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Stephen Colbert And The Rise (And Coming Fall) Of The White Minstrel Show

Steven Colbert And The Rise (And Coming Fall) Of The White Minstrel Show

Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, is a Culture War collaborator. Though he is a white male, he has built a lucrative career mocking his own.  But even a cable Quisling is vulnerable to a multicultural witch-hunt, and now Colbert is being threatened by the same forces he exploited for so long. [The Campaign to “Cancel” Colbert, by Jay Caspian Kang, March 30, 2014]

Colbert was just a minor comedic celebrity until he became a key cast member on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, which achieved must-see-TV status among liberal whites and SWPLs during the presidency of George W. Bush. Stewart’s comedic technique alternately consisted of playing out-of-context clips of Republican politicians saying something stupid, or imitating President Bush with an over-the-top Southern accent.  Stewart’s New York City audience loved it and it became a cliché in Main Stream Media and academic circles to proclaim that the Daily Show is better than real news.

Colbert played straight man in the midst of these hijinks. Then in 2005, he capitalized on this breakout with his own spinoff, The Colbert Report. The show was supposed to be a parody of Bill O’Reilly and other allegedly-conservative talking heads, but it actually served as a kind of inadvertent exposé of how conservatives were viewed by the political class. Colbert’s eponymous screen character was a self-important, casually racist blowhard who utilized over-the-top patriotic imagery and dismissed arguments with one-liners like “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

Needless to say, O’Reilly promptly fell into Colbert’s trap—attacking him for being “French”—and the blundering of The Stupid Party ensured that Colbert never ran out of material.  

Also needless to say, once Barack Obama was elected president, the MSM, in both real news shows and “satirical” news shows, quickly changed the target of its investigations from the Oval Office to random conservatives in flyover country. Both Stewart and Colbert essentially functioned as courtiers, mocking what resistance existed to the Ruling Party consensus, above all on immigration.

In 2010, Colbert actually testified before Congress, in character, about the need for foreign agricultural workers, before dropping the mask and trying to morally shame immigration patriots over migrant workers who “don’t have any power” and “suffer.” [Stephen Colbert, in GOP pundit character, testifies on immigration in D.C., by Dan Zak, Washington Post, September 25, 2010] Predictably, the agricultural businesses reliant on helot labor escaped his devastating wit.

In the Age of Obama, Stewart has tried to transition into a kind of center-left self-conscious moderate, disingenuously putting on and abandoning the mask of clown when it serves his interests.

In contrast, the more aggressive (and, in my opinion, far funnier) Colbert has doubled down on his character.

In his own words, Colbert says his character is a “well-intentioned…poorly informed, high status idiot.” [Stephen Colbert: Bill O’Reilly Inspired my character, Huffington Post, October 1, 2012] But what Colbert really provides is a White Minstrel show—a portrayal of the Middle American soul as the MSM wants to see it. His character, and the reaction to it, is less about satirizing Conservatism Inc. talking heads and more about taking shots at the type of people who watch Bill O’Reilly.

Another comedic parallel:

Democrat Suggests Immigration Patriots Should Support “Patriotic Capitalism”—German-Style Codetermination

American unions are in full retreat, as organized labor suffers another defeat in Tennessee.

THE BIRTH OF PRUDENCE—A Novel About The West’s Decline (And Recovery?

The Birth Of Prudence ($19.99) can be purchased here. A Kindle version will be available shortly.

THE BIRTH OF PRUDENCE—A Novel About The West’s Decline (And Recovery?It’s not just that the personal is political. It’s that the personal determines the political.

First-time author Ryan Andrews attacks some of the most difficult questions facing Western Man in The Birth of Prudence—just published by Books ($19.99). This is a novel that is going to make you uncomfortable, uneasy, and maybe even outraged. But it’s a story that cannot be ignored.

The eponymous Prudence is a Korean-American university student who identifies with the glory of Western Civilization. She is a perfect example of what Establishment conservatives would consider the ideal—a foreigner who has come to identify with the West as a concept, as an abstract construct. And of course, there is much legitimacy to her approach—after all, as Prudence says, beyond the questions raised by the great minds of Greece and Rome, “there is nothing more worth knowing.”  

