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Last year Nicholas Stix wrote

a typical day—I`m addressing patriots here. You get a
few minutes, and start typing "V-D-…" on your computer
screen, until your pc remembers the rest of the URL, and
voila … nothing.

That`s what can happen if we don`t
have the money to continue. We got through that year,
just barely, but we won`t make it another year without
your help. The picture on the right is what Nicholas
Stix used to illustrate this appeal. It`s a symbolic
picture, but you`ll see demonstrators actually doing
things like this in the upcoming May Day demonstrations.
Be sure you get a picture—it`s the kind of thing the MSM
doesn`t like to report.

James Fulford writes: needs your money and so do I. I
personally am dependent on the work I do for this site for most
of my income.

A while back I explained that ten years ago,
I entered the Christmas competition, which I won. Not
only did I win, but Peter Brimelow offered me a job, including
actual money, which I needed at the time. I wrote that
"Financially I was where Tiny Tim was, in A Christmas Carol.
Now, more like Bob Cratchit. " That`s still true.

The fact that we can pay people here is what
makes us professional. What I do, besides the Fulford File and
blogging is edit the pieces that come in, fact check them, and
add hyperlinks. Everything you read here, if it has a source
online, I provide it, whether it`s the Congressional Globe from
1872, a New York Times article from 1995, or the full text of
the poem that begins "Say Not The Struggle Naught Availeth."

Louis L`Amour said of his Western novels that
"When I write about a spring, that spring is there, and the
water is good to drink." When we quote something here, the quote
is accurate, and you can click a link to verify it yourself.

That`s what we do not only with our own
columns, but with the syndicated columns—they may be available
on other sites, but on our site they have links. (It pains me
somewhat to post this without links, but we can`t afford to
distract you from the main point, which is that WE NEED YOUR
DONATIONS TO CONTINUE.) is something more than a blog, and
something more than a news site. I`ve worked on it for ten years
now, and we have a back log of millions of words that are unique
to us.

From time to time I see websites die for lack
of funds, and sometimes I can still read what their writers had
to say on, and sometimes not.

Please don`t let that happen to
Give generously! It`s tax-deductible, and helps feed starving
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Tonight we have a National Data on a new
Arizona immigration law—this one hasn`t passed yet, but already
the Treason Lobby hates and fears it. We have Pat Buchanan on
the Arizona law that has passed, (with links, as I said) a
Today`s Letter, and a lot of blogging.

You can find a link to it at the bottom,
RIGHT BELOW THE DONATION LINK, which I trust you`ll be clicking

James Fulford



Arizona (And the Anglosphere): Help VDARE.COM Now!

Peter Brimelow writes:

Did you see
British Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown`s world-class
immigration gaffe today?
He was caught by a lapel microphone complaining
contemptuously to an aide that a (Labor-supporting) white
working class woman with whom he`d just had a vigorous but
apparently amicable campaign trail conversation was “bigoted”. 
Of course, this merely confirms what has long been
obvious: the left-wing lawyers and functionaries who now run
Labor secretly despise the party`s traditional base. (Sound
familiar, Democrats?)

But what really interested me, however, is
that this poor woman actually only made one brief passing
reference to immigration (“You can`t say anything about the
immigrants…”). And she was talking about Eastern European
immigration i.e. no racial angle at all. However, it was enough
to set Brown off.

And, amazingly, in his subsequent apology on
national television, he

repeatedly excused himself on the grounds that she had dared to
mention immigration. He clearly just assumed every
right-thinking person would agree that any reference to
immigration justified his righteous rage.

Last night, we posted our Allan Wall`s
expose of the reaction in Mexico and the Spanish-language media
in the U.S. to Arizona`s SB 1070. Wall revealed their relentless
hatred of U.S. nationhood and sovereignty—particularly ominous
in the case of those who are technically U.S. citizens.

What the Brown incident reveals is the
British elite`s relentless hostility to any hint of national
sentiment in their own population—and their passionate
enthusiasm for immigration.

Exactly the same forces are at work in the
US today (as throughout the English-speaking world—the “Anglosphere”.)

