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The MSM’s Baltimore Agitprop Offensive Includes Lying About In The Riots—And Acting As Accessory

The Baltimore riots have many lessons, but they are also a perfect illustration of Reverse Reporting—in which our politicized Main Stream Media seeks to “debunk” the truth. This is accomplished by putting forward ever-shifting, mutually contradictory narratives united in the presumption of guilt by hated white males.

And this is performed by the media in matters big and small. For example, the Baltimore Sun initially claimed there were no riots, only to hastily rewrite its story .

After that lie fell apart, the AP reported there was only one day of disorder. [Baltimore mayor lifts curfew 6 days after riots, by Juliet Linderman and Ben Nucklos, Associated Press, May 3, 2015]. However, digging through buried sources and reports on social media show unrest and arrests continued long after the “one day” riots [Latest on police-custody death: court waits could increase, AP Archive, April 29, 2015].

When the MSM and the clickbait sites of the Gawker network addressed the riots, they simultaneously downplayed and justified violence against whites. At the ostensible sports blog Deadspin, Tom Ley smirked about “handwringing about some smashed windows and traffic jams” and praised Baltimore Orioles executive John Angelos, who all but ignored the violence against his own fans.

In a kind of typographical Freudian slip, Ley wrote, “On Sunday, the peaceful protest turned and chaotic [sic], and there instances were of vandalism in the area surrounding Camden Yards, where the Baltimore Orioles were playing a game. [Baltimore Orioles Exec Offers Eloquent Defense Of Freddie Gray Protests by Tom Ley, Deadspin, April 27, 2015].

There’s a missing word in the phrase “turned and chaotic.” That word is “violent.” Ley and his editor revealingly neglected or censored the most important word.

As you might expect, most of the critical commenters on the piece were deleted and/or blocked and those few who slipped through were denounced as “Nazis.” Other comments asserted that the non-violent white victims deserved to be brutally beaten because they were “racist.” (“There were plenty of drunken Orioles’ fans yelling at the protesters, and not exactly using language that would get you a good SAT score, either.” “Cuts both ways.”)

Yet the only reason we found out about violence directed against baseball fans in the first place is because Breitbart reporter Matt Boyle attended the Orioles game with his brother. Thus he was able to chronicle what happened when rioters attacked fans [War Zone: Baltimore Erupts Into Violence, Chaos as #BlackLivesMatter Riots Rage by Matt Boyle, Breitbart, April 25, 2015].

As you might expect, the MSM responded by attacking the messenger [Rightwing media cynically exploits unrest in Baltimore to Push ‘Race War’ Narrative, by Adam Johnson, Alternet, April 26, 2015].

As part of the deception, some reporters went beyond lying by actively trying to distort the facts of the unrest at Camden Yards and pin the blame on drunken, racist whites.

For example, a supposed reporter named Caitlin Goldblatt [ @trustpunch on Twitter ] of the Baltimore City Paper claimed she stopped a woman from robbing a black man (who was holding a giant purse for some reason. And remember, if you think it unlikely that a small white woman would rob a black man of his purse, you must be racist.)


But it’s not just Goldblatt.

Murders, Rapes, Slashed Faces, Broken Limbs And Ruined Lives–Liberals Want Pre-Giuliani New York Back

Ann Coulter's new book, ¡Adios America! The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hell Hole, will be released on June 1, 2015.

MuggedAstronomically low crime rates may be one of the greatest public policy triumphs in history. All this time, liberals have been lying in wait, dying to undo all the accomplishments of the last 20 years.

A quarter century of peace has lulled ordinary people into taking their safety for granted. They naturally assume that everyone regards it as a good thing that people are able to go about their lives without being raped, beaten, slashed or murdered.

They don't know liberals. I've been warning you since 2001 that, as soon as we left the room, liberals would start emptying the prisons and loosing predators on us again.

The stunning crime reduction of the last couple of decades is being called a "public policy disaster" from every news outlet--even the news outlets currently being looted in Baltimore.

Last week, The New York Times' Andrew Rosenthal [Email him] praised Hillary Clinton, saying she had "correctly identified this country's racist incarceration

The Fulford File| Contrary To Conor Friedersdorf, Baltimore Doesn’t Have A Police Problem—It Has A BLACK Police Problem

conorsarticleThe revelation that half of the cops accused of being responsible for Freddie Gray’s death are black reminds me that I meant to boot this stupid thing Conor Friedersdorf wrote.

Conor Friedersdorf, [Email him] a young, extremely faux-conservative writer, appears regularly in the Atlantic, which how you can tell his conservatism is faux.