This is the terrible temptation of Western universalism—the oddly imperialist notion that Western Civilization is not a distinct culture at all, but simply the highest development of human culture. Andrews addresses this head-on in the book, which begins with a short faux-academic essay on how imperialism has mutated from a forthright ideology of Western superiority into a subversive program of Western domination cloaked in universalistic and egalitarian terms.

Mark, a confused and alienated young white American, falls for Prudence after seeing her in a bar. Mark is not a bold paragon of Europa—indeed, he’s what we might call a “beta.” It’s to the credit of the author that this kind of character works in the book. The monologuing, overanalytical, and oddly romantic male is actually a kind of “type” on the Dissident Right, found throughout the forums, conferences, and meetings that characterize the subculture. For that reason, Mark actually seems relatable, or at least understandable.

For example, I stated laughing in recognition when Mark starts mentally berating himself and his friends for wasting time drinking at a bar. He then turns his rage on the other patrons.

A man sitting a few tables over had let his shirt ride up so high that a third of his back was exposed. ‘He is like three hundred pounds, he probably just doesn’t care. But, how can he be comfortable like that?... Jesus Christ. How pathetic this all this.”

Of course, Mark also was the one who agreed to go out drinking.

Mark’s scorn, though justified, is partially a cover for his own insecurity—the insecurity of self-conscious ignorance. By his own admission, he is looking for something, but he can’t even

Remembering Lawrence Auster, After A Year

Lawrence Matthew Auster January 26 1949—March 29, 2013, picture taken shortly before his death.

Lawrence Matthew Auster January 26 1949—March 29, 2013, picture taken shortly before his death.

America lost Lawrence Auster to pancreatic cancer one year ago today— March 29, 2013. editor Peter Brimelow immediately noted Larry’s passing, VDARE’s Henry McCulloch wrote a lengthy obituary, and several Dissident Right bloggers, some of whom began maintaining vigils for Auster during the last days of his struggle, paid their last respects here, here, here, here, and many more, including my partner-in-crime, David in TN, and yours truly.

The American Conservative’s Scott McConnell had already written a sort of pre-obituary bizarrely claiming that Auster was reminiscent of Meir Kahane, Sam Francis, and “various European fascist intellectuals” like Robert Brasillach and Julius Evola (though he admitted to not even being familiar with the last two). [Extremism in the Defense of Tradition, February 15, 2013.]  Auster responded with characteristic savagery—remember, only days before he died—here.

But the Main Stream Media, Leftist and “conservative”—including outlets like National Review and Front Page Magazine—completely ignored Auster’s passing. Never mind that he had written for them, or that his blog, View from the Right, was one of the most popular, free-standing political blogs on the Web. Never mind the depth and breadth of his postings, covering multiculturalism, black-on-white crime, politics, Christian theology, Homer, popular culture, immigration and the damn Yankees, or his prominent, pre-Internet writing career.

Auster was born a Jew in 1949, but was never observant. He became a hippie in his twenties, and in middle age converted to Christianity, progressing from Episcopalianism to a deathbed conversion to Catholicism.

During the 1990s, Auster was one of the first major writers—with Peter Brimelow and Chilton Williamson—to warn Americans about the dangers of mass Third World immigration. He wrote a series of rigorously-argued essays for the American Immigration Control Foundation (AICF): Path to National Suicide (PDF, 1990); Huddled Clichés (1997); and Erasing America: the politics of the borderless nation (2003).

Path to National Suicide showed, among other things, how the 1965 Immigration Act applied the attitude behind the 1964 Civil Rights Act to the entire world. If one of the consequences of the CRA was that American blacks were to be treated in effect as American whites’ superiors—because whites were to be denied freedom of association—the consequence of the Immigration Act was to make all foreign non-whites legally superior to white American citizens. Auster wrote:

“At a time when increasing racial and ethnic diversity makes the re-affirmation of our common culture more vitally important than ever, we are, under the mounting pressure of that diversity, abandoning the very idea of a common American culture. We are thus imperiling not only our social cohesiveness but, as I will try to show, the very basis of our national existence….

Under this new dispensation we owe, as it were, an obligation to all the peoples in the world to let them migrate here en masse and recreate American society in their image….

“One can only wonder what would happen if the proponents of open immigration allowed the issue to be discussed, not as a moralistic dichotomy, but in terms of its real consequences….

