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    Why Does Quota Foe Jim Webb Support The DREAM Act When 85% Of Illegals Could Get Affirmative Action?

    In July, Sen Jim Webb (D-VA) argued that while Affirmative action programs should stay to American blacks, they should not go towards other non-white groups. Web noted: "many programs allow recently arrived immigrants to move ahead of ...

    Blog - Washington Watcher - 12/14/10, 8:09 am

    American Spectator`s Jim Antle on Sailer Strategy…and James Webb

    Jim Antle`s American Spectator post this morning Saving Harry Reid is a sensible refutation of the MSM conventional wisdom that "Hispanics saved the Dems", in the words of a November 3 Politico headline quoted by Steve Sailer in his post-election ...

    Blog - Peter Brimelow - 11/09/10, 12:33 am

    Jim Webb, The GOP, And The Sammy Sosa Solution

    These rather striking photos of retired baseball slugger Sammy Sosa Before and After he began using one of those lotions so popular in the Third World for bleaching skin got me to thinking (as usual) about the future of American politics These ...

    Article - Steve Sailer - 07/25/10, 9:00 am

    Writer-Politicians–Barack Obama And Jim Webb

    I bought the latest book by Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA), A Time To Fight. It has a lot of good things in it, but the prose style is mediocre, and downright terrible when compared to Barack Obama`s The Audacity of Hope, which was published at about the ...

    Blog - Steve Sailer - 06/04/08, 8:38 pm

    Sen. Webb: Germany, Not China

    From theArlington (VA) Sun-News: If the United States wants to claw its way back to economic self-determination, it should look not at China for the route forward, but at Germany. Such was the prescription issued Dec. 10 by U.S. Sen. Jim ...

    Blog - Steve Sailer - 12/14/10, 8:13 pm

    A North Carolina Reader Notices Irony Regarding Senator Webb And Racism

    NOTE: PLEASE say if you DON`T want your name and/or email address published when sending VDARE email. 07/26/10 - An Indiana Reader Exposes How Far Left Senator Richard Lugar Really Is ...

    Letters - VDARE.com Reader - 07/27/10, 9:00 am

    VP Webb: VDARE.com leads, Bloomberg.com follows

    Snug in her privileged berth in the MSM, Bloomberg columnist Margaret Carlson has arrived at the same conclusion Peter Brimelow reached months ago: James Webb is easily the best VP choice for Obama. (Webb`s Just the Reagan Democrat Obama Needs ...

    Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 05/22/08, 5:14 pm

    Is Webb The Solution To Obama`s Scots-Irish Problem?

    Obama continues to do very well in Puritan-descended states, such as Oregon (with the exception of Massachusetts, where the bloom is off the David Axelrod / Deval Patrick rose), but yesterday he got annihilated in another Scots-Irish state, ...

    Blog - Steve Sailer - 05/21/08, 8:03 pm

    SC Dem Primary: Tribalism = Webb More Than Ever?

    There`s been a lot of happy burbling about Barack Obama`s victory over Hillary Clinton in Saturday`s South Carolina Democratic primary shows that he can create a rainbow coalition, but of course it`s wishful thinking. According to the New York Times ...

    Blog - Peter Brimelow - 01/28/08, 8:59 pm

    SC, NV = American Tribalism. Is Webb The Answer?

    The thing that strikes me about Saturday night`s results is the sheer tribalism it reveals - and how complacently this is passed over in the MSM. Women vote for Hillary in Nevada. Hispanics vote for Hillary in Nevada. Mormons vote for Romney in ...

    Blog - Peter Brimelow - 01/20/08, 8:32 am