THE WALKING DEAD And Katrina: The “Zombie Apocalypse” Already Happened—And Can Happen Again

The sixth season of the insanely popular The Walking Dead debuted Sunday night, and it shows no signs of stopping its momentum. TWD, as it’s known, has actually grown in audience size each year since its debut in 2010 [ ‘The Walking Dead’ Ratings Hit Season Finale High With 15.8M Viewers, by Dominic Patton, Deadline, March 30, 2015]. This graphic tale of zombie survival even spawned a spin-off show ( Fear the Walking Dead or FTWD) which garnered the largest audience for its first season in cable history [ AMC’s ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Has the Highest-Rated First Season in Cable History , by Rick Kissell, Variety, October 9, 2015]

Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon, played respectively by Andrew Lincoln and Norman ReedusWhat attracts people to TWD? There can be no doubt two of the strongest white male characters in all of television—Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon, played respectively by Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus—are part of the appeal. But there’s something far deeper at work. TWD allows the viewer to live vicariously in a world where civilization is replaced with barbarism. The shocking violence implicitly asks the viewer if he could survive in the absence of the state.

It’s a question that may not always be theoretical. TWD creator Robert Kirkman recently opened up about the newer show, which chronicles the opening stages of civilization’s collapse, saying:
Well I don’t want to be overly pessimistic about how the government would handle a crisis, but I feel like if something as all-encompassing as a zombie apocalypse were to ever happen…what we tried to show with  Fear the Walking Dead was this is something that would happen really rapidly and it was happening all over the country, all over the world at the exact same time. It’s an uncontained phenomenon

Don’t Take Your Guns to Town, Paul

With Cantor tken out by Dave Brat, and McCarthy by Renee Elmers, you can't blame Ryan for being gunshy.The honor of it all aside, Rep. Paul Ryan would do well to decline the speakership of the House. For it is a poisoned chalice that is being offered to him.

The Republican Party is not, as some commentators wail, in "chaos" today. It is in rebellion, in revolt, as it was in the early 1960s when Barry Goldwater's true believers rejected Eisenhower Republicanism and Nelson Rockefeller to nominate the Arizona Senator for president.

A similar and bristling hostility to today's establishment has arisen, in the GOP Congress, the country, and the presidential race.

The acrimony attendant to this militants revolt explains why Speaker John Boehner packed it in, singing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah," and why Donald Trump remains Read more >>

Hello, Columbus! The Day When Hate Speech Is Okay




00030_0000000130[1]That`s the inscription on the monument to Christopher Columbus in front of Union Station in DC. The monument, a really great sculpture group by Lorado Taft, was dedicated in 1912, by people who thought that discovering America,, in the face of great odds and great dangers, was a Good Thing.

Now, of course, people are discovering that Columbus was white, and so it’s okay to hate him. At the top of the page I have a picture of the sculpture group as it was defaced in 2002 by a “Native American” activist. [Credit, Sam]

Of course, it’s only okay to hate Americans on October 12. For Mexicans it’s called Dia De La Raza, and Arizona teacher Walter Kehowski, who mailed articles to his fellow teachers in October, 2003 found that it was literally a Federal case (of national origin discrimination.) See my story Angst in Arizona—Caused By and a note published six years later, in which Alex Kosinski, the good Judge on the Ninth Circuit, finally decided the case was none of the Court’s business.

Searching today’s news for “Columbus Day”, what we find is mostly hatred:

Trump, Eminent Domain, And Conservatism Inc.: What, Actually, Is Forcing Americans From Their Homes?

Conservatism Inc. thinks it finally has found Donald Trump’s Achilles heel: his failure to adhere to libertarian legal wonk orthodoxy—Trump supports the use of eminent domain for economic development. But this is simply yet more evidence that Conservatism Inc. is out of touch with the GOP base—and with reality.

As The Atlantic put it: “The trouble for Trump is that ever since the Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the city of New London could turn over private property to another private company in support of economic development, the Republican right has considered eminent domain heretical.” [ Seizing Private Property Is No Problem for Donald Trump , by Russell Berman, October 7, 2015]

It’s certainly heretical to the Beltway/libertarian set. Reason Magazine said Trump’s support represents a “destructive and unaccountable vision of government power” [ Donald Trump Trashes the Constitution , by Damon Root (Email him) October 8, 2015] Marco Rubio, while not mentioning Trump, called the Kelo v. New London ruling, which reaffirmed the government’s authority to use eminent domain for economic development, an “egregious decision” and bragged about introducing legislation to limit that power. Neocon enforcer Jennifer Rubin [email her] immediately proclaimed that this strengthened Rubio’s “conservative credentials and breaks loose those voters who were under the mistaken assumption that Trump was conservative” [ Donald Trump’s act is getting stale , Washington Post, October 8, 2015]

The Club for Growth is running a million dollar ad campaign against Trump as an opponent of private property rights. According to Read more >>

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR’S Prescription For Peace: (1) Bribe Blacks, Regardless Of Guilt; (2) Crucify Whites,...

See also: The Case Of Michael Slager: Not Just Lynching, A Crucifixion

An astonishing reportorial in the Christian Science Monitor claims that North Charleston’s “response to police officer Michael Slager's fatal shooting of Mr. Scott as a blueprint for communities around the United States” [ What cities can learn from North Charleston's handling of police shooting by Corey Fedde, October 9, 2015]. The “blueprint” consists of (1) massive bribes to blacks, regardless of guilt; (2) crucifixion of whites, regardless of innocence. Chillingly absent: any consciousness of facts or law. It’s just politics—another step in the Regime’s systematic de-policing of America, egged on by Main Stream Media.

I last wrote about the Slager case to report an exclusive interview with his lawyer, Andy Savage, in which he made serious allegations about suppression of exculpatory evidence and other politically-motivated prosecutorial misconduct. Savage also told me that a bond hearing for Slager had finally been scheduled—in an extraordinary move, his client had been held in custody, in solitary confinement, since April 7.

Judge Clifton NewmanBut on September 14, over five months since Michael Slager’s arrest, black Judge Clifton Newman (pictured right) refused his request for bond. Newman claimed:
After careful consideration of
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