But the tyranny of silence has prevented the American people from freely making that choice….

[A Word to the Reader, introduction to The Path To National Suicide]

Senator Sam Ervin (D-NC) — later, ironically, to become a liberal hero because

Obama Extending Unconstitutional Administrative Amnesty To Former Deportees And (Get This!) Terrorists

Senator Jeff Sessions just released a report [pdf] documenting that the Obama Regime’s Administrative Amnesty is much wider that previously understood. [Sen. Jeff Sessions: Obama Giving De Facto Amnesty to 12 Million, by Melanie Batley,, March 26, 2014.] But, incredibly, the Regime is planning to widen it even further. Until recently, its primary beneficiaries have been illegal aliens in the US—because of the effective end of interior enforcement; the reorientation of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigation to enforcement of any local, State, or Federal law other than immigration law; the DREAM Act Administrative Amnesty; etc.. Now, however, the Regime, observing the lack of pushback, has floated trial balloons that Administrative Amnesty will be expanded to include aliens outside the US—specifically, former deportees and (get this) aliens with links to terrorists.

  • “Family Separation” As An Excuse For Admitting Former Deportees

The first trial balloons feature the execrable Elvira Arellano, archetypical loathsome illegal alien, welfare moocher and arrogant Reconquista:

TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — A Mexican immigrant rights advocate who gained international attention in 2007 when she took refuge in a Chicago church before being deported from the United States has presented herself to U.S. border inspectors and asked for asylum on Tuesday.

Elvira Arellano and 20 other Mexican and Central American migrants crossed into the United States from the border city of Tijuana as part of a protest to demand an overhaul of U.S. immigration laws and an end to deportations.

Arellano was deported to Mexico after seeking sanctuary at a Chicago church for a year. She was deported without her U.S.-born son.

Arellano, 38, said she is asking for asylum in the U.S. because she has received threats in Mexico because of her activism and because she wants a better future for teenage son.

"I am requesting asylum in the United States on humanitarian grounds, because I am a defender of human rights in Mexico and I have received kidnapping and violence threats," Arellano said before entering the U.S. and violence.

Arellano was deported on Aug. 19, 2007, to Tijuana, where she founded a home for deported migrants and began speaking publicly speaking about the complex reality of migrant families and how deportations are making their lives more difficult.

Deported Immigrant Activist Asks For US Asylum, by Omar Millan,, March 18, 2014

Arellano’s claim for asylum is absurd. No-one in Mexico would threaten her for supporting illegal immigration. Everyone in Mexico supports illegal immigration, from El Presidente on down. [ Mexico Criticizes U.S. Deportation Policy | Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said the deportations make him "indignant.", TRNS, February 27, 2014] Remember, this is a country where half the population wants to immigrate to the United States. The truth is that she just wants to return to the US.

She is quoted as saying:

"But more importantly, because they have separated my son for his chance to have a good upbringing."

My emphasis. But Arellano’s son, whom she abandoned in Chicago, will be 16 in December—almost done “upbringing.” And her insinuation that she has been “separated” from her son is not true: as a Mexican citizen

Institutionalized Tyranny Versus Secession, In Crimea Or In America

What happens when an institution becomes more important than the cause for which the institution was formed? How long should people who believe in the cause remain loyal to such an institution? And at what point does loyalty to such an institution comprise an abandonment of the cause itself?

A Whole Lotta Democratic Corruption Going On (By Mostly Minority Pols)

[ Note: Michelle Malkin isn't responsible for the second half of the title above, or our decision to run photographs of all the accused pols. Rather than tell you which of them are minorities, it would be faster to say which are white: Gordon Fox, of Rhode Island, and Keith Farnham of Illinois. (Fox is gay, if that matters.) Also one of the five mayors mentioned in paragraph four is white: Bob Filner of San Diego. To quote  USA Today, "The challenge of dealing with minority officials who run afoul of the law is a pre-eminently Democratic problem..."]

Has Nancy Pelosi seen a newspaper lately? (Pro tip, hon: Like the Obamacare monstrosity, you have to read it to find out what's in it.) I'd love to see her face in the wake of the veritable epidemic of Democratic corruption now sweeping the country. Pelosi's blink count must be off the charts.

