Ann Coulter On Mass Shootings: The Problem Isn’t Guns Or White Men

511nk5odwLL._SY344_BO1204203200_-198x300[1]The media act as if they're performing a public service by refusing to release details about the perpetrator of the recent mass shooting at a community college in Oregon. But we were given plenty of information about Dylan Roof, Adam Lanza, James Holmes and Jared Loughner.

Now, quick: Name the mass shooters at the Chattanooga military recruitment center; the Washington Navy Yard; the high school in Washington state; Fort Hood (the second time) and the Christian college in California. All those shootings also occurred during the last three years.

The answers are: Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, Kuwaiti; Aaron Alexis, black, possibly Barbadian-American; Jaylen Ray Fryberg, Indian; Ivan Antonio Lopez, Hispanic; and One L. Goh, Korean immigrant. (While I'm here: Why are we bringing in immigrants who are mentally unstable?)

There's a rigid formula in media accounts of mass shootings: If possible, blame it on angry white men; when that won't work, blame it on guns.

The perpetrator of the latest massacre, Chris Harper-Mercer, was a half-black immigrant, so the media are refusing to get too specific about him. They don't want to reward the fiend with publicity!

But as people hear details the media are not anxious to provide, Read more >>

Said In Spanish: Mexicans Still Triggered By Trump—And Claiming “Jurisdiction” Over Mexican-Americans

They can’t help it. From soccer to comic books, Mexicans still can’t help but show how triggered they are by Trump. Unfortunately for them, their attacks on The Donald seems to show the wisdom of his immigration policies: both the Mexican government and many Mexican-Americans clearly think America already belongs to them.

Pro-Mexican Soccer Ad Agrees With Trump—America “Doesn’t Have Victories Anymore”

In case you didn’t know, Mexico and the United States will play each other October 10 at the Rose Bowl. Since it’s in California, we can expect the Americans will be dealing with a hostile “home” crowd who may boo the national anthem again.

On September 9th, Mexico’s TV Azteca’s ad ran an ad promoting the upcoming game. Read more >>

Gitmo Extended Stay America Suites in Colorado? Hell No!

Earlier by Michelle Malkin: No Means No: Keep Gitmo Jihadists Out of U.S.A.

Liberal readers have scoffed at my repeated warnings about the dangerous prospect of an enemy combatant dump on American soil. Over the years, I've flagged the Obama administration's scouting forays in Illinois, Kansas and South Read more >>

The Great Replacement: The 1965 Immigration Act And The Think Tanks

[By Jared Taylor And American Renaissance Staff, crossposted from, with links added.]

Washington-area think tanks are marking the 50th anniversary of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 that ended national quotas and opened the United States to immigrants from all countries. On October 1, the Center for Immigration Studies hosted a panel at the National Press Club, and the next day the libertarian Cato Institute held a series of lectures and panels. No one defended the 1924 act that the ’65 act replaced. National quotas designed to maintain a northern European majority were reviled as “racist,” “eugenicist,” “bigoted,” etc., and there was some astonishment when AR staff expressed dissent from the floor.

The Cato panels, with a strong representation of Hispanics, were very much a celebration of post-1965 immigration, with repeated calls for “comprehensive immigration reform.” Congressman Ruben Gallego [Email him] of Arizona evoked his immigrant parents and grandparents, and waxed almost spiritual: “When I meet other immigrants and hear their stories of entrepreneurial spirit, I see how they have the capacity to truly change this country.” He denounced Arizona’s SB 1070, passed in 2010, as “a gross violation of the civil rights of individual human beings,” but did not explain why it is wrong to make a federal misdemeanor crime also a state misdemeanor. He also complained that any proposal that would give illegals permanent status but bar them from citizenship “feels extremely un-American.”

For the congressman, immigration is a “civil right,” implying that anyone who sneaks in from Mexico has a right to citizenship. Without immigration, he concluded, America would have a declining population and a shrinking economy. He was the first of many to criticize Donald Trump, who he says stirs up “xenophobia.”

Mark Hugo Lopez [Email him] Director of Hispanic Research at the Pew Research Center, presented findings from a recent Pew report about the demographic consequences the 1965 act. He argued that even without post-1965 immigration, there would have been a decline in the percentage of whites because of differential fertility, but instead of dropping from 85 percent to 62 percent by 2015, it would have dropped to 75 percent. By 2065, he predicted that whites will be only 46 percent of the population, with Hispanics at 24 percent, Asians 14 percent, and blacks 13 percent. These projections assume that immigration will be increasingly Asian rather than Hispanic, and that there will be a steady stream of white immigrants.


