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More Memorial Day Meditations: Electing a New, Illegal Alien Military—With RINO Support

See also Memorial Day Meditation: Obama Creating A New “Hollow Army”—But Many Servicemen Still Want To Defend The Southern Border

In the Hollow Empire that is the modern United States, even the Armed Forces are becoming just another prize in a never-ending racial Cold War over resources. Thus the unedifying spectacle recently when Congress only narrowly (221-202) defeated an effort to essentially replace Americans in the United States military with illegal aliens. Twenty Republicans voted for this treasonous measure. Why?

The amendment stripping Amnesty for illegals joining the military from the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was offered by Rep. Mo Brooks (AL), whom you may remember calling out President Obama and the Democrats’ “War on Whites,” to the shock and horror of the Republican Party leadership. Brooks’ amendment was a counter to language inserted into the by one Ruben Gallego (AZ), a Reconquista Democrat who explicitly links demographic change to turning formerly Red States blue [Here’s the Young Politician Republicans Should Fear, by Jordan Fabian, Fusion, May 27, 2014]

Gallego’s amendment was part of the Left’s political Grand Strategy: “Electing A New People.” Virginia’s Rep. Dave Brat noted the outrageous paradox that this effort to get illegals into the military was being added to a bill that drives out experienced American citizens and legal immigrants who wanted to stay in the military but will be RIFfed.

The scheme to turn the American military into a giant reclamation effort for illegals eerily resembles Robert McNamara’s disastrous “Project 100, 000,” which tried to salvage the American underclass by lowering recruiting standards, contributing to the shameful state of the armed services at the end of the Vietnam War. But the aim of this new scheme is not to combat American poverty, but to employ foreigners to destroy historically white institutions like the military.

We have a government which no longer governs. Public institutions and bureaucracies (even NASA) no longer even try to accomplish their stated objectives but to simply provide jobs and funding to nonwhites [Obama’s Racial Socialism, by Gregory Hood, Counter Currents, July 30, 2014]

It’s no surprise that the Democratic leadership saw the NDAA not as an opportunity to reform the military at time of crisis for American foreign policy, but as a way to bash the GOP for “xenophobia” and make the Orwellian charge Republicans were “un-American” [Dems hammer GOP as ‘xenophobic,’ by Mike Lillis, The Hill, May 14, 2015]. The Evil Party is united and increasingly even defined by an anti-White agenda

But what motivated the 20 Republicans who actually joined with the Democrats?

Some of their votes are all too easy to explain:

The Decline of Christian America

"This is a Christian nation," said the Supreme Court in 1892.

"America was born a Christian nation," echoed Woodrow Wilson. Harry Truman affirmed it: "This is a Christian nation."

But in 2009, Barack Hussein Obama begged to differ: "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation."

Comes now a Pew Research Center survey that reveals the United States is de-Christianizing at an accelerated rate.

Whereas 86 percent of Americans in 1990 identified as Christians, by 2007, that was down to 78 percent. Today only 7 in 10 say they are Christians. But the percentage of those describing themselves as atheists, agnostics or nonbelievers has risen to 23. That exceeds the Catholic population and is only slightly below evangelicals.

Those in the mainline Protestant churches—Presbyterians, Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians—have plummeted

Memorial Day Meditation: Obama Creating A New “Hollow Army”—But Many Servicemen Still Want To Defend The Southern Border

When I was deployed in Afghanistan in the late 2000s, I served with several reservists whose full-time job back in the U.S. was law enforcement. They had all also served in Iraq, and they were generally hawkish. But almost all of them would regularly say that the U.S. military belongs, not in the Middle East, but on our southern border.

Thus, from personal experience, I know that many American service members believe our country is being invaded—and they use the word “invasion.”

And, along with many other veterans, Memorial Day is an occasion where I wonder why I fought. Different veterans will give different answers, but I can safely say what all of us did not fight for: we did not fight for multiculturalism or mass immigration.

