John Derbyshire: Was Alison Parker’s Murder Friendly Fire? Whatever—The MSM Will Deep-Six It Anyway

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handholdinggunThe two commonest topics stirred up by crazy shootings like Vester Lee Flanagan II’s murder of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, are, one, gun control, and two, treatment of the mentally ill. Nobody has anything to say about either than makes much sense to me.

Gun control? Plenty of jurisdictions have more liberal gun laws than Virginia, with very little gun crime. The BBC reported two years ago that the nation of Iceland is, quote, "awash with guns," yet the homicide rate in Iceland is essentially zero. Similarly with Switzerland. Vermont has the most liberal gun laws in America, yet it's not notorious as a hotbed of gun crime.

The mentally ill? It's plain from the manifesto that Flanagan was crazy as a coot: or, to quote his own precise words, "Yeah, I'm all f----d up in the head.”. Like Dylann Roof in Charleston, Flanagan was in fact in the long line of homicidal lunatics in America who have hoped to ignite a race war. As Radio Derb pointed out back in June, that line also includes kindred psychos Charles Manson 46 years ago and John Brown 156 years ago. Nations have their own styles in lunacy, and this is one of the classic American styles.

But do we even have a firm definition of "mentally ill"? Do we even want one? I'm not sure that I do. Many Goodwhites believe that we Badwhites are mentally ill for not going along with the Narrative. I'm sure a lot of them would like to lock us up in asylums, as happened to dissidents in the old U.S.S.R.

The father of Alison Parker

Can the GOP Deal With Iran?

Ten weeks before the first U.S.-Soviet summit ever held in Moscow, in May 1972, North Vietnam, with Soviet-supplied armor and artillery, crossed the DMZ in an all-out offensive to overrun the South.

President Nixon responded with air and naval strikes on the North.

Yet Nixon went to Moscow and

Donald Trump: Last Chance For Conservatism–Or First Sign Of White Identity Politics? Maybe Both

Trump unstumped: The Donald now has the largest lead of any Republican this election cycle, according to a recent poll showing the real estate developer is beating his nearest competitor (Ben Carson) by sixteen points [ Trump lead grows; Clinton slips: poll , AFP, August 27, 2015]. He has displaced Scott Walker to take the lead in Iowa and, perhaps even more telling, has reversed his unfavorability ratings there in an unprecedented way. [ This Iowa poll shows just how amazing Donald Trump’s rise has been, by Chris Cillizza, Washington Post, August 30, 2015]. The Beltway Right is unleashing a desperate attack against him, warning that he “is antithetical to the modern conservative movement” (true!) [ The anti-Trump angst grows, by Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post, August 30, 2015].

But the truth is that Trump represents a last chance for “conservatism” to remain relevant in American politics. And the borderline hysterical reaction against him reveals the embarrassing fact that political victory, or even influence, is less important to many Conservatism Inc. types than being seen as respectable in the eyes of elite liberal opinion.

Indeed, the problem with Trump

Said In Spanish: More Trump Trashing, More Hispanic Hypocrisy On Birthright Citizenship; etc.

What’s been going in the Spanish-language media the past month? As you’ve probably guessed, plenty of Trump-trashing—and more Hispanic hypocrisy, especially about Birthright Citizenship.


Donald Trump’s open defense of American sovereignty has the Mexican chattering class on edge. As well it should. They recognize what Trump might be able to accomplish, and they don’t like it.

Thus, El Universal ran a web feature entitled Donald Trump El Magnate Antiinmigrantes [ Donald Trump the Anti-Immigrant Magnate]. Besides the standard biographical information, there’s a section entitled “Trump vs. Mexico” featuring context-free quotes from Trump about Mexico, a section entitled “ Contratos Abajo” [Contracts Cancelled] showing the companies that have broken business deals with Trump, and a photo gallery entitled “ Lluvia de Criticas,” [Rain of Criticisms], chronicling Trump-trashing by a wide spectrum of famous people, including celebrities (Cher, Shakira, the Mexican national soccer team coach, and Jorge Ramos) and assorted politicians.

One noteworthy trasher: Eugenio Derbez, a well-connected comedian and nephew of a former Mexican foreign minister. He said:
“They [Trump’s] are totally racist commentaries and I am sure that the day that Mexicans aren’t in this country [the U.S.], Latinos in general, the day that they are deported, the country will stop. The Latinos are the force that moves the United States.”

My emphasis. “ The force that moves the United States”? Can we ask where?

Naturally, several of these celebrities boasted about the much-touted Latino Vote.

About as much chance of being President as Cher.Politicians reported to be trashing Trump included Mexican government officials, Jeb Bush (or do I repeat myself?), two former Mexican presidents, Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham, Barack Obama and Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro, protégé of the late

“The Truth Is Racist”—Why The MSM Establishment Is Beating Up BREITBART Over Vester Flanagan

vester-l-flanagan-640x480[1]After Dylann Roof shot up Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, South Carolina, most Main Stream Media outlets ran similar headlines. Here are a few examples:

All, obviously, note the race of suspect and the fact that he shot up a “black church.”

Nonetheless, many on the Left criticized the MSM for not focusing enough on the race of the criminal. For example, black journalist Chauncey Devega [Email him] wrote in Salon:
The headline on the breaking news report about the Charleston shooting was
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