I'm going to make it easy on Pelosi and put all of the latest cases in one handy rogue's gallery reference list. But let's not be naive. It's clear to me that the Barack Obama/Eric Holder DOJ is clearing the decks before the midterms. Prediction: The FBI's GOP corruption shoe will drop right before the elections for maximum distraction and damage. For now, let's take stock of the jackassery:

  • imageThe Dirty Democratic Mayors' Club: Charlotte, N.C., Mayor Patrick Cannon, who bragged about partying with the Obamas to help grease the wheels for city projects, was arrested this week on federal corruption and influence-peddling charges. He's accused of accepting gobs of cash payoffs and Las Vegas trips.

The bust follows former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's conviction in January on corruption charges; former Trenton Mayor Tony Mack's February conviction on cash bribes for a downtown parking garage; and former San Diego mayor and serial groper Bob Filner's disgraceful resignation after conviction on sexual harassment-related charges; former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's conviction on extortion, bribery and conspiracy charges; and former Birmingham, Ala., Mayor Larry Langford's corruption and bribery conviction.

  • imageCalifornia state Democratic Sen. Leland Yee, gun grabber by day, alleged arms-trafficking gangsta by night: Yee made a decades-long career out of sanctimoniously demonizing gun owners and railing against the Second Amendment. He was arrested this week on corruption charges after an FBI sting found probable cause to believe Yee had conducted wire fraud and engaged in a conspiracy to deal firearms without a license and illegally import firearms. The Chinatown pol went so far as to discuss "details of the specific types of weapons" with a prospective donor. Yee is currently a candidate for California's secretary of state office.
  • LeAnnaPennsylvania state Democratic Sen. LeAnna Washington, party animal: This week, a judge ruled that the Keystone State could proceed with a trial against Washington, who reportedly forced her legislative staff for eight years to use taxpayer time and money for an annual birthday party whose proceeds were diverted to her campaign account. She is charged with felony theft of services and felony conflict of interest. More than a half-dozen former employees blew the whistle. "I am the f---ing senator," she screamed at one staffer who objected. "I do what the f--- I want, and ain't nobody going to change me."
  • FoxRhode Island state Democratic House

Behind the Russian Rage

California Immigrant Pol Leland Yee, Who Accused Conservationists Of “Xenophobia” For Liking Native Plants, Busted For Corruption

State Sen. Leland Yee, (D-Calif.) shows a bowl of shark fin soup.

State Sen. Leland Yee, (D-Calif.) shows a bowl of shark fin soup during a news conference to oppose a bill to ban the sale of shark fin soup, in San Francisco's Chinatown, February 14, 2011.

Here's some rare amusing news from big blue California. State Senator Leland Yee, an immigrant long a staple in San Francisco’s Chinese diversity racket, has been arrested for corruption and gun trafficking.

Here’s a report of the bust from Wednesday afternoon:

State Sen. Leland Yee was arrested on public corruption charges Wednesday after federal authorities said he solicited money from undercover FBI agents for his current campaign to be secretary of state, promising to use his role in Sacramento to help the moles in return for the cash.

Yee, a Democrat representing San Francisco and a portion of San Mateo County, participated in a discussion with the undercover agents about an illegal gun-trafficking deal at one point, the FBI said.

Yee was one of 26 people arrested after a lengthy racketeering, gun-running and money laundering investigation that also targeted Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, a notorious former San Francisco gangster, officials said.

Yee was charged in U.S. District Court with conspiracy to traffic in firearms without a license and to illegally import firearms, as well as with participating in a scheme to defraud citizens of honest services.

California State Sen. Leland Yee arrested in corruption case, by Henry K. Lee, Carla Marinucci and Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle, March 26, 2014

Yee’s numerous earlier misadventures have not suggested hard-core crime connections, so his big-time arrest with hundreds of officers was a new side to the Senator. The case looks like it might shine some light on the local Chinese criminal underworld, given that convicted gangster Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow—also an immigrant—was pinched in the same raid. [Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow Arrest In San Francisco Brings New Spotlight On Notorious Past,  CBS, March 26, 2014]

The criminal complaint [PDF] listed more than two dozen arrested persons, with Yee being one. He was named with two others as being “involved in a conspiracy to traffic firearms.” That charge is particularly interesting since the Democrat Yee has a record of being an energetic gun grabber.

