CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR’S Prescription For Peace: (1) Bribe Blacks, Regardless Of Guilt; (2) Crucify Whites,...

See also: The Case Of Michael Slager: Not Just Lynching, A Crucifixion

An astonishing reportorial in the Christian Science Monitor claims that North Charleston’s “response to police officer Michael Slager's fatal shooting of Mr. Scott as a blueprint for communities around the United States” [ What cities can learn from North Charleston's handling of police shooting by Corey Fedde, October 9, 2015]. The “blueprint” consists of (1) massive bribes to blacks, regardless of guilt; (2) crucifixion of whites, regardless of innocence. Chillingly absent: any consciousness of facts or law. It’s just politics—another step in the Regime’s systematic de-policing of America, egged on by Main Stream Media.

I last wrote about the Slager case to report an exclusive interview with his lawyer, Andy Savage, in which he made serious allegations about suppression of exculpatory evidence and other politically-motivated prosecutorial misconduct. Savage also told me that a bond hearing for Slager had finally been scheduled—in an extraordinary move, his client had been held in custody, in solitary confinement, since April 7.

Judge Clifton NewmanBut on September 14, over five months since Michael Slager’s arrest, black Judge Clifton Newman (pictured right) refused his request for bond. Newman claimed:
After careful consideration of

The Ben Carson Money Machine: Making Millions From White Guilt

Peter Brimelow writes: The curse of campaign consultants has long been one of our interests at So, for that matter, has the peculiar cultural and political allure of the “Numinous Negro”, to use my old National Review colleague Rick Brookhiser ’s term, which would now probably get him Derbyshired . Dr. Ben Carson (who to his credit has been excellent on Muslims) exemplifies both. We are pleased to cross-post here a powerful exposé from American Renaissance of the role donation-focused consultants are playing in Carson’s campaign. My guess: a similar gang of grabbers are behind Carly Fiorina, and are no doubt equally surprised by her relative success.

Alas, this may not be Ben Carson’s only problem if the National Enquirer is here again breaking news the Main Stream Media flinches from: Bungling surgeon Ben Carson left sponge in patient’s brain! By Sharon Churcher, October 7, 2015.

The rise of Donald Trump has upset most everyone who does not support him. From the smear piece in the New Yorker, to the hostile commentary from Conservatism Inc., to the condescending remarks of libertarians, those not for Mr. Trump are very much against him. After a bit of scrambling, the chattering cuckservatives of the 24-hour commentary cycle seem to have settled on a strategy to dismantle him: promote Dr. Ben Carson as the “legitimate outsider” of 2016 and pray that the average-Joe Republicans now fueling Mr. Trump’s rise will jump ship.

“Washington Watcher” at VDARE has a full treatment of the phenomenon. He notes the incredible, seemingly out-of-thin-air surge from late August of “conservative” pundits telling us what an amazing candidate and person Dr. Carson is. FOX-regular Charles Krauthammer seems to have gotten the ball rolling in August by declaring Dr. Carson to be the “anti-Trump” and also a “wonderful guy that is hard not to actually like.” Rich Lowry laid it on none too subtly with “Ben Carson, the Superior Outsider.” A few days later, neoconservative Bill Kristol claimed that the GOP was wrapping up its “summer fling” with Mr. Trump and would soon engage in a “fall romance” with Dr. Carson. Michelle Malkin wrote a surreal piece entirely about what a lovely person Dr. Carson’s wife, Candy, seems to be.

“Washington Watcher” is entirely correct in his analysis of this trend, and he also points out Dr. Carson’s far-from-conservative opinions–especially on immigration–but there is more to the story. What is only whispered within the Beltway is that the Carson candidacy is not so much a serious effort to make him president as a fundraising scheme–and a very effective one. A polished team is making millions flogging a hopeless black candidate to guilt-ridden Republicans who are wasting every dollar they contribute. It’s a tactic they have perfected with several black long shots.