Previous Friedersdorfiana on

See also Friedersdorf on John Derbyshire (old people with attitudes like Derb’s are dying out) and Derbyshire on Friedersdorf (kids these days!)

Recently, Friedersdorf did a piece called The Brutality of Police Culture in Baltimore | Years of abuses are every bit as egregious as what the Department of Justice documented in Ferguson, Missouri, and as deserving of a national response [The Atlantic, April 22, 2015].

( has shown, by the way, that the “documented” abuses Eric Holder’s Department of Justice claimed to find in Ferguson, Missouri were bogus. Ferguson about average for a Southern town in its police culture, and racial disparities in policing are greater in places like Seattle. See Everyone Is Guilty: The Eric Holder Challenge: Can You Find a City Where Blacks Aren’t Arrested More Often? ).

But Friedersdorf believed in the evils of the Ferguson PD implicitly, and wrote it up twice in The Atlantic: Ferguson's Conspiracy Against Black Citizens, March 5, 2015 and Where's the Conservative Outcry on Ferguson Police Abuses? March 10, 2015.

Still, Ferguson is a majority black town that is white ruled (because blacks don’t bother to vote) and policed by mostly white people because they didn’t fire all the white cops when blacks moved into town.

In contrast, Baltimore is part of Black-Ruled America, and has been for years. That’s why, when I clicked through on the awful examples of awful Baltimore cops Friedersdorf provided (there are 22 links in Friedersdorf’s piece) his Narrative Collapsed immediately.

I’ll put Friedersdorf’s examples of Baltimore police horribleness in bullet points headed “CF:” like this

  • CF: Also in 2014, "[link fixed] a city police officer was charged with felony assault after he stormed into a home in full uniform Monday and threatened to kill his wife with his service weapon."

Unmentioned by Friedersdorf: this was a Hispanic officer—Hispanics are much more likely to react violently to wives who are cheating. (The home he stormed into was her boyfriend’s, she was in his bed.)


“What Assata Taught Me”–Black Cop-Killer Joanne Chesimard Still A Hero With The Left

See, earlier The Left’s Sick Fetish for Cop-Killing Radicals

"What Assata taught me" is the new "Hands up, don't shoot."

For $35, you, too, can sport a politically correct black hoodie emblazoned with a fugitive convicted murderer's name. Assata's apparel is the new rage among perpetually enraged Baltimore and Ferguson social justice warriors. It won't be long now before hipster actresses and cable news progressives are Instagramming themselves wearing this latest entry in radical chic to show their "solidarity."

Here's what Assata taught me: The left's sick fetish for cop-killers is still going strong after four decades of violence, bloodshed, bigotry and excuses. The timing couldn't be more blood-boiling. As the relatives, friends and colleagues of NYPD Officer Brian Moore, 25, prepare to bury their hero on Friday after he was brazenly shot in the face this weekend by a thug with a long rap sheet and a deep hatred of police, Assata's army remains as militant as ever.


"Assata" is Assata Shakur, a.k.a. Joanne Chesimard. Forty-two years ago this week, the radical black leader shot and killed New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster execution-style during a traffic stop. The gunfight also left her brother-in-law, Black Liberation Army leader Zayd Malik Shakur, dead. At the time, the BLA had been tied to the murders of more than 10 police officers across the country. Before Chesimard's shootout, the BLA

Democrats Are Now Officially Party Of The Criminal Class–Even Establishment Democrats Like Hillary Are On Board

The rule of law has been abolished in Baltimore, as Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby (right) announced six police officers would be charged because, in her words, “I heard your calls for ‘no justice, no peace.” And now that a rioters’ veto has apparently become a recognized legal principle, Establishment Democrats are rushing to embrace it, even Hillary Clinton. This puts them on a collision course with the reality of wildly disproportionate black crime--which they cannot admit, or let America acknowledge.

Hillary Clinton is now calling for body cameras for every police department in the country and an end to the “era of mass incarceration.” Of course, this constitutes a reversal of the policies of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.endmassincarceration Bill Clinton is in many ways responsible for the dramatic increase in incarceration rates, notably with his support of mandatory sentencing laws and grants designed to put more cops on the streets [Hillary Clinton calls for end to mass incarceration, reversing Bill Clinton legacy, by Jonathan Allen, Vox, April 29, 2015].

And it’s not just Clinton who has to explain away prior Democratic policies. The biggest political victim of the Baltimore riots is undoubtedly former Mayor Martin O’Malley, who largely built his reputation as an effective leader by implementing the very tough on crime measures that are now under attack. O’Malley was even heckled when he returned to the city after the riots “just to be present” [O’Malley 2016 Just Committed Suicide in Baltimore, by Jackie Kucinich, The Daily Beast, April 30, 2015].