Leland Yee was born in a Guangdong village under Mao in 1948, where his storekeeper father thought it would be wise to leave. Young Leland arrived with the family in San Francisco Chinatown at age three. The Yees spoke a village dialect so he attended a Chinese school to learn Cantonese. "Everything you needed you could get in Chinatown," Yee remembered. "You never had to leave."

 Later, Leland and his mom ventured to downtown San Francisco and shopping at the Emporium department store. “It was like walking into a different country,” he said. “If you didn't know English, they didn't have time for you.”

Note that little Leland had to learn Cantonese before people in Chinatown had time for him. But that doesn’t seem to bother him. [The real Leland Yee, By Tim Redmond, SF Bay Guardian, August 30, 2011]

Yee is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, as shown by

The Fulford File| Is Domino’s Pizza Money Buying Eric Cantor—Or Is He Betraying Party And Country For Free?

For legal reasons, as Craig Ferguson likes to say, I’m not accusing GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (whose obvious weaseling on the Establishment-backed Amnesty/ Immigration Surge has resulted in his being primaried by economics Professor Dave Brat), Mrs. Eric Cantor, or anyone mentioned below of accepting bribes as defined by the US Code, or even honest services fraud.

I am accusing them of treason, but that’s a political statement—justified by the fact that I can show that they’re betraying their country by supporting an actual invasion, of millions of foreigners, and then legalizing them to make them voters.

The influence of donors in American politics is paradoxical—the banking, agribusiness, and tech industries give hundreds of millions of dollars one way or another, and politicians seek them in order to keep their “phony baloney jobs”, but the salary of a Congressman like Eric Cantor is only $193,400.  That’s because he’s Majority Leader—a regular Congressman gets $174,000. And that’s all they’re allowed to keep.

If they spend campaign funds on themselves, they get in trouble. In a typical case (in more ways than one) Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr was sent to jail for spending campaign contributions on a Rolex watch, Martin Luther King and Michael Jackson memorabilia, and a bunch of similar expenses,

Saying he used his campaign fund as “a personal piggy bank,” a federal judge sentenced former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. to 2 ½ years in prison for misusing $750,000 in campaign money to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Both Jacksons Going To Prison For Misusing Campaign Funds, CBS Chicago, August 14, 2013  

So you can see that if plutocrats want to reward loyal supporters in Congress, they’re going to have to be subtle. You may remember Hillary Clinton’s sudden, extremely fortunate windfall in cattle futures, a result, apparently, of the Governor of Arkansas’ loyalty to Tyson Foods Inc. interests.

Tyson didn’t actually give Hillary any money, it gave her an opportunity to make money, and seems to have ensured that that opportunity paid off. [Hillary's Bull Market| Was that $100,000 profit from cattle futures a bribe? By Claudia Rosett, Wall Street Journal, October 26, 2000]

That’s why it was fascinating to read recently how much money immigration enthusiast Eric Cantor was receiving (outside of any campaign contributions that he’d have to give back) from fast food giant Domino’s PizzaEric And Diana Cantor

Domino’s has delivered cash, stock, and stock options currently worth more than $3 million to Diana Cantor since October 2005 – all for her part-time work as a director. She has collected or cashed out more than $1.7 million of that money and is sitting on another roughly $1.4 million in Domino’s holdings, as the stock hovers near an all-time high.…

The Cantors, who have been married since 1989, were millionaires before Diana Cantor joined the board of Domino’s, but the company’s success has nonetheless dramatically swelled their wealth. In 2006, her first full year on the board, the Cantors had a net worth of between $1.97 million and $6.51 million, according to calculations by the Center for Responsive Politics.

That means her $3 million in Domino’s compensation has boosted their total net worth by roughly between 50 percent and 150 percent since 2006.

[Domino’s Pizza Delivers Big for Eric Cantor, By Shane Goldmacher, National Journal, June 13, 2013]

Of course, for this to be considered a reward for the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge,

Great News! NJ Immigration Enthusiast Officials Congratulated By President Of Guatemala!

