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GOP Surrendered On Minority Voter Fraud—In 1982!

See also GOP Wouldn`t Challenge Black Voter Fraud in 2008—Why Would It Challenge Trayvon Martin Lynch Mob Now? By Paul Kersey

A recent academic study suggests that as many as three million non-citizens may vote in next week’s election. But why are Republicans so afraid to challenge this and other obvious voter fraud in nonwhite neighborhoods, even when it costs them elections? Beyond simple cowardice, there is a legal rationale and a history behind the Stupid Party’s habitual incompetence. That history began in 1981 in New Jersey with The Ballot Security Task Force.

Tom Kean was running for Governor and I was a small cog in his campaign. Kean was and is a liberal Republican with a much-touted soft spot in his heart for black Americans. He was also a hands-off kind of candidate, rarely visiting headquarters. Still, he was the recipient of help from the Republican National Committee—and those RNC people of 1981 reflected the less liberal, more activist spirit of the Reagan years.

A leading concern of the campaign was how to prevent New Jersey’s deeply corrupt urban political machines from simply stealing the election. The solution was what we called the Ballot Security Task Force, which I was a part of.

The way we identified fraud was by creating mailing lists based off of voter rolls with dubious voting patterns, to which we then mailed postcards. When many of the postcards were predictably returned as undeliverable, we went to the addresses. We often found simply empty lots or warehouses.

Now that we had proof of fraud, we needed a mechanism to forestall these ghost voters from flooding the polls with their bogus ballots. We recruited a group of off-duty cops to put up signs stating;


This area is being patrolled by the National Ballot Security Taskforce.

It is a crime to falsify a ballot or to violate election laws.

We also had our team wearing armbands identifying them as part of the taskforce. They did nothing but stand around looking conscientious.

This was enough for many urban voters to decide to stay away from the polls. If it meant crossing paths with the police, they preferred to stay home rather than vote. Care to guess why?

Tom Kean was elected Governor by less than 1800 votes. If the Democratic machines of Newark, Paterson, etc. hadn’t been stymied by our efforts, Kean would never have become Governor.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Ann Coulter: Hysterical Media Tell Us To Calm Down About Ebola

Never Trust a Liberal Over Three-Especially a Republican In the past week, The New York Times has ridiculed Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Gov. Chris Christie for having "fed panic" by ordering quarantines for health workers arriving from Ebola-plagued countries.

NBC News' Brian Williams opened his broadcast last Friday announcing that the Obama administration was trying "to restrain the Ebola panic."

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow complained that the "hysteria" over Ebola was getting "stupider."

I haven't noticed any panic. If you want panic, review media coverage of the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. That hair-on-fire coverage was based entirely, it turns out, on the media's gullibly swallowing inaccurate accounts of the incident.

For decades liberals have terrified soccer moms about a slew of imaginary terrors: global warming, Alar on apples, breast implants, heterosexual AIDS, nuclear war, and Republicans taking away their birth control.

Nannies rushed to grade schools to yank apples out of little children's hands, elderly married couples got tested for AIDS, and students at Ivy League colleges demanded that their health departments stock cyanide pills in case of nuclear attack. (Because the Russkies were definitely hitting Ithaca, New York, and Providence, Rhode Island, first.)

And then, except for a few heterosexual AIDS victims—who also happened to be intravenous drug users—no American ever died from a single one of these liberal-hyped dangers. I do not recall, for example, ever hearing of a nurse acquiring AIDS from treating an AIDS patient, certainly not a nurse wearing a spacesuit, as the Ebola-infected nurses were.

Within the past few years, Rachel Maddow has been panicked about (among many, many...

GOP’s 2014 White Share: Only Fair So Far

If you look at the Drudge Report, you’ll be treated to a series of headlines underscoring what seems to be an imminent Democratic collapse in the elections next week. However, the elections are far closer than was expected a few months ago—so close that the Main Stream Media is tentatively discussing the possibility that the Democratic Party may actually hold on to the Senate. [A.B. Stoddard: What If Dems win?by A.B. Stoddard, The Hill, October 23, 2014]

While that’s unlikely, the fact that it’s even a possibility at this point testifies to the continuing inability of the Beltway Right to capitalize on Barack Obama’s unpopularity and its refusal to do what Ann Coulter suggested—make the election a referendum on the President’s efforts to boost illegal immigration.

