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 I’ve been working at VDARE.COM since 2001, when I won the War Against Christmas Competition by finding most egregious attempt to abolish Christmas activity that year, and Peter Brimelow offered me a job, with actual money, which I needed at the time.

I like to say that “Financially I was where Tiny Tim was, in A Christmas Carol.

God Bless Us Every One!

Now, more like Bob Cratchit.”

So working for VDARE.com is not a hobby for me—it`s how I make my living. I personally need your support!

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I recently got an email, addressed to me and several others, asking if we really cared about the white working class. I didn’t get around to replying, but my thought at the time was, considering how much money I don’t make off this website, I practically am the white working class.

Now, I realize that what I do is different from real work. Cultural critic Richard Grenier once asked Ringo Starr of the Beatles

“how he felt about the endless round of concerts and motels, considered such “hell” by the American rock musicians, he answered, amused, that it was ‘better than workin’,’ by which he meant operating a power lathe or cutting sheet metal.”

Starr, the sanest of the Beatles, was a member of the working class in his native Liverpool. And if he hadn’t had a talent for drumming, that’s what he would have been doing.

I can answer “yes” to Charles Murray’s bubble questions “Have you ever walked on a factory floor?” and “Have you ever held a job that caused something to hurt at the end of the day?”

Thus, I know for sure that in spite of the long hours, I am, in fact, not a member of the working class, but a journalist.

However, I am an overworked and underpaid journalist. We have a lot of them at VDARE.com

My job is do a lot of the background work here at VDARE.com, enough that I rarely have time to do the Fulford Files I sign my name to.

It’s editorial work, formatting, fact-checking, and adding VDARE.com’s trademark hyperlinks.

Sometimes the hyperlinks are to articles at VDARE.com covering the same subject, sometimes they’re to external resources (if we mention a book, you’ll be able to either buy it from … or read the whole thing online for free). And many are corroboration and citation links.

What that means is that if any of our writers say “as Disraeli said”, ”President Obama said today”, or “as the New York Times reported” then what’s inside the quotation marks is word for word what they said and we can prove it.

It may not be true—consider the source—but it’s actually what they said. And we link to and cite where and when they said it.

This benefits you, the reader, in two ways

  • You can have confidence in our facts.
  • You don’t have to cite us yourself.

Which means is that if you’re shy about quoting an organization like VDARE.com, targeted by both Cultural Marxist enforcers like the Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC to VDARE.com) and Conservatism Inc., you can quote our source.

If you want to point out—as an example of War On Christmas ridiculousness—that a county in Minnesota banned the poinsettia at Christmas as being, if not Christian, suspiciously red and green, you don’t have to quote us, you can quote this: Poinsettia ban at courthouse has some seeing red, By Mary Lynn Smith, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, December 5, 2001.

Be our guest!

But if you want to read all these facts—accurate, carefully checked, and often unreported in the Mainstream Media—you need to send us money to pay my salary, and to pay our writers. We spend a lot less money than Conservatism Inc operations, and you get a lot more for your donation dollar here than you do elsewhere.

You have my personal thanks.

And my best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

James Fulford

James Fulford

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