Recently, NBC 10 News Philadelphia ran the usual “Robbery Gone Wrong” story (Teen Beaten to Death While Walking Home With Groceries, by David Chang, February 17, 2014) about a killing in Trenton NJ. The victim was Julio Cesar Cruz, an “immigrant” from Guatemala.  Two black teenagers allegedly beat him to death.  

The original story included the MSM weasel phrase “Police have not yet released a detailed description of the suspects,” which apparently now means that the police told the reporter that all they know was that it was “two black teens”, but the reporter isn’t going to tell you that, because it’s not news and will just give you bad feelings about black teens.

When the perps were caught and charged, the same station did run a picture—but no description, of course:


 BLACK Teens Charged in Trenton Beating Death, NBC February 28, 2014

This is a common story in Trenton. Guatemalans, who have recently begun flooding into Trenton, are viewed by the Black underclass as easy marks.  They are small of stature and, being mostly illegals and working for cash, carry a lot of money.   There have been literally hundreds of such robberies. 

But this one triggered something different:

Cruz’s murder galvanized the community as they rallied and coordinated with law enforcement seeking justice. Days after Cruz’s death, a rally of 350 people

The Return Of Ethnic Nationalism— Is Europe Cracking Up?

A week ago, in the St. George's Hall in the Kremlin, Russia's elite cheered and wept as Vladimir Putin announced the re-annexation of Crimea. Seven in 10 Russians approve of Putin's rule.

In Crimea, the Russian majority has not ceased celebrating. The re-conquest nears completion. In Eastern Ukraine, Russians have now begun to agitate for annexation by Moscow.

Ukrainian nationalism, manifest in the anti-Russia coup in Kiev, has produced its inevitable reaction among Russians.

While praising the Ukrainians who came out to Maidan to protest peacefully, Putin said that those behind the decisive events "resorted to terror, murder and riots. Nationalists, neo-Nazis, Russophobes and anti-Semites executed this coup." The Kremlin erupted in cheers.

But not only in Ukraine is ethnic nationalism surging.

"National Front Vote Stuns Hollande" was the headline on the Financial Times' story about France's municipal elections Sunday.

Though the FN of Marine Le Pen, daughter of party founder Jean Marie Le Pen, did not field candidates in many cities, it won the mayoral race outright in Henin-Beaumont and ran first or second in a dozen medium-sized cities, qualifying for run-off elections on March 30.

"The National Front has arrived as a major independent force—a political force both at the national and local levels," declared Le Pen.

No one is arguing the point. Indeed, a measure of panic has set in for the socialist party of Francois Hollande, which is calling on all parties to unite against FN candidates.

In early polling for the May elections for the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the National Front is running close behind the UMP of ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy, and ahead of Hollande's socialists.

Begun as an anti-immigrant, anti-EU Party, the FN has broadened its base to issues like crime and unemployment.

But the most startling news on the nationalist front last week came in Venice and the Veneto region, where 89 percent of a large turnout in a non-binding referendum voted to secede from Italy and re-establish the Venetian republic that vanished in 1866.

Exulted Luca Zaia of the separatist Northern League, "The will for secession is growing

Oregon’s Immigration Patriots Win A Round Against Their State’s “Depraved Political Class”

In late April, 2013, Oregon’s legislature passed senate bill SB833 [PDF], which allows illegal aliens to obtain “driver cards.”  On May Day—no coincidence, according to Jim Ludwick of Oregonians for Immigration Reform [OFIR]—Gov. John Kitzhaber, a Democrat, signed SB 833 into law. 

Driver cards supposedly have the sole purpose of bestowing driving privileges upon those who can pass the usual driving tests but who lack legal presence in the U.S. But it’s all part of the Treason Lobby’s relentless campaign to dismantle US sovereignty—one of the primary documents acceptable as ID for getting an Oregon driver card is the notorious Mexican matricula consular card.

Of course, it’s got some way to go. The Oregon DMV’s FAQs list about SB 833 helpfully points out that “It will be up to each [other] state to determine whether or not to recognize the Oregon Driver Card as valid driving privileges in their state.  Before traveling, you may wish to contact the state in question.” The FAQ list also pleads ignorance about the cards’ possible acceptance for identification by other entities, whether commercial or governmental, even including the TSA—or, as Michelle Malkin calls it, Thousands Standing Around).)