The biggest danger sign for Republicans: their mediocre share of the white vote in many elections. While the MSM hyperventilates about the Hispanic vote and Beltway Right consultants fantasize about breaking away a chunk of the black vote, the plain fact fact is that the GOP is almost entirely dependent on the white (formerly, i.e. before 1965, known as American) vote. Which is extraordinary, considering the almost open contempt with which the Republican Party treats its base. ‘s rule of thumb: the GOP has to get the 60% of the white vote that it got in the 2010 TeaParty midterms. (Less easy to gauge, it also has to get a reasonable white turn-out, which Romney failed to do in 2012). But note that, while a 60% GOP white share is OK nationally, it’s not good enough in the South, where the GOP starts at a disadvantage because of the large black populations and must compensate among whites (which it generally does—88% of Mississippi’s whites voted for Republican Mitt Romney in 2012).

This year, in the generic Congressional ballot, Republicans only have a two-point lead over the Democrats, 43% to 41%. Incredibly, the GOP has even failed to win a decisive majority of the white vote, only posting a 49% to 35% lead with 16% undecided. [Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 41% -- Full Demographic Detail, Rasmussen, October 20-26, 2014]

Nevertheless, nobody except seems very interested in the white vote. So here’s a breakdown of the white vote in every significant Senate race that will be decided next Tuesday.

Methodological points: The demographic details from Rasmussen polls are behind a paywall that can only be accessed after purchasing a Platinum Service subscription. You can buy such a subscription here.

Obviously, not all of these numbers add up to 100%. Though these polls include “leaners,” the figures used for comparison don’t always include undecided voters or those voting for third parties. In some cases, as in North Carolina, Libertarians are taking more votes away from the Republican and may act as spoilers. However, in most cases, third party support is negligible.

While undecided voters are critical, many of them may decide not to vote. However, if the GOP can’t poll over fifty percent of the white vote this late in the election season, it bodes ill for their chances for victory.


According to ABC, there are five races that are still a tossup with one week to go [Where Things Stand With the Senate: ABC News Election 2014 Race Ratings, by Rick Klein and Noah Weiland, ABCNews, October 27, 2014]. They include Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, and Louisiana.

Already, just the fact that states like Georgia and Kansas are up for grabs is a pretty good indicator the Republican Party is not doing as well as it should.

The Spectacular Self-Immolation of Wendy R. Davis

Wendy Russell Davis is on fire. And I don’t mean [...]

GOP Victory Alert! Jeb Hensarling (Treason Lobby—TX) May Succeed Stupid Party’s Boehner


Congressman Jeb Hensarling: Would you buy a used immigration policy from this man?

Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX 5) has a great idea to pitch to patriots only days before the midterm elections—more immigration! And what’s worse, the Stupid Partyis again preparing to sell out the Historic American Nation, perhaps by installing him as the replacement for the “Ohio Orangeman,” Speaker John Boehner.

In a kind of reverse Sign of Contradiction, the Beltway Right is lining up behind Hensarling because, according to Newsmax’s Jennifer Hickey, he is “a committed free-market conservative”—always a sign that immigration patriots should be cautious.

Hensarling appears not to know or care about the harmful impact of immigration on American wages. In fact, one of the arguments now being raised in Beltway Right outlets like Newsmax is that a Republican takeover of Congress is critical because Democrats like Mitch McConnell opponent Alison Grimes, ludicrously running for cover, “is adopting an anti-immigration stance.” [GOP Control of Senate May Open Way to Immigration Reform, by Jennifer Hickey, Newsmax, October 21, 2014]

Of course, much like Texas Governor Rick Perry, Hensarling occasionally talks tough...


511k2E8Sd+L[1]"A mass movement," wrote Eric Hoffer in "The True Believer," "appeals not to those intent on bolstering and advancing a cherished self, but to those who crave to be rid of an unwanted self.

"Their innermost craving is for a new life--a rebirth--or, failing this, a chance to acquire new elements of pride, confidence, hope, a sense of purpose, and worth by an identification with a holy cause."

Such a man was Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a criminal with a decade-long record of drug-dealing, assault and robbery, who shot and killed a guard at Ottawa's National War Memorial and then burst into Parliament and shot two others before being cut down.

A psychiatric evaluation of Zehaf-Bibeau in 2011 found, "He has been a devoted Muslim for seven years, and he believes he must spend time in jail as a sacrifice to pay for his mistakes in the past."

Now Zehaf-Bibeau is known to his countrymen and the world. Now his deeds are celebrated by the Islamic State he sought to join.

To understand the appeal to such men...

Manufacturing Dissent—The Ruling Class’s Saul Alinsky Strategy in Ferguson MO

Manufacturing Dissent—The Ruling Class’s Saul Alinsky Strategy in Ferguson MO

The past and much-anticipated future riots in Ferguson, Missouri aren’t spontaneous civil disorder—they are an example of how the U.S. is governed in the multicultural, post-American age. Undeterred by the Trayvon Martin farce, the Main Stream Media, professional racial activists, and Obama’s Justice Department are implacably committed to the story that police officer Darren Wilson murdered “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown, regardless of the facts. And the riots widely predicted if Darren Wilson isn’t indicted are less a protest against police misconduct than a ginned up attempt to ensure black voter turnout. It’s not a protest against the system—it’s the system working as designed.