This explains the American elite`s
hysterical reaction to SB 1070—which, after all, only seeks to
enforce what is already the law. It also explains this
disgusting development, reported last night by`s
Kasie Hunt:


Democrats can`t shout loud enough about how much they hate
Arizona`s harsh immigration law. But Republican lawmakers are
hedging, dodging, and reaching for nuance—anything to avoid
taking a strong stand on Arizona….
Everyone in the Republican Party says it`s Washington`s
fault for neglecting the illegal immigration problem, but
virtually no congressional Republicans are fully embracing what
Arizona has done.

This despite that fact that, as James
Fulford reported on VDARE.COM`s blog today, polls show that SB
1070 is overwhelmingly popular in Arizona and Governor Brewer`s
approval rating has soared since she signed it.

These Beltway Republicans are afraid—afraid
to take up a cause even though it would benefit them
because they fear elite rage.

Of course, as Editor of VDARE.COM, I think
this demonstrates the utter failure and fatuousness of any
patriotic immigration reform strategy that focuses on the
Beltway. (See below).  More
than 25 years of expensive lobbying and this is the best we can

Patriotic immigration reform will only come
from the grass roots. It will only come when the political
culture changes.

That is why VDARE.COM`s strategy is to
supply the grassroots with facts and arguments—and to boldly go,
intellectually, into key areas that the curse of Political
Correctness has ruled off-limits.

We are now more than even dependent on the
support of our readers (see below again). 
I`m going to keep VDARE.COM open tonight, even though
donations are dropping. I`ll post a linked version of this to
the blog and Washington Watcher is discussing Republican
National Committee Chairman Michael Steele`s (characteristically
appalling) reaction to Arizona.  And
there`s a lot more. Scroll to the bottom of this page and enter
the site.

But pause at the donate links and PLEASE
It`s the only way VDARE.COM can keep going.


(At least it`s tax-deductible)

It`s five months since we began our last fundraising appeal. Our
individual readers (a.k.a. YOU) rallied round in a way that was
not merely gratifying—but also deeply moving. We had our best
Christmas ever.

But you don`t get involved in the patriotic immigration reform
movement—VDARE.COM`s name for the movement to end America`s
post-1965 immigration disaster—if you want an easy life.

Within the last week, we learned that a major foundation, which
has backed us since we began a decade ago, has abruptly denied
us funding for this year.

We`ve lost close to a third of our budget and we`ve been plunged
into an immediate cash crisis.

To keep VDARE.COM going, we must have your help–NOW!!!

Of course, I`m still trying to find
out what happened. One explanation I`ve been given is that the
Washington D.C. “Beltway
immigration reform groups”
lobbied against us, claiming that
they would be tainted through guilt by association if our donor
gave to us as well as them, because of our willingness to take
risks and push the Political Correctness envelope.

I don`t want to believe this and I
won`t say anything further about it at this point.

Except that
any effective advocate
of immigration reduction is going to be smeared in the usual
vile ways—it`s foolishness to think that
any amount of
appeasement will prevent it. 

And that this explanation, if true,
is yet more evidence of the tightening grip of Political
Correctness on American public debate. 

At VDARE.COM, we`ve been chronicling
the tightening grip of Political Correctness for some time. We
were one of the very few voices—and
the only patriotic immigration reform group
—that dared
to challenge powerful lobbies to warn about the Obama
Administration`s Free Speech-threatening
“Hate Crimes” legislation last year.

This tightening grip is simply a
fact. It`s one of the
reasons I continue to worry that the Obama Administration just
might be planning to push through amnesty for illegal aliens
(the “Obamnesty”)
sooner rather than later
—although most immigration
patriots, particularly inside the Beltway, think it`s stalled.

(I`m even more worried about the
“stealth amnesty”–the Obama Administration`s quiet
dismantling of enforcement and relaxation of immigration
controls through Executive Branch action.

(And I`m
extremely worried, and
even angry, about the
utter absence of any public discussion of
reducing immigration,
let alone an immigration moratorium, to combat unemployment

While I was trying to save our
grant, I wrote a memo to the program officer explaining my
thinking on VDARE.COM`s role. (He didn`t respond to my
arguments, but of course what could he say). I want to share
parts of it with you:

At VDARE.COM, we have always said
that the patriotic immigration reform movement
absolutely needs Beltway representation.