The Driver Cards were to become available on January 1, 2014.  But instantly upon SB 833’s enactment, OFIR’s dedicated activists began the process of qualifying a referendum for the November 4, 2014 general election so that Oregon’s voters would have a chance to nullify what their depraved political class—thank you, Mark Steyn, for that all-occasions description of America’s governing elites— had inflicted upon them. 

In an intense and expensive 90-day effort, the OFIR-ites collected enough valid signatures from registered voters to clear comfortably the 58,142-signature threshold needed to put the referendum on the ballot.  This nullified the January 1, 2014 effective date. A majority of “No” votes on the referendum this November will cancel the law completely.  But if a majority is bamboozled into voting “Yes,” the driving cards will become available after all, on December 4, 2014.

But the Oregon Treason Lobby struck back. By phone, Jim Ludwick told me how, even before really gearing up for its fall “Vote No on SB 833” campaign—OFIR had to fend off machinations by the state’s mendacious “public servants.”  He pointed me to editorials from major newspapers around the state, even some who favor the driver cards for illegal aliens, that share OFIR’s outrage over the legislature’s galling attempt to monkey-wrench the process. 

The Bend Bulletin succinctly described the situation and its implications:

It’s a remarkable scenario of legislative overreach.

• The Legislature passed a bill.

• Seeking to reverse that action, opponents successfully gathered signatures to put the issue on the ballot.

• The attorney general, as provided by law, wrote the ballot title.

• Now the Legislature wants to rewrite the ballot title to obscure its meaning…

The attorney general’s office wrote the ballot title, which

Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also Dr. Mo And The A-MAIZE-ing Chinese Corn Theft Scandal!

On December 12, 2013, six Chinese nationals were indicted in federal court in Iowa, charged with conspiracy to steal seed corn from three American agribusiness giants (DuPont Pioneer, Monsanto and LG Seeds). I first learned of this case from some of my nephews, who had read about it in Farm Journal. It shows that Chinese espionage includes not only military and industrial targets, but agricultural ones as well. It raises grave questions about our legal immigration and naturalization systems.

There is a delicious irony here. Corporate agribusiness has a lot to answer for in the demographic replacement of the American people. The Big Ag lobby has promoted cheap labor and Open Borders, which actually harms traditional American family farms, such as the one I grew up on. But Big Ag lobbyists don’t care. Now, though, our loose immigration and naturalization policies are harming them.

The conspiracy first came to light when a DuPont Pioneer manager, driving through rural Iowa, spied a Chinese man digging in an unmarked test field:

Crouched on his hands and knees under an Iowa sky, Mo Hailong quickly dug in the rows of freshly planted seed corn. Just the day before, May 2, 2011, he and coworker Wang Lei, vice chairman of Kings Nower Seed of China, stopped at this same field near Tama, Iowa. The farmer told them he was planting seed corn.

With each shovel, Hailong found pay dirt: DuPont Pioneer’s latest parent gene­tics, the building blocks for the next generation of high-yielding hybrids. The men hoped these seeds would help their own company keep up with global competition.

Mo’s head snapped up as a truck approached, dust billowing behind. A DuPont Pioneer field manager pulled over and hopped out as Mo rose from his knees. The field manager questioned what Mo was doing, to which he gave a well-rehearsed response, "We’re on our way to a research conference." It’s an answer he had used before, but this time, with dirt under his nails and seeds in his pocket, he knew its effectiveness was compromised. Using the difference in culture and native languages, Mo tried to mask further suspicion. Then, the field manager’s phone rang. As he turned away, Mo hurried to Lei, waiting in the rental car. He jumped in and Lei swung the car around on the narrow dirt road. The field manager looked up from his phone to see the car and two Chinese nationals racing away.

Tech Heist: Seeds of Deceit, By Farm Journal Editors, Farm Journal Ag Web, January 25, 2014

The FBI began an investigation that resulted in the indictment of Dr. Mo and five others.

Corn, also known as maize, scientific designation Zea mays, is used for feeding both humans and livestock. Maize is grown worldwide, but the U.S. produces 40% of it, mostly in the great Corn Belt of the American Midwest, which has been described as “the most productive agricultural civilization the world has ever seen”.

