October 14, 2009

"Facial Profiling"

Slate has an article pooh-poohing old systems of trying to classify personalities by physical type and then worriedly reporting on new studies showing that maybe there is a correlation between say a heavy brow ridge and aggressiveness after all.

Facial Profiling
Can you tell if a man is dangerous by the shape of his mug?
By Dave Johns

What the article leaves out is how fully the arts have always participated in "facial profiling." It was never just some pseudo-scientific fad.

Baseball v. Football

My Wednesday Taki column is up. I reflect on some differences between the two sports at center stage in October: baseball and football.

Luis Gutierrez Says "We Will Not Wait"--Who Does He Mean By "We?"

I saw the last of this speech last night on C-SPAN, although what I heard was a whole lot of Spanish, a language I don't speak. So what he said may well have been far more radical than these demands.

Brimelow On Jared Taylor's New Book (We Hope)

Jared Taylor just posted on Takimag (grrrr!!) an excerpt from his new book-in-progress on race and immigration:

White Criminals Make The Front Page

In 2002 I did an article called Philadelphia Foolishness in which I discussed the kerfuffle that resulted when the Philadelphia Daily News printed a front page story full of the "photographs of 15 of the 41 people who [had] outstanding homicide warrants in the Philadelphia area." There were no white people among the 15, and there were no white suspects being sought for murder. Complaints about this were heard from a black PR man, a local black politician, and local Black Muslim Imam.

A Reporting Problem Looms: LA Times Story on Laid-Off Teachers is Plagued by Non Sequiturs and Omissions

If you’re writing a news story about thousands of laid-off educators—27,000 in California alone—what do you then abruptly begin talking about in the same article? Why, the need for spending millions of tax dollars, in order to encourage people to go into teaching, natch.

Puerto Rican Statehood Bill in the Works

Isabel Lyman, a friend of VDARE.COM who wrote The Homeschooling Revolution,