But patriotic immigration reform
will not come from inside the Beltway. It will come from
the heartland.

We saw that with Bush`s amnesties—they were not stopped
by Beltway maneuvering, but by unprecedented grassroots

This means the patriotic immigration
reform also needs a mass readership publication to
stir up, educate and channel that grassroots revolt


The only way to build up a mass
readership publication is to give the editor a free hand
to find and develop readership constituencies—and to
take risks to give those readers a reason to go,
uniquely, to that publication.

VDARE.COM is a forum site and a
coalition. We will run anyone, regardless of their
other beliefs, who has something to contribute to the
cause of patriotic immigration reform
. That is why,
for example, we have conservative Catholics and also
liberal population controllers writing for us. It`s not
an easy balancing act, but we have been able to do it.

To me, the classic vindication of
VDARE.COM`s grassroots strategy came after Bush`s last amnesty
was defeated–in the words of a pro-amnesty newspaper editor who
wrote ruefully

“The opponents of the bill prevailed and they
did so in a grand manner that I had to respect. It was democracy
at its best—and an instructive lesson for anyone interested in
politics. Countless times a day, I received messages from a
variety of groups that had Freedom or American or Liberty as
part of their title.

“The discipline of these groups was a sight to
behold. Someone created a set of talking points that declared
opponents need only focus on one word—amnesty—to denounce
the legislation. And every group that came out
against it did precisely that.”

Note that this pro-amnesty editor was getting
“messages” i.e.
email—and that he had obviously never heard of the groups he was
getting messages from, i.e., they were grass-roots

VDARE.COM, our role is to create those
“talking points”, and
the sophisticated arguments behind them, and make them available
to patriots.
(Our archives are all online—and we don`t

And I`m happy to say we ran an article
discussing the critical importance of the word
“amnesty” way back in

I`m not saying VDARE.COM is not the only
organization providing
“talking points”
. And amnesty certainly would not have been
stopped without e.g. talk radio`s heroic performance in
amplifying those points

But I am saying that VDARE.COM played a role.

And this vital work, essential to stopping the coming Obamnesty,
can only be done if we can
pay our writers

We post every day at VDARE.COM, an enormous amount of material.
There are just so many targets!

And what we post is prepared to the highest professional
standards—I`ve not been working in the Mainstream Media for
nearly 40 years for nothing. And we use hyperlinks, not the
least of the advantages of this wonderful new medium, better
than anyone else on the internet…at least, I think so. They
help us document our case. Readers who are new to the cause of
patriotic immigration reform find our hyperlinks particularly
informative. But the
whole process is very labor-intensive
. (A special thanks
to our James Fulford, who does our hyperlinks, pioneering a
whole new journalistic specialty).

Money is our secret weapon at VDARE.COM.
Our fixed costs
are very low, we operate entirely virtually. We don`t have to
pay printing and postage (thank goodness!).

What this means:

essentially everything you give goes to pay writers and editors

Our writers and editors are not paid as much as I would like. But
they do get something. This ability to pay our writers is what
has distinguished VDARE.COM from a host of excellent but
evanescent blogs which have come and gone.

Writers will often write for love—because they passionately believe
in our cause. But in the long run, they need to be able to
justify the time spent, to their families and to themselves.

At VDARE.COM, we are in this for the long haul. We are building an
institution. We need money to do that.

That is why last week`s disappointment is such a blow. That is
why we need your help.

To me as a professional journalist, the quantity and quality of
non-professional writing on the immigration issue that comes in
over the e-transom has been a revelation.

Many of these writers have full-time careers in other fields, some
are students; I encourage these to write anonymously because of
the reign of terror imposed by the curse of Political
Correctness. Others are struggling, idealistic free-lancers; I
shudder for them.

All are patriots—deprived of outlets because of the orthodoxy of
the Mainstream Media.

And, as a professional journalist, I am constantly amazed at the
huge immigration-driven stories that are just not covered in the
Main Stream Media—liberal or

I mean, how can they resist? But they do.

Let me go back to the memo I wrote to our former donor`s
program officer. I want to give an example of our risk-taking,
but compelling and vital, journalism.