Yet, judging from the official U.S. government PR verbiage, you'd think that multiculturalism was a sacred military value. Of course, those pushing this propaganda are non-essential, rear-echelon personnel. But they are increasingly setting the tone of the Obama-Era armed services. Those who stand up for traditional Christian teachings are treated like pariahs. And, as recent events show, high-ranking officers can be fired for the slightest offense against Political Correctness:

  • Air Force Major General Michael Keltz

A racially charged comment forced Maj. Gen. Michael Keltz to resign last week, according to Air Education and Training Command.

While serving as the convening authority at a company-grade officer's Article 15 hearing April 9, Keltz said the accused and another officer looked "drunker than 10,000 Indians" while referring to a photograph of the two officers.

[Racist remark ended general's career, by Stephen Losey, Air Force Times, May 5, 2015.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Downey

Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Christopher Downey is an American hero who has devoted 24 years of his life to serving our country and the Army he loves.

But as you’ll see, he’s the latest

Complete Text! IMMIGRATION: IS THIS THE BREAKING POINT? [1] “It Would Only Take One Speech” [2] Plan B (Jared Taylor For Congress!)

Peter Brimelow writes: This continues the adaptation, and translation into American, of the talk ("Immigration: Is This The Breaking Point?") I gave to the American Renaissance conference on April 18 2015. Many thanks to Jared Taylor , whom I have rewarded by publicizing his impending run for Congress!

Click on the headline above the video to go the beginning of the speech, or here to go to the new section.

But I also think that we may have to face the fact that it may be a Breaking Point in a negative sense.

In other words, immigration may not get into politics in time for the historic American nation to retain control of the country it created.

We may have to move to “Plan B”.

I have to say I anticipated this in Alien Nation. I had a passage in which I said that if immigration is not cut off, then


Deep into the twenty-first century, throughout the lifetime of my little son…

(Alexander had just been born. He had blue eyes and blond hair. There’s just one (1) reference to his blue eyes and blond hair in the book, in the absolutely unimpeachable context of the absurdity of immigrants getting Affirmative Action preferences at the expense of the native-born, but this is what Alien Nation is most famous for, for reasons I’ll leave you to contemplate)


…American patriots will be fighting to salvage as much as possible from the shipwreck of their great republic. It will be a big wreck, and there will be a lot to salvage. But the struggle must be contrasted sadly with the task of completing the “Great Society” upon which Americans were encouraged to think they were embarking in 1965

…i.e. the year in which when Immigration Act opened the floodgates. That was the point where America could have become Switzerland. It was 90% white. But in fact, it opted, or at any rate it was compelled, to become Brazil.

If Americans do go into a minority in their own country, then the historic America—the America known to history—will simply cease to exist. The country will probably break up, because the different parts of it will as unalike as any regions in the world. It may well be that Richard Spencer will get his ethnostates!

The nightmare scenario, of course, is South Africa: that what we at call the “historic American nation”—the nation that had evolved by 1965, it’s not exclusively a racial entity, it’s an ethnocultural entity—will be so paralyzed by White Guilt, as Richard said in his talk, that it will never defend itself.

It will be like one of these grubs that gets stung and paralyzed by a wasp which then proceeds lay its eggs on the grub, and the larvae eat the grub alive—one of the unpleasant facts of biology that I have learned from my four-year old daughter, who is very interested in science,

That’s the nightmare.

So how do we go about salvaging from the wreck?

Of course, the fact is that I don’t really know. We are in uncharted territory. There’s never been a case of a country abolishing itself in thscenariois way—and yet still having within itself the most powerful, the most accomplished, best organized group, which has simply lost control of its own polity, its own nation-state. That’s what we call at “the National Question”—can the Americans retain control of its polity; will the U.S. remain a nation-state representing the historic American nation?

As somebody once said, as our case is new, we must think anew—in some ways smaller, in some ways bigger.

But I want to again emphasize that minority status is not the end for the historic American nation. It is the beginning of a new chapter.