We’re certainly getting enough advance notice of the riots. Michael Brown’s aunt is promising that Officer Wilson will “feel and see the wrath of God’s vengeance come… in a mighty way, just as he promised all who do evil in his sight.” [Brown’s Aunt Warns Officer Wilson Will ‘Feel the Wrath of God’s Vengeance,’ CBS St. Louis, October 22, 2014] Oddly enough, the usual suspects eager to mock Christianity when it is expressed by white conservatives seem silent about these Westboro Baptist-type promises of divine retribution.

Amy HunterProtestors are vowing that if there is not an indictment, “all hell is going to break loose.” This includes professional racial profiteers like Amy Hunter [Email her] “racial justice director” of the YWCA St. Louis. Hunter (pictured right) coos that

Everybody is planning for whatever the grand jury decides… Certainly there are lots of us that are planning peaceful protests should it not be indicted. Certainly there are other people that have other ideas at hand.

[Tensions Rise After New Michael Brown Shooting Details Are Released, CBS St. Louis, October 21, 2014]

What those “other ideas” entail, only Ferguson small business owners can know for sure.

The riots in Ferguson never really stopped—they just transitioned into a permanent campaign by extreme Left activists. “Ferguson October” is the latest attempt by several organizations to capitalize on and continue social unrest. And these organizations are exactly what you expect-- a grab bag of explicitly anti-white and anti-American groups like the New Black Panther Party in alliance with various Palestinian solidarity organizations, Socialist splinter groups, and MSM-approved “moderates” like the NAACP.

The MSM’s willful blind spot is vital to this movement’s success. Remember, patriotic protests are regularly sabotaged by reporters who play guilt by association...

Memo From Middle America | Cory Gardner Panders With “Hispanic Values Ad”—But What About White Coloradans?

Colorado Republican Senate candidate Cory Gardner is pandering to Hispanics rather than appealing to American patriotism. The proof: an embarrassing ad full of Beltway Right wishful thinking about Hispanics that practically endorses the Hispanicization of the United States. It won’t work: if Gardner ekes out a win it will be because of white votes. Ironically, a National Conservative appeal would probably do better among Hispanics anyway.

It’s not that surprising, considering Gardner is no Tom Tancredo. Gardner earned an F- from Numbers USA for his efforts in the most recent Congress. This rating largely comes from his refusal to defund the Obama Regime’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) administrative amnesty, which sparked the recent Children’s Crusade against our Southern border. For 2013-2014, Gardner actually has a worse rating than his Democratic opponent Senator Mark Udall, though Gardner has a B- for his career compared to Udall’s career D rating.

In an October 6 debate, Gardner pandered hard, attacking Udall for voting for enforcement. Gardner backed amnesty and guest worker program:

Gardner also came out in favor of what he called “earned status” as “part” of comprehensive immigration reform when asked whether he favored extending legal status to illegal immigrants, and that “Ultimately I think the DREAM Act is going to be part of the solution.”

Cory Gardner Runs Left On Immigration,by Jonathan Strong, Breitbart, October 6, 2014

So it’s not surprising we now see an ad supporting Gardner from the group “Conservative War Chest” that is running in both English and Spanish. It claims Udall is waging a war on “Hispanic values.” This was hailed as a revelation by John Hinderaker at Powerline, (who has otherwise written some good stuff recently). He gurgled,

It is aggressive, to put it mildly; it will be fun to hear the Democrats squawk about it over the days to come. The ad represents the most meaningful effort I have seen to take seriously the idea that most Hispanic voters have conservative, not liberal, values, and should be voting Republican.

[Hispanic Voters Are Reagan Voters, October 16, 2014]

The ad reads:

Mark Udall is part of the Democratic Party´s war on Hispanic hopes and values.

He votes for the high taxes and huge debt that kill new jobs, the low growth policies of extremist liberals in Washington who hold onto power by keeping everyone dependent on government and deny Hispanics their share of the American dream.

Mark Udall did not protest when the Democratic party used cutbacks

and social experiments to degrade the U.S. military in which so many Hispanics have won the medal of honor. (Screen shows a Hispanic soldier and, the words “Hispanic Medal of Honor, Most decorated Ethnic Group”).

When Democratic leader Dick Durbin called our soldiers Nazis

Mark Udall did not demand his resignation.