I wrote:

Part of our coalition is interested
in human biodiversity e.g. IQ, and has important points
to make about it. It`s only one part of the coalition
and it is entirely rational, reasonable and willing to
debate. The rest of the coalition must tolerate this.

Why was this even an issue?
Because I was being told that those
“Beltway immigration reform groups” particularly objected to Steve
Sailer—our Sunday night columnist and regular blogger

Steve Sailer is the pre-eminent American journalist covering the
science of human differences and their political and social
implications. Right now, it`s one of the hottest areas of
intellectual inquiry.

But only in academe–in the Main
Stream Media (and apparently inside the Beltway) many of the
issues that Steve Sailer raises, regardless of how thoughtful
and well researched his treatment,
cannot be discussed at

I especially like Steve`s work on
education and Affirmative Action, but these are the Issues he`s
pioneered on VDARE.COM that he thinks I should mention:

The “Diversity Recession”
 Steve has been
able to demonstrate that the subprime mortgage meltdown
that triggered Crash of 2008 and the deepest recession
for a generation came about because of a relentless
campaign, by both Republican and Democratic
Administrations, to promote minority home ownership by
forcing banks to make riskier loans than they would
otherwise have done. (So much for the Beltway`s
bipartisan judgment).
And the Obama Administration has started doing it again.

“The Sailer Strategy”
Steve has repeatedly proved that the
real target of opportunity in American electoral
politics is the white vote, not minorities or
immigrants. (I don`t really understand why this is so
controversial, since it`s just a matter of math, but
I`ve been explicitly assured that it unmentionable
inside the Beltway).

“Affordable Family Formation”
Steve has shown statistically that the key determinant
in how states vote is how costly it is to buy a home in
a safe neighborhood with good schools. Current mass
immigration makes both more difficult.

“America`s Half-Blood Prince”

Steve was the
first to point out, from his reading Barack
Obama`s own autobiography, that the President is not the
postracial transcender that his handlers sold to the
rest of the media, but instead is profoundly motivated
by race. (Ironically,
New Yorker
Editor David Remnick`s new Obama biography, which Steve
just reviewed for us, comes to the same conclusion,
albeit in the usual boring and hypocritical PC way).

Supporting Steve is one of our main
expenses, although we can`t pay him even a tenth of what he`d
earn in the MSM and on the lecture circuit if he`d toed the
Politically Correct line.

If VDARE.COM fails, Steve Sailer will have no other outlets for
his path-breaking work

But that`s true for so many of our

Who else but VDARE.Com would publish Brenda Walker on
the Mexican drug dealers` takeover of California`s
parks? (Wasn`t there something in the Constitution about
the federal government`s duty to protect the states
against invasion?)

Who else but VDARE.Com would publish Patrick Cleburne`s
devastating analysis of the finances of the Southern
Poverty Law Center (Known to us as the $PLC), revealing
that it`s basically a huge, aggressive investment pool
to which a moderately-sized leftist public interest law
firm is anomalously attached?

Who but VDARE.Com would publish our anonymous Washington
Watcher`s analysis of which congressional candidates
really favor a moratorium—and which of them tell the
Beltway groups they favor patriotic reform, but tell
their voters something else?

Who but VDARE.Com would publish Ed Rubenstein`s
meticulous documentation of what proportion of new jobs
go to immigrants, not Americans—proof of worker
displacement that should accompany every MSM discussion
of unemployment but (guess what?) never does.

If you want these writers to
continue their essential work, I have to ask you to help us–now.

One final thought for tax week:
Obamacare was not central to VDARE.COM.s immigration focus
(although we did point out that it represents a further subsidy
from the American tax payer to immigrants).

But hidden in the vast Obamacare
legislation was a significant increase in the marginal tax rate
on “unearned income”, i.e. income from savings. for
“rich” taxpayers,
i.e. those earning over $200,000 a year.

There are certainly more tax
increases coming.

Your donations to VDARE.COM are
tax-deductible. More and more, if you give money to us,
Washington doesn`t get it.

It`s one bright spot in a bad week
for all of us.

Please help us now
. I, and all of us
at VDARE.COM, and I believe future generations of Americans,
will be profoundly grateful.


Peter Brimelow 

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