O’Malley is trying to pin the blame on Republicans and is calling for more aid to American cities, but it’s unclear how he can credibly position himself as the economic populist in the Democratic Party now that Vermont Senator (and socialist) Bernie Sanders has entered the race [Martin O’Malley defends his Baltimore record, calls for ‘agenda for American cities,’ by Michael Memoli, Los Angeles Times, May 3, 2015].

As for Sanders, he has been a longtime campaigner against mass incarceration [U.S. Prison Population Soars; Vermont Spends More on Prisons than Higher Education, Bernie Sanders Senate Website, February 28, 2008]. He’s also been implicitly condemning the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which created tough penalties for drug offenders and was once seen as a one of the most popular parts of Bill Clinton’s legacy [Hillary Clinton Laments ‘Missing’ Black Men as Politicians Reflect on Baltimore Unrest, by Amy Chozick and Michael Barbaro, New York Times, April 29, 2015].

But the main focus of Sanders’s run is on trade and economic populism. It’s difficult to see Sanders, an old white man

Freddie Gray Indictments: Killer Cops or Malicious Prosecutor?


Six Baltimore Police Officers Charged--Three Black, Three White

Who killed Freddie Gray?

According to Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, Freddie was murdered in a conspiracy of six cops who imprisoned him in a police van and there assaulted and killed him.

The killer was African-American officer Caesar Goodson, driver of the van, who, with a "depraved heart," murdered Freddie.

This is a summation of the charges against six Baltimore cops made Friday by Mosby (below) as she ranted into the TV cameras:

"To the people of BaltimoMarilyn Mosbyre, and the demonstrators across America: I heard your call for 'No justice, no peace.' ... To the youth of this city: I will seek justice on your behalf. ...

"This is your moment. ... You're at the forefront of this cause and as young people, our time is now."

Mosby has cast herself as the avenging angel

John Derbyshire: Lifeboat Ethics—Baltimore And The Mediterranean


Off Lampedusa, February 2014

Nine years ago, when illegal aliens were coming out of the shadows to stage huge marches demanding “rights,” I wrote a column for National Review (!!!) with the title The Future Comes Apace. I took those words from Shakespeare’s play Timon of Athens. The title character of the play is a wealthy man who is too open-handed with his wealth. At last his generosity bankrupts him.

Timon’s steward brings him the bad news but at first it doesn’t sink in. Surely, says Timon, I have some land I can sell? No, replies the steward:

’Tis all engaged, some forfeited and gone;

And what remains will hardly stop the mouth

Of present dues. The future comes apace …

The problem with the future, as Timon discovered, is that it doesn’t come apace, until it does. The future mostly takes its time a-coming. During the years when Timon was blithely handing out his wealth to flatterers and false friends, the future was merely crawling towards him.

As with the proverbial frog in the boiling-pot, by the time the future decides to break into a sprint, it’s too late to do anything about it.

That’s the case with the actual future, at any rate. The imagined future, the future of our hopes and dreams, often fails to arrive at all, especially when the hopes and dreams are founded on false premises.

These metaphysical reflections were inspired by the two big news stories of recent days: the Baltimore riots and the Mediterranean boat people.

baltimore-cover-final[1]In my Radio Derb preview here on I showed the cover of last week’s Time magazine: a monochrome photograph from 1968 of a black demonstrator running from riot police. “America, 1968 2015,” said the legend “What has changed. What hasn’t.”

There’s a future that failed to arrive: the future of racial harmony we were all looking forward to in 1968. Once unjust laws were struck down, educational opportunities equalized, police forces integrated, and the highest executive offices opened to blacks, we believed, old antipathies would melt away and race would be a matter of concern only to the manufacturers of cosmetics.

How naïve we were! Half a century on, racial harmony is as far away as ever. It may actually be farther away. School segregation, for example, is by some reports worse than in 1968.[ Schools Are More Segregated Today Than During the Late 1960s, .By Emily Richmond, The Atlantic, June 11, 2012]

There were other, darker ideas current in 1968 about the future, too. The spectacle of thousands of Africans trying to gatecrash The_Population_Bomb[1]Europe reminds us of past pessimisms.

Paul Ehrlich’s book The Population Bomb, for example, came out that year, with its flesh-creeping opening statement that

The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death …

Those years of the late 1960s and early 1970s saw the peak of post-WW2 neo-Malthusian alarm about overpopulation and resource depletion. Novelists and movie-makers caught the mood: Stand on Zanzibar (1969), Soylent Green (1973).