I grew up on an Oklahoma farm where we raised corn. My dad and brother grow it today. In my mind, there’s nothing like corn on the cob!

Zea mays was developed thousands of years ago by Indians in what is now southern Mexico,

Democrat Says Gentrification Won’t Save Detroit—Only Hope Is Tightening Labor Market By Ending “America Last” Immigration Policies

According to How to Fix Detroit in Barron’s Magazine [by Jonathan Lang, March 17, 2014], there is great optimism about the coming recovery of the Motor City. The plan seems to be to bring in skilled workers to gentrify the city and create a stable tax base. The price of this plan: general obligation bond holders will take an 80% (!) haircut and retired workers will endure major cuts to their pensions.

Detroit’s former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is serving 28 years in prison as a result of multiple corruption charges. But a new breed of Detroit leaders such as CEO of Quicken Loans Dan Gilbert, new mayor Mike Duggan, and state-appointed administrator Kevyn Orr are trying to attract creative entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, although I am a Democrat, I am more pessimistic. I hear what University of Pennsylvania historian and former Detroit resident Tom Sugrue is quoted as saying:

I question how the influx of 10,000 to 20,000 hipsters, artists, techies and young professionals into downtown and midtown can provide enough trickle-down for blacks, who make up 83% of the city’s population and are desperately poor. No Rust Belt city—not Cleveland, not Pittsburgh—has a black underclass nearly as large or a history of racial conflict as fraught as Detroit’s".

Of course we all hope the revitalization of Detroit will succeed. And perhaps it will. After all, Pittsburgh was able to convert

Oakland’s Gentrification Wars Expose Democratic Coalition’s Contradictions

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Gentrification seems to have halted the transformation of Oakland CA into just another Third World disaster like Detroit MI, Baltimore MD, or Camden NJ. But unfortunately for those trying to return a great metropolis to the civilized world, racially-motivated black radicals are doing their best to ensure Oakland remains a dysfunctional Chocolate City.

Oakland was notorious in the late 1960s as the birthplace of the Black Panther Party. After that thinly-disguised criminal gang collapsed, blacks abandoned the pretense of opposition to the system and achieved political power with the election of Lionel J. Wilson, Oakland's first black mayor and close ally of the Panthers. [The Role of the Black Panthers in Oakland Politics, . By J. Douglas Allen-Taylor, Race, Poverty, and the Environment, Spring 2010]

But since then, paradoxically, liberal whites empowered by Google, Facebook, and radical environmentalism have retaken the Bay Area in a campaign of ethnic cleansing far more effective than anything dreamed of by the Klan. [Green Disparate Impact, by Thomas Sowell, Creators Syndicate, January 15, 2008]

And blacks don't like it. They thought Oakland was “theirs” And some of them are throwing a tantrum.

Complicating matters for liberals: the battle over lebensraum in the Bay pits two parts of the Democratic coalition against each other—SWPL liberal urban-dwelling whites, many homosexual, vs. tribalistic blacks defending their turf. (Similarly, California’s Asian Democrats just squelched Hispanic Democrats efforts to reverse 1996’s anti-Affirmative Action Prop. 209).

As an unintentionally hilarious article in the San Jose Mercury News tells it:

Steve Kopff was one of many San Franciscans who cascaded last year into sunnier, cheaper, hipper Oakland.

He bought and began restoring a historic but rundown mansion. He planted vegetables, raised backyard hens and bees, launched a neighborhood newsletter and peppered his Facebook account with paeans to his new city.

But this year, Kopff became a scorned symbol of the angst over Oakland gentrification. He wrote an online essay describing his diverse, working-class neighborhood east of Lake Merritt as "mostly undiscovered" and a "virtual food desert" in need of an organic supermarket, better restaurants and "a coffee kiosk with patisserie bites."

[Scorned Oakland ‘gentrifier’ accepts the label but calls truce, by Matt O’ Brien, February 13, 2014]

Oakland homosexual gentrifier Steve Kopff, with his dog Bacon—The New Face of White Supremacy?

Oakland homosexual gentrifier Steve Kopff, with his dog Bacon—The New Face of White Supremacy?

The entrenched forces of diversity were quick to respond that “patisserie bites” was, in effect, the new code word for white supremacy:

Online critics swiftly labeled him a pushy colonizer