positions to create the most media-friendly image possible for Rand Paul.

But this past summer, the neoconservative Washington Free Beacon

Has the Asian Tiger Gone Tiger?

Democrat Warns: Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Reprieve Temporary—Patriots Urgently Need To Offer New Ideas

Hey, Immigration Patriots, it looks like we may have dodged another Amnesty bullet!—thanks to the flawed Affordable Care Act and the other missteps of the Open Border-oriented Obama