Obama’s Clemency Initiative—Putting Black And Hispanic Drug Distributors Back On The Streets Just In Time For The Riots


The background image (a black "drug court" Judge hugging a black dealer) from the official White House web page on Drug Policy Reform.

The riots in Baltimore are already being used as yet another rationale to prevent laws from being enforced against African-Americans. Not coincidentally, our first black President has already gotten ahead of the curve by commuting the sentences of mostly non-white criminal offenders—most recently 18 out of 22 prisoners on March 31st. [Obama commutes sentences of 22 people in federal prison, By Darlene Superville, Associated Press, March 31, 2015]

These favored multicultural prisoners were Black or Hispanic drug distributors. Two white pushers were similarly so favored; two others were racially indeterminate, possibly Black. And normally only by searching the records of the Bureau of Prisons is it possible to see how skewed Obama’s actions were towards members of his own race. (For readers investigating cases of MSM “not reporting race”, the technique is to find the state “inmate locator” website for any prisoner of known name but unknown race—the Bureau of Prisons never considers race “irrelevant”.) However, a website called “The Clemency Report”, which considers the release of blacks beneficial, has done this, and their score is “Race: 16 African American, 6 white, including 5 who are of Hispanic origin.”. [Obama 22 sentence commutations focus on crack + black, April 2, 2015]

This favoritism is no fluke. Obama issued a smaller batch of commutations on December 17th 2014. Of the eight prisoners in that case, all were Black drug dealers but one White and one American Indian. You can search in vain among them for poor misunderstood people unwittingly swept up in a cruel system.

This has to be viewed in context. President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder are openly dedicated to prison sentencing reform, especially because of its perceived bias against non-whites. The President allies with so-called reformers who cite both the relatively large American prison population and the large percentage of Blacks and Hispanics within that population—as though those numbers in and of themselves prove something. (Concerning which, see Keep locking ’em up, by Charles Murray, AEI, December 29, 2011.)

The President is not shy about his desire to undo “injustices” done to minor offenders and to release from prison these apparently harmless simpletons trapped by the white man’s evil system.

To this end he has speeded up the commutation process by which “non-violent” convicts with at least ten years behind bars can apply for, and be granted shortened sentences.

What this means in real terms is that the President of the United States has instituted a Get Out Of Jail Free scam for non-whites.

How is this executed? The Office of the Pardon Attorney, United States Department of Justice, handles commutations and pardons. Since the Clinton-era Marc Rich scandal, the office

Black Muslim Congressmen Keith Ellison And Andre Carson Versus Geert Wilders And Free Speech


Above, Black, Muslim, Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison and Black, Muslim, Democratic Congressman Andre Carson Pictured With Barack Obama (Not A Muslim)

Last November, Alexander Hart wrote on that “If Geert Wilders or Marine Le Pen wanted to come to America to speak against mass immigration, the President would have no statutory grounds to deny them admission based on their political views.” Now America’s two Muslim Congressmen Keith Ellison (D-MN) [Email him] and Andre Carson (D-IN) [Email him] just tried to do just this. Their reflexive attempt to repress freedom of speech is further evidence that, even apart from any risk of terrorism, the burgeoning Muslim community poses an implicit threat to our political liberties.

Rep. Steve King and Louis Gohmert had invited Geert Wilders to speak before two private gatherings. (Which he did—see Brenda Walker’s Geert Wilders Speaks to Washington Republicans and Press Conference: Geert Wilders Warns America against Islamic Immigration. On Saturday Wilders is scheduled to speak in Texas at an event sponsored

Why Don’t They Just Crucify Officer Michael Slager And Have Done With It?

Attacker and Victim

Baltimore burns—but South Carolina slumbers. For two weeks now, the prosecution/ persecution of white North Charleston PD Officer Michael Slager for the killing of black deadbeat dad Walter Scott has vanished from the Main Stream Media. But the stories are opposing sides of the same coin: sacrifice white cops—encourage black lawlessness.

We at have several questions about the Slager/ Scott case, which the MSM has conspicuously failed to ask:

  • Why is Slager still being held without bail?
  • Where is the police union?
  • Why is Slager being charged with “Murder One”? (the colloquial term for First Degree murder).
  • Why an indictment, without getting a true bill from a grand jury?
  • Why bother with a grand jury anyway, now that prosecutors have already indicted Slager?
  • What about the video analysis at Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse? (It appears to show Scott had shot Officer Slager with his own Taser).
  • What about the argument, first made on on April 12, that Scott was technically no longer a fleeing suspect, but a prisoner violently escaping custody—and thus could legally be shot?
The story so far: