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The Fulford File | Robert Sussman’s “Tainted Sources”—Playing The Telephone Game Against AMERICAN RENAISSANCE’s Jared Taylor


Professor Robert W. Sussman (email him) of Washington University in St. Louis recently published an attack on Jared Taylor in America’s virulent racists: The sick ideas and perverted “science” of the American Renaissance Foundation. [October 11, 2014]

Unlike everything published on, and for that matter in American Renaissance, this attack contained no links and no footnotes.

If I say someone said something, I say where they said it and provide both a link and a citation. Leftists apparently don’t feel the need to bother.

This made somewhat difficult for American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor to reply to Sussman’s attack, as he can only say he didn’t say the things he’s accused of saying. Nevertheless, he was easily able to show that Sussman’s piece was riddled with factual errors. See: Harvard University Press Defames American Renaissance,, October 16, 2014.

The reason Taylor’s headline mentions Harvard University Press rather than is that Sussman’s crazy piece is excerpted from his book The Myth of Race, published by that venerable, respectable, and now very Leftist press.

The Myth of Race is already published in hard copy, although it hasn’t been released as an e-book. It is, however, in Google Books. Using the “search inside” feature, I see that it does have the critical apparatus of footnotes you’d expect from a scholarly book. This allows us to prove Sussman’s horrifying sloppiness because we can compare what he said to what he’s quoting from.

There’s a lot of horrifying sloppiness. But there’s a limit to how much time Sussman is worth.

For example, however, this is from Sussman’s Salon piece:

To the foundation, [JF: i.e. the American Renaissance magazine] race is an essential ingredient for citizenship. “Blacks and Third World immigrants did not really belong in the United States and certainly could not be ‘real’ Americans.”

That bit inside the quotation marks was utterly mystifying to Jared Taylor. He wrote: "Prof. Sussman offers this sentence as a quotation from AR...This sentence has never appeared in AR."

The answer: this picture of the inside of Sussman’s book shows the footnote, which looks like this:


For the benefit of those who can’t see the graphic, the reference is “(Taylor 1992a, quoted in Tucker 2002, 182).”

funding“Taylor 1992a” in Sussman’s bibliography is Jared Taylor’s great book Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America. “Tucker 2002” turns out to be an awful book called The Funding of Scientific Racism |Wickliffe Draper and the Pioneer Fund, by William H. Tucker, University of Illinois Press, 2002. (Reviewed by Kevin Lamb in The Occidental Quarterly here.) Tucker [Email him] is a professor at Rutgers-Camden who specializes in this kind of witch-hunting.

You can read Tucker’s book online, via...

On Being Culturally And Biologically Enriched by West Africa’s Ebola Zone


Members of a body-removal team spray each other with chlorine disinfectant after removing a body from a home in Unification Town, Liberia. Note improvised HazMat headgear--made from a plastic bag.

The latest episode in our Third World President’s quest to impose Third World government is the appointment of a political crony with no medical experience as the nation’s “Ebola czar.” [Obama’s New Ebola ‘Czar’ Does Not Have Medical, Health Care Background, Washington CBS, October 17, 2014] But even this pales compared to the chaos in Liberia, and throughout the Third World, that President Obama seems dogmatically determined to import.

Just as Third World doctors in America are willing to defraud patients for personal gain, so are Third World health officials in Liberia willing to lie about Ebola statistics if it means they can receive bribes.

Liberian rapid response teams who are officially supposed to be removing the corpses of Ebola patients from their homes are instead soliciting bribes from victims’ families in exchange for fraudulent death certificates saying the patients did NOT die of Ebola. [Some Ebola-Stricken African Families Pay Bribes for Fake Death Records by Heidi Vogt, Wall Street Journal, October 12, 2014]

Not surprisingly, official reports of “just ten deaths from Ebola in the capital of Freetown…” were belied by non-governmental reports “that just in the last eight days 110 Ebola victims were buried in just one of the city’s cemeteries.” [The View from Olympus: Don’t Shop at This WAWA by William S. Lind, Traditional Right, September 25, 2014.]

Local funeral practices, which the response teams were supposed to restrain, are not helping matters. Mourners wash the corpse with bare hands and kiss the dead before burial.

Germs? What germs? Keep in mind that, as's James Fulford has reported, one of the locals’ many charming and vibrant characteristics is their ignorance of or rejection of germ theory. They believe that Ebola is caused either by a curse being put on the victim, or by an evil poison cooked up by the white man to kill blacks.

