July 25, 2011

Colorado Diversity Dolls

I learn, via lawblogger Ken at the Popehat blog, that the Colorado Department of Human Services has decided that every Colorado Child Care center, licensed by the State,


Update On Apopka, FL, and Kent, WA Shootings

A teenager named Johnny Barnes has been arrested for the mass shooting in Florida, in which nine people were shot, but only two were badly injured enough to need surgery. I think he’s black.

Earlier, I said

The Norway Shooter, Anti-Jihadism And The New York Times-–But Not VDARE.com

Both Bruce Bawer and Lawrence Auster found their names quoted in the Norway shooter’s 1500 page manifesto. In Auster’s case the shooter was actually quoting anonymous Norwegian blogger Fjordman quoting

Federale On Deportation Statistics

Federale has some analysis of the Obama administration’s “record” deportation statistics.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Norway Shooter Was On Steroids, Etc.

A few random observations:

Maurice Glasman, Ed Miliband And The Rapid Rise And Faster Fall Of Blue Labour’s Immigration Patriotism

Immigration’s sacred cow status makes it a central stumbling block to intellectual progress. This was illustrated again last week with the