June 24, 2005

Indian Call Centers: Dangerous to your Financial Health

Two years ago, an alert VDARE.com reader raised the issue of the risks created by the increasing use of Indian Call centers by Financial Services companies, and followed it up a last year with a concrete example.

Earlier this year John Miano reported on a much bigger case, observing how little interested the US media were.

Dreaming Of Enchiladas In Paris

A recent "migration" conclave in El Paso was a perfect opportunity for open-borders Catholic priests to strut their stuff and sound off about "reform." But that word has undergone something of a reversal in meaning when preceded by "immigration, " and the Binational Migration Conference was no exception: Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C., shamelessly promoted an amnesty for the millions of Hispanic illegal aliens who are filling the Catholic Church.

Thank God for George W. Bush!

Alan Elsner reports in the Washington Post:

"No Job Is Safe"—A Patent Attorney Reader Reports More Displacement

June 24, 2005

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A Reader Suggests Spreading The Word Of Guzzardi On Baseball; We Say How

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