Erika Lee [Email her] who teaches the history of immigration at the University of Minnesota, began by telling the audience that she is the grandchild of Chinese immigrants. Her talk was mostly about the “racial injustice” of laws that excluded Asians. She denounced


Is Tom Brady The NFL’s Great White Defendant?

tom-bradyIn a black dominated sport, white quarterback Tom Brady stands out. With his supermodel wife (Gisele Bundchen, right) and clean cut looks, he’s the Christian Laettner of the NFL, a skilled player commentators and players nonetheless mock as a “dork” and a “cornball” who “can’t dance” [ Bart Scott: ‘Nothing tough about Tom Brady… he looks like a dork’ , by Ryan Wilson, CBS Sports, October 1, 2015]. Brady is a friend of Donald Trump and was even identified by the press as a Trump supporter [ Tom Brady: Comments on Donald Trump were taken out of context , by Ryan Wilson, CBS Sports, September 30, 2015]

Now, Brady is being targeted as the NFL’s Great White Defendant in an attempt to distract from how the rest of the league has become, in Rush Limbaugh’s words, “the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons” [ The Classless NFL Culture , Rush Limbaugh Show, January 19, 2007].

During the offseason, the NFL suspended Tom Brady for four games and fined the New England Patriots two future draft picks because Brady supposedly directed team personnel to deliberately deflate several footballs just prior to the 2015 AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts.

The deflated footballs didn’t impact the outcome of the game. The referees reinflated the balls at halftime and Brady proceeded to tear up the Colts’ defense for 28 unanswered points in a driving rainstorm.

Several former NFL quarterbacks have argued that air pressure in footballs is a matter of personal preference, not an unfair advantage [ Former NFL quarterbacks talk Deflategate , by Jim Corbett, USA Today, January 21, 2015]. And yet the NFL bizarrely compared throwing a slightly underinflated football to the use of anabolic steroids [ Judge Berman slams NFL’s comparison between using steroids and deflating footballs , by Henry McKenna,, September 3, 2015]

Tom Brady, as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has repeatedly put it, damaged “the integrity of the game” [ NFL releases statement on Patriots’ violations , NFL, May 11, 2015].

Nevertheless, as usual with trumped-up charges against whites, we now enter Narrative Collapse. It was initially alleged eleven of the Patriots’ footballs were deliberately underinflated, but it now appears it was only a single football [ Report: Only one of Patriots’ 12 balls were under-inflated by two pounds , Sports Illustrated, February 1, 2015]. Moreover, the referee who weighed the balls did not actually record any of the measurements. He only testified to the air pressure levels from memory.

According to statements by Colts’ general manger, Ryan Grigson, the NFL front office decided to perform a sting operation to catch Brady Read more >>

War Party Targets Putin and Assad

Having established a base on the Syrian coast, Vladimir Putin last week began air strikes on ISIS and other rebel forces seeking to overthrow Bashar Assad.

A longtime ally of Syria, Russia wants to preserve its toehold on the Mediterranean, help Assad repel the threat, and keep the Islamic terrorists Read more >>

National Data: September Jobs—Immigrants Take It All For Second Straight Month

The good news: two more MSM sources have noticed the immigration dimension to the employment data that has been covering since 2004: Jobs up only for immigrants, +14,000, down 262,000 for 'native-borns', by Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, October 2, 2015; The US Has Added Three Times More Foreign-Born Workers Than Native-Born Since December 2007, by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, October 2, 2015.

The bad news: MSM attention to this critical issue tends to come and go. But carries on regardless!

The worse news:
There’s nothing good in this morning’s report. We had very low levels of job creation, wage growth isn’t budging, and the unemployment rate would have risen if the labor force participation rate hadn’t fallen.—Carl Tannenbaum, chief economist, Northern Trust in Chicago

Grim Jobs Report Is Likely to Delay a Move by the Fed on Rates, By Patricia Cohen, NYT, October 2, 2015

Tannenbaum was referring to the dismal employment numbers released on Friday. The economy added a mere 142,000 jobs in September, following an even weaker gain, of 136,000, after a downward revision, in August. The past two months rank as the worst back-to-back employment reports in the last three years.

Like most financial sector economists, Tannenbaum
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