Indeed, a Liberian academic [CV PDF] who teaches in America is actually arguing just that. Dr. Cyril Broderick [Email him] of Delaware State University, a black public university funded by (white) taxpayers, argued in an African newspaper that Ebola was created by the American government to commit genocide against blacks. As evidence, he offers uncited “reports” and a novel. [A professor in U.S. is telling Liberians that the Defense Department ‘manufactured’ Ebola, by Terrence McCoy, Washington Post, September 26, 2014]

According to Dr. Broderick:

Scientists allege deadly diseases such as Ebola and AIDS are bio weapons being tested on Africans. Other reports have linked the Ebola virus outbreak to an attempt to reduce Africa’s population. Liberia happens to be the continents’s [sic] fastest growing population.

[Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD? by Dr. Cyril Broderick, (Liberian) Daily Observer, September 9th, 2014]

What “scientists”? They don’t exist.

This tendency to blame whitey

Memo From Middle America | DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Eva Longoria Campaigns For “Latino Victory”—But Victory Over Whom?


Actress Eva Longoria received a master’s degree in “Chicano Studies” at Cal State Northridge.

Even some of the richest American Latinos can’t forgive the United States for giving them such great success. Actress Eva Longoria has started a “Latino Victory Project” and shrilly insists, “We can’t dismiss the growing population, the changing demographics of our country. And with that comes exciting times for everybody in America.” [This Is How Eva Longoria Is Trying to Win the Midterms, by Asawin Suabsang, The Daily Beast, October 1, 2014]

Exciting might not be the word you would choose if you want the historic American nation to continue in any meaningful way. But now that Desperate Housewives is over, ethnic tribalism seems to be Longoria’s best career move.

Eva Longoria was born in Texas, is not a native speaker of Spanish, and is partially descended from the handful of Spaniards who were in Texas in colonial days. Yet despite her mostly European heritage, vast wealth, and wild success, Longoria seems to have only disdain for the United States. Apparently, the gringos haven’t been nice enough to her—and she can give you a whole list of reasons why now that she’s completed a master’s degree in “Chicano Studies” at Cal State Northridge. [Eva Longoria graduates with master’s degree in Chicano studies, by Nardine Saad, Los Angeles Times, May 23, 2013]

Longoria’s “Latino Victory Project,” like other prominent Latino organizations, is run by White Hispanics. As you can see from the pictures of Longoria and co-founder Henry R. Munoz, the Project fits the usual Latin American model of a Euro-Latin elite lording it over their duskier brethren even as they scream that the norteamericanos are racist.

Of course, to call something a “Latino Victory Project” raises the question—victory over whom? Do Latinos have different interests than other Americans? In fact, are Latinos really supposed to seek “victory” over their fellow Americans?

Judging from Miss (she’s divorced again) Longoria’s “demographics” comment, it sure seems like it.

According to the Daily Beast’s Suabsang, the Latino Victory Project

….focuses on building Latino political power nationwide in order to “institutionalize what happened in 2012,” ...

“Campaign Finance” Laws vs. The First Amendment–Who’s Afraid of ‘Rocky Mountain Heist’?

Free at last! I’m silent no more. Now, the story [...]

John Derbyshire Asks: Muslims To The Rescue? (!!) Ebola And The Can’t-Do Nation


The country that could do this would have little trouble dealing with Ebola, but are we still that country?

Whether Ebola represents a major threat to the U.S.A. I’ll leave to the experts. (At least one of them, whose opinion I highly respect, says not [Come on in, the Plague Is Fine, by Gregory Cochran, TakiMag, October 8, 2014]). What is not in doubt, however, is that the response of our public health authorities has been disgracefully shambolic.

Public health is one of those things you really want your government to do well, however much of a small-government proponent you are. I bet even anarchists draw the line at overflowing sewers or chancrous beggars brushing up against us in the subway.

Yet here we are, with all our wealth and expertise, watching our elected and appointed health administrators making a pig’s ear of their highly-paid professional responsibilities and speaking incoherent nonsense to TV interviewers and Congressional committees.

Thus Director of the Center for Disease Control Tom Frieden [Email him] testified

[Tennessee Rep. Marsha] Blackburn: I want to be sure I heard you right. You just said to Chairman Upton that we cannot have flight restrictions because of a porous border. So do we need to worry about having an unsecure southern and northern border? Is that a big part of the problem?