For example, it is really quite clear that Hispanics and blacks don’t get along with each other. How, if you read Jared’s book White Identity, how many dozens of cases of fist fights and gang wars are there in high schools where there are no whites present at all—but they still don’t get on together? The Left is going to have trouble holding its coalition together.

One example, alas, of a way that we are adapting this new reality, the biggest change in since we began, is all that now almost our writers use pseudonyms. I don’t let students in particular use their own names, because the risk is too high. So we are already behaving as if we are in an occupied country.

What the Fall of Ramadi Means

The fall of Ramadi, capital of Anbar, largest province in […]

NEW YORK TIMES Says “End [Illegal] Immigration Detention”–Ignores Ended Americans


Apolinar Altamirano, in a Maricopa County mug shot

In 2012, a woman told police she was kidnapped, stripped naked, robbed, and sexually assaulted at gunpoint. One of the accused: Apolinar Altamirano, an illegal alien who—like the DREAMers--came to the country when he was 14 years old. Altamirano pled guilty to felony burglary and was sentenced to probation and turned over the ICE for deportation proceedings.

But he was released on bond pending the hearings. Over the next two years, he incurred two protective orders for making violent threats. One came from a Quik Trip convenience store in Mesa, Arizona and the other, made on January 19, 2015, was from a woman who said he had repeatedly threatened to kill her and aimed a gun at her boyfriend. Three days later, Altamirano murdered Quik Trip clerk Grant Ronnebeck over a pack of cigarettes.

In response to outrage, ICE released a terse statement:

After reviewing his immigration and criminal history, which showed only this conviction, ICE determined that under applicable law, Mr. Altamirano was eligible for bond. Mr. Altamirano posted a $10,000 bond on January 7, 2013. Mr. Altamirano's removal case was still pending with the immigration courts at the time of his most recent arrest.[Suspect in Mesa QT killing faced deportation proceedings, By Jim Walsh, The Arizona Republic, February 2, 2015]

An anonymous ICE official defended the decision, noting that because the state prosecutors allowed him to plead down to a non-violent felony and "did not deem Altamirano a sufficient enough public-safety threat to impose any prison time,” ICE simply followed their lead.[Why did ICE release suspect in QT killing?, Daniel González and Jim Walsh, The Arizona Republic, February 2, 2015]

Needless to say, you wouldn’t know about this story, or the stories of countless other Americans victimized by illegal aliens who had been caught and released, by reading the New York Times's May 15, 2015 editorial “End Immigration Detention”—or the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops/ Center for Migration Studies report “Unlocking Human Dignity: A Plan to Transform the U.S. Immigrant Detention System.” [PDF]

Instead you would read about "vast network of jails and prisons" filled with wonderful immigrants "who are locked up merely because the government wants to make sure they show up in immigration court." According to the NYT Editorial Board, the system represents “the inhumanity and wasted expense of imprisoning people who could be working and providing for their families.”

No mention, of course, of the people like Altamirano who are not even being detained in the first place.

Nor any mention just how relatively few illegal aliens are actually detained. As the Center for Immigration Studies’ Jessica Vaughn points out

ICE is carrying a case load of 1.8 million aliens who are either in removal proceedings or have already been ordered removed. Less than two percent are in detention, which is the only proven way to ensure departure.[ Deportation Numbers Unwrapped, October 29, 2013]

The New York Times Editorial Board correctly notes that the reason why

How Obama Radically Transformed America’s Patent System

Patent law is not something most Americans are passionate about […]

John Derbyshire: Roger Scruton On The Rotherham Rapes


As an example of the cowardly, defeatist, ethnomasochist cancer rapidly eating away the vital organs of Western civilization, the “grooming” scandals in the English town of Rotherham have made less of a stir than they should have. at least has not been remiss here. For a good quick introduction to the scandals, I don’t see how James Kirkpatrick’s essay “Strong Tribe vs. Weak Nation,” which we published in February this year, could be improved upon.