Mark Udall made false promises about Obamacare and voted for its persecution of Scriptural Christians, Catholic hospitals and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

He never protested those removing God from the public square (Screen shows removal of an “In God We Trust” plaque”) or favoring abortion on demand and overturning traditional marriage.

Send a message to Mark Udall.

On screen, the following slogans appear...

The Fulford File | The “Lone Gunman,” Race And Immigration—A Lot Of “Lone Gunmen” Out There, Who’s Egging Them On?

A recent Muslim shooting in Canada had the Canadian government announcing that it was the doing of a lone gunman:

The late Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, was perhaps the first to be called a “lone gunmen” in this sense. What the Warren Commission meant: Oswald had acted alone, and was not part of a conspiracy involving other Americans, or the Russian or Cuban secret services. (I believe this myself, but don’t want to discuss it here—there are message boards for people who like to argue about this kind of thing.)

What is not disputed, however, is Oswald’s ideology—he was a Marxist who had defected to Russia, and married a Russian girl before returning to the United States.

Oswald's motive for killing the anti-communist JFK, leader of the Free World, was thus obvious. So was his motive for taking a shot--which missed--at the anti-communist "right-wing" figure General Edwin Walker.

Both men were hated by the Communists and the pro-communist Left. To quote me: Before He Murdered JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald Tried To Murder “Far-Right” Figure General Edwin Walker. Why? Demonization, That`s Why.

But Oswald wasn’t alone—thousands of Leftists shared his anti-American ideals. And there was, in fact, an International Communist Conspiracy, headed by the former Soviet Union, even if it did not authorize his shooting.

Professor Stephen Cox explained this last year in Kennedy and Communism (Liberty Magazine, November 22, 2013). He went on to say:

How does all this connect with Kennedy? The connection is that the person who shot him, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a communist activist.Oswald defected to the Soviet Union and upon returning to the United States became a professional defender of Castro. He denied being “a communist” but proclaimed himself “a Marxist.” He had his picture taken holding a gun in one hand and militant literature in another; his wife wrote “Hunter of fascists” on the back of it.

It was Daniel Pipes, an expert on Muslim terrorism, who coined the phrase “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” for Muslim attacks like...

John Derbyshire On Opera: Tolerance, Multiculturalism, Immigration—And Toreadors

We don’t write much about opera here on, other than in the phrase “soap opera.” A search of our articles for “+opera –soap” brought up just ten items, two of them by me, and none really engaging with opera.

Well, it’s high time.

There have been three news stories about opera in the past few days, all to some degree pertinent to issues of tolerance, multiculturalism, and immigration. I’ll take them in order.

First story:The opera here is Carmen, still a great favorite—number two on the Operabase list, with 667 professional performances carmen-opera[1] worldwide in the last five seasons. You know some of the tunes from Carmen even if you don’t know you know them: the Toreador Song, for instance. (To which, as children, we used to sing the words: “Toreador, please don’t spit on the floor …”)

Carmen, in common with at least three other A-list operas, opens in the city of Seville; to be exact, outside a cigarette factory. From the Daily Caller:

In his cultural history of cigarettes, Cigarettes Are Sublime, [Richard] Klein explained that “Carmen’s Seville, it is no accident, was in the 19th century the principal center and probable origin of cigarette making in Europe—a city famous for its immense factory where thousands of women, many young and barely dressed, languorously rolled cigars and manufactured cigarettes in dense heat and the poisoned air of tobacco smells and human sweat, intoxicated by the thick effluvia arising from leaves and bodies and by their own continuous smoking; their skin was dyed to ravishing or ravished shades of nut-brown color by the stain of nicotine.”

In Act I of the opera, a chorus of girl workers from the cigarette factory sings in praise of the weed:

Dans l’air, nous suivons des yeux

la fumée, la fumée,

qui vers les cieux

monte, monte parfumée.

Cela monte gentiment

à la tête, à la tête,

tout doucement cela vous met

l’âme en fête!

(“We follow with our eyes the smoke in the air, which rises, scented, towards the sky. Pleasantly it rises to your head and gently fills your soul with joy.”)

That was too much for Healthway, a government agency which “seeks to promote and support healthy lifestyles to reduce the burden of preventable disease in Western Australia.” When West Australia Opera staged a production of Carmen recently, Healthway … well, they didn’t exactly tell them to stub it out, but they cleared their collective throat suggestively.

WA Opera canceled the production.

This wasn’t just a matter of the opera company kowtowing to government health bureaucrats. There were financial considerations. To quote from Chapter 52 of the 21st century’s greatest opera novel (so far): “The first truth about modern opera production....