[CDC Director] Frieden: I was referring to the border of the three countries in Africa.

Rep. Blackburn: Oh, referring to that border, not our porous border.

CDC Director Concerned About ‘Porous’ Borders… In Africa, By Alex Griswold, Daily Caller, October 16, 2014

Watching the squirming and writhing of these guardians of the nation’s health, I am always reminded of the time in my teen years when, having read some pop-math article about topology, I attempted to take off my undershirt without removing my shirt.

My friend and fellow Dissident Right blogger Dennis Mangan expressed the other day what a lot of us are thinking. Key quote from Dennis:

Just as the United States of America can no longer get a man on the moon, it can no longer fight an epidemic. The two situations are, I believe, remarkably similar.

In the first case, we likely still have the technical capability to get men to the moon, or could get them back relatively quickly. The fault is not in our technologies, but in ourselves. We no longer have the willpower to do it; and even assuming that we made it a priority, so many other social priorities would need to go out the window that we would find it that much more difficult, or even impossible.

Evolutionary psychologist Bruce Charlton has worked the same theme, although casting his net wider, across all of civilization:

I suspect that human capability reached its peak or plateau around 1965-75—at the time of the Apollo moon landings—and has been declining ever since.

This may sound bizarre or just plain false, but the argument is simple. That landing of men on the moon and bringing them back alive was the supreme achievement of human capability, the most difficult problem ever solved by humans. Forty years ago we could do it—repeatedly—but since then we have not been to the moon, and I suggest the real reason we have not been to the moon since 1972 is that we cannot any longer do it. Humans have lost the capability …

It was around the 1970s that the human spirit began to be overwhelmed by bureaucracy (although the trend...

Ebola, Ideology and Common Sense


A typical quarantine sign from Pat Buchanan's youth--(See Right From The Beginning, p. 61)

Growing up in Washington in the 1930s and '40s, our home was, several times, put under quarantine. A poster would be tacked on the door indicating the presence within of a contagious disease—measles, mumps, chicken pox, scarlet fever.

None of us believed we were victims of some sort of invidious discrimination against large Catholic families. It was a given that public health authorities were trying to contain the spread of a disease threatening the health of children.

Out came the Monopoly board.

Polio, or infantile paralysis, was the most fearsome of those diseases. The first two national Boy Scout jamborees, which were to be held in Washington in 1935 and 1936, were canceled by Presidential Proclamation because of an outbreak of polio in the city.

Franklin Roosevelt, who had apparently contracted polio in 1921, never to walk again, appreciated the danger. In the 1930s, '40s and early '50s, there were outbreaks of polio in D.C. Swimming pools were shut down.

The Greatest Generation possessed a common sense that seems lacking today.

We read that five new Ebola cases occur every hour in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, that thousands are dead and thousands more are dying, that, by December, there may be 10,000 new cases a week of this dreadful and deadly disease.

Yet calls for the cancellation of commercial airline travel from the affected nations to the United States are being decried as racist, an abandonment of America's responsibilities to Africa, a threat to the economies of the poorest continent on earth.

How could we consider such a thing!

Where once we suffered from infantile paralysis, now we suffer from ideological paralysis. And there appears to be no Salk or Sabin vaccine to cure our condition.

Exhibit A is the befuddled response of some in public service is the case of Amber Joy Vinson.

Nurse Vinson was among 75 health care providers who treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who brought Ebola into the United States. At the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital where Duncan was treated, Vinson had been among those in closest contact with the patient.

Two days after Duncan's death, Vinson was allowed to fly to Cleveland to visit relatives. She then prepared to fly back to Dallas.

Before boarding, she called the Center for Disease Control, and said she was running a fever of 99.5. Yet she was given clearance to fly commercial back to Dallas, where she was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of the disease. She is the second nurse at that hospital to come down with Ebola.

According to CBS Medical Correspondent Dr. John LaPook, "Nurse Vinson did in fact call the CDC several times before taking that flight and said she had a temperature, a fever of 99.5, and the person at the CDC looked at a chart and because her temperature wasn't 100.4 or higher she didn't officially fall into the category of high risk."

Would not common sense have told that CDC apparatchik to tell Vinson not to fly at all, but remain in Cleveland, stay in touch with CDC, and monitor any symptoms to be sure she was not coming down with the disease that just killed her patient?

In dealing with contagious and deadly diseases, common sense says to err on the side of safety. Public safety must come before political correctness. Community and country come ahead of any obligation to the people of West Africa.

Indeed, is not the first duty of the government of the United States to protect the lives, liberty and property of the citizens of the United States?

Traveling to Africa decades ago...

Houston, Texas: No Freedom Of Speech For Pastors Who Criticize Gays


Annise Parker, Houston's Lesbian Mayor

Thomas Jefferson rightly noted that big cities are the “bane” of freedom. And in a letter to James Madison, Jefferson wrote, “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become corrupt as in Europe.” Modern America is a living testament to Jefferson’s sagacity. Unlike early America, the vast majority of the U.S. population now lives in large metropolitan areas. And it is the big-government machinations of big-city politicians that are leading the charge for America’s surrender to Big Brother. Houston, Texas, is the latest example.

Writing for FOX NEWS, Todd Starnes covers the story:

“The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.

“‘The city’s subpoena of sermons and other pastoral communications is both needless and unprecedented,’ Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Christina Holcomb said in a statement. ‘The city council and its attorneys are engaging in an inquisition designed to stifle any critique of its actions.’”

Starnes continues,

“‘Political and social commentary is not a crime,’ Holcomb said. ‘It is protected by the First Amendment.’

“The subpoenas are just the latest twist in an ongoing saga over the Houston’s new non-discrimination ordinance. The law, among other things, would allow men to use the ladies room and vice versa. The city council approved the law in June.

“The Houston Chronicle reported opponents of the ordinance launched a petition drive that generated more than 50,000 signatures--far more than the 17,269 needed to put a referendum on the ballot.

“However, the city threw out the petition in August over alleged irregularities.

“After opponents of the bathroom bill filed a lawsuit the city’s attorneys responded by issuing the subpoenas against the pastors.

“The pastors were not part of the lawsuit. However, they were part of a coalition of some 400 Houston-area churches that opposed the ordinance. The churches represent a number of faith groups--from Southern Baptist to non-denominational.

“‘City council members are supposed to be public servants, not “Big Brother” overlords who...

Scott Brown In New Hampshire—2014’s Most Important Election for Immigration Patriots

Scott Brown Using Immigration To Attack ShaheenScott Brown Vs. Jeanne Shaheen

Scott Brown says that his Senate run in New Hampshire “is about immigration”—and unfortunately for him, Open Borders plutocrats like Mark Zuckerberg are listening. Zuckerberg’s lobbying group is running ads for his opponent Senator Jeanne Shaheen, even as another wing of Zuckerberg’s fundraising octopus shifts money to pro-amnesty Republicans like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. Despite it all, Brown has taken the lead in a state that many Republicans had written off. If he wins, he could pave the way to for a successful new strategy for the Republican Party nationally.

For the first time, Scott Brown is actually leading in a poll taken in New Hampshire, albeit by less than two points, within the margin of error [Scott Brown Jumps Ahead In Polls For The First Time, by Matthew Boyle, Breitbart, October 14, 2014]. This comes at a time when Brown is specifically linking the immigration issue to the spread of Ebola. Brown has charged that “we have a border that is so porous anyone can walk across it.”

Greg Sargent at the Washington Post sneers that this is a “double jolt of fear” that Brown and other Republicans are using to seize political advantage in the midterm elections, which have proved far closer than the GOP Establishment seems to have expected [Scott Brown: Anyone with Ebola can ‘walk across’ our ‘porous’ border, October 14, 2014]

But what Sargent calls fear, I call responding to the deeply-held concerns of voters.

The same poll that showed Brown taking the lead showed that over half the state’s voters were “very” or at least “somewhat” concerned the Ebola virus could affect New Hampshire, with less than 10% “very unconcerned” [October 9, 2014 Poll Results, New England College Polling Center]. Brown’s criticism appears all the more salient with today’s news that a second patient has been infected within the U.S.—and flew across the country the day before she showed symptoms. [Ebola Patient Traveled by Air Day Before Symptoms Surfaced, CBS Dallas Fort-Worth, October 15, 2014]

And it’s not as though the Democrats aren’t using their own brand of fear. Shaheed is running ads charging that Brown would “force women” to look at pictures of “developing fetuses” before they could have an abortion. (Brown is responding with his own ads rebutting the charge and declaring his support for “abortion rights”). [NH Sen. Shaheed Ad: Scott Brown ‘Forces’ Women To View Photos of Unborn Babies Before Abortion, by Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart, October 13, 2014]

Brown is also under attack from the Huffington Post and other hysterical Leftist outlets after appearing at a tailgate party. The tailgate had fraternity members in attendance, who are automatically despised by reporters and who admittedly didn’t break any stereotypes by screaming some unchivalrous language about Senator Shaheed [Scott Brown Frats It Up. It Goes Exactly As You’d Expect, by Amanda Terkel, Huffington Post, October 13, 2014].

This comes on top of an episode in Scott Brown’s failed re-election bid in Massachusetts (where he consistently failed to use the immigration issue—maybe he’s learned something). Brown responded with....

Obama Administration: We’ll Tell You How Dangerous Ebola Is After The Election

Never Trust a Liberal Over Three-Especially a Republican There had never been a case of Ebola in the U.S. until a few months ago. Since then, thousands of people have died of the disease in Africa, and millions upon millions of dollars have been spent treating Ebola patients in the U.S. who acquired it there, one of whom has died.

But the Obama administration refuses to impose a travel ban.

This summer, the U.S. government imposed a travel ban on Israel simply to pressure Prime Minister Netanyahu into accepting a ceasefire agreement. But we can't put a travel restriction on countries where a contagious disease is raging.

It's becoming increasingly clear this is just another platform for Obama to demonstrate that we are citizens of the world. The entire Ebola issue is being discussed—by our government, not the United Nations—as if Liberians are indistinguishable from Americans, and U.S. taxpayers should be willing to pay whatever it takes to save them.

Maybe we should give them the vote, too! If Ebola was concentrated in Finland and Norway—certainly Israel!—we'd have had a travel ban on Day One.

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Tom Frieden, [Email him] justifies Obama's refusal to prohibit flights originating in Ebola-plagued countries, saying, "A travel ban is not the right answer. It's simply not feasible to build a wall—virtual or real—around a community, city or country." [CDC Chief: Why I don’t support a travel ban to combat Ebola outbreak, by Tom Frieden, Foxnews, October 9, 2014]

What is it with liberals living in gated communities always telling us that fences don't work? THAT'S WHAT A QUARANTINE IS.

At the congressional hearing on...

Clinton Kritarch Undermining Immigration Law Enforcement—But Congress Can Remedy

See also Rule By Judges–Kritarchy Kills More Americans

Via the representatives Americans elect to Congress, they exercise their sovereign right to determine who may immigrate to and remain in their country—supposedly. But last spring, in a case largely overlooked by many immigration patriots--at the time immersed in the battle against H.R. 15, the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill--U.S. District Court Judge Janice M. Stewart, a Clinton appointee, undermined that right and the sine qua non of the American republic: the consent of the governed. Congress can and must act to repair the damage.

On April 11 in Portland, Oregon, Judge Stewart (a Clinton appointee) ruled that Clackamas County infringed the alleged Fourth Amendment rights of Maria Miranda-Olivares, a foreign national, when it honored the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency's request to detain her in the county jail for investigation into the legality of her U.S. presence after her state domestic-violence charge had been resolved. After that resolution, wrote the judge, "the county no longer had probable cause to justify her detention" absent a warrant or court order. [PDF](ICE's investigators, not incidentally, determined that Miranda-Olivares was here illegally.)

Within days of the ruling, sheriffs in most Oregon counties announced they no longer would assent to ICE detainer requests sans a warrant or court order. [Sheriffs Limit Detention Of Immigrants, By Julia Preston, NYT, April 18, 2014] In the six months since, according to the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, one state (Rhode Island) and more than 230 cities, counties, sheriff's offices, police departments and corrections agencies in 23 other states have adopted similar policies. They range, reports the Network,


from broad limitations prohibiting local law enforcement from honoring any ICE detainer requests to more narrow measures restricting compliance to cases where ICE has obtained a warrant from a judge backed by probable cause, or when ICE has agreed to reimburse the locality for the costs of the detention, or when the individual has been convicted of a certain felony or other serious crime.[States and Localities That Limit Compliance with ICE Detainer Requests (Oct 2014)]

And that's not all: Judge Stewart's ruling evidently provided impetus to--or, perhaps, cover for--the Obama administration's years-long effort to "normalize" illegal aliens, including its pending, post-election administrative amnesty.

As "city and county jails across the country increasingly refuse federal requests to hold foreigners who've overstayed their visas or slipped across the border," reported