From that essay:

A damning government report showed that the systematic rape and sexual abuse of thousands of underage English girls in the town of Rotherham over the course of a decade was actively enabled by the local government, which did not want to be accused of being racist …

The report does not pussyfoot around when it comes to who was responsible for years of systematic and comprehensive sexual assault: “Children were sexually exploited by men who came largely from the Pakistani Heritage Community.”

Although symptomatic of Western malaise, the Rotherham scandal is in many ways a very British story. The nation that once—with, to be sure, an excess of bumptiousness, some arrogance, and occasional brutality—civilized entire continents and made its obscure island language an international standard, has now been thoroughly pussified.

“There are no men in England any more,” a recent expatriate glumly told me, in reference to the Rotherham business. That is not strictly true. The coarser, cruder, more lawless side of the masculine sensibility is on display over there…in, for example, “the Pakistani Heritage Community.”

What does not exist any more is the British ideal of the gentleman: stoical, courageous, inquisitive, law-abiding, sporting, open to scholarship but impatient with “continental” intellectualism, and respectful of his womenfolk.

That figure has been purged, suppressed, and replaced

Knowing That Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act Elected Obama, Would Jeb Bush Repeal It?

Ann Coulter's new book, ¡Adios America! The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hell Hole, will be released on June 1, 2015.

Was Jeb Bush too busy watching telenovelas during his brother's presidency to remember the Iraq War?

We went to war at such breakneck speed after 9/11, that, before the invasion, I was able to write approximately 30 columns about it, give five dozen speeches on it, discuss it on TV a hundred times and read 1,089 New York Times editorials denouncing the "rush to war."

So I remember the arguments.

Contrary to the fairy tale the left has told itself since Obama truculently gave away America's victory in Iraq, our argument wasn't that we had to invade Iraq because of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. And the left's argument certainly was not: "He doesn't have any WMDs!"

Our argument was: There were lots of reasons to get rid of Saddam Hussein, and none to keep him.

Indeed, after Bush's State of the Union address laying out the case for war with Iraq, The New York Times complained that he had given too many reasons: "Even the rationale for war seems to change from day to day. Mr. Bush ticked off a litany of accusations against Iraq in his State of the Union address ..." (New York Times, Feb. 2, 2003)

Among the reasons we invaded Iraq were

The TPP Managed Trade Deal And The Danger Of Informal Immigration Promises: More Evidence

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:"the Senate will finish its work on trade this week" whatever the voters want.

Fresh from throwing the fight against Obama’s Executive Amnesty and voting for Amnesty-supporting AG Loretta Lynch, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has indeed ridden to the rescue of the Trans Pacific Partnership managed trade deal: McConnell vows to pass trade bill, by Vicki Needham and Jordain Carney, The Hill, May 18, 2015.

The Hill story does report:

[P]residential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz is pushing to bring immigration into the trade fight.The Texas Republican has an amendment that would ensure nothing in TPA changes immigration law, while also blocking any trade agreements that change immigration laws from being fast-tracked through Congress.Trade deals containing immigration provisions could be amended and would be subject to Senate filibusters.

“Since the Obama administration has emphatically argued that TPA will not affect immigration, it should support this amendment, which makes that promise explicit,” Cruz said.

Recently, I recounted in Fast-Tracking TPP, The Danger Of Informal Immigration Deals, And The Need For Treason Trials how in 1990-91 an advisor to British Prime Minister Thatcher expressed astonishment to me that Bush aides had casually told him they had informally promised the Mexicans that the U.S. would tolerate increased illegal immigration to accommodate the Mexican farm laborers who would be thrown off the land if Mexico gave up its corn price supports under the North American Free Trade Agreement, which U.S. agribusiness demanded. Of course, this was diametrically opposed to what credulous GOP voters were being told by the Wall Street Journal Editorial page etc.: that free trade would reduce illegal immigration, because it would boost Mexico’s economy.

Here’s more reason to be suspicious, which I meant to add to my original post. For some reason