Draft Ben Carson

Dr. Carson became a household name in February 2013 after he criticized Obamacare of at the National Prayer Breakfast. Just six months later, John Philip Sousa IV (great-grandson of the famous one) founded the National Draft Ben Carson for President Campaign Committee (NDBCPCC). Dr. Carson was still far from declaring his candidacy, and the purpose of the PAC was to demonstrate the fundraising capacity a run for president could have. Also, if he did declare, there would be infrastructure and funds lying in wait.

John Philip Sousa IV

By law, PACs and candidates are not allowed to communicate. Politicos find ways around this, but there is only speculation as to how involved Dr. Carson was with the decision to start the PAC, or how involved he was with its tactics.

When Mr. Sousa was interviewed in December 2014 Read more >>

Feminist Fabricator Lena Dunham Rides Again

In Hollywood, anything is possible--if you're a privileged femme fraudster with cover-up pals in all the right (or rather, left) places.

Last week, upper-crust Manhattanite actress Lena Dunham dropped in at the Beverly Hills home of billionaire mogul Ron Burkle, who was co-hosting an event with Hanoi Jane Fonda, Read more >>

Publicity And The Allure of Mass Murder

"Seems the more people you kill, the more you are in the limelight."

That blog post on the email address of Oregon mass-murderer Christopher Harper-Mercer was made after Vester Lee Flanagan shot and killed that Roanoke TV reporter and her cameraman.

"I have noticed," said the blog

Ann Coulter On Mass Shootings: The Problem Isn’t Guns Or White Men

511nk5odwLL._SY344_BO1204203200_-198x300[1]The media act as if they're performing a public service by refusing to release details about the perpetrator of the recent mass shooting at a community college in Oregon. But we were given plenty of information about Dylan Roof, Adam Lanza, James Holmes and Jared Loughner.

Now, quick: Name the mass shooters at the Chattanooga military recruitment center; the Washington Navy Yard; the high school in Washington state; Fort Hood (the second time) and the Christian college in California. All those shootings also occurred during the last three years.

The answers are: Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, Kuwaiti; Aaron Alexis, black, possibly Barbadian-American; Jaylen Ray Fryberg, Indian; Ivan Antonio Lopez, Hispanic; and One L. Goh, Korean immigrant. (While I'm here: Why are we bringing in immigrants who are mentally unstable?)

There's a rigid formula in media accounts of mass shootings: If possible, blame it on angry white men; when that won't work, blame it on guns.

The perpetrator of the latest massacre, Chris Harper-Mercer, was a half-black immigrant, so the media are refusing to get too specific about him. They don't want to reward the fiend with publicity!

But as people hear details the media are not anxious to provide, Read more >>

Said In Spanish: Mexicans Still Triggered By Trump—And Claiming “Jurisdiction” Over Mexican-Americans

They can’t help it. From soccer to comic books, Mexicans still can’t help but show how triggered they are by Trump. Unfortunately for them, their attacks on The Donald seems to show the wisdom of his immigration policies: both the Mexican government and many Mexican-Americans clearly think America already belongs to them.

Pro-Mexican Soccer Ad Agrees With Trump—America “Doesn’t Have Victories Anymore”

In case you didn’t know, Mexico and the United States will play each other October 10 at the Rose Bowl. Since it’s in California, we can expect the Americans will be dealing with a hostile “home” crowd who may boo the national anthem again.

On September 9th, Mexico’s TV Azteca’s ad ran an ad promoting the upcoming game. Read more >>

Gitmo Extended Stay America Suites in Colorado? Hell No!

Earlier by Michelle Malkin: No Means No: Keep Gitmo Jihadists Out of U.S.A.

Liberal readers have scoffed at my repeated warnings about the dangerous prospect of an enemy combatant dump on American soil. Over the years, I've flagged the Obama administration's scouting forays in Illinois, Kansas and South Read more >>
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