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Ann Coulter: Why Is Congress Worrying About ISIS When Illegals Are Killing People Every Day Right Here In America?

annYou can always tell the media are hiding something when they obsessively focus on Muslim atrocities someplace else in the world. Cable TV could cover Muslim atrocities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from 632 A.D. to the end of time, without repeating themselves.

For at least a year after 9/11, I used to turn on the TV, and if I saw a "Survivor" contestant, I'd think, "Good. No news." These days, I turn on the TV, and if I see former U.N. ambassador John Bolton, I think, "Good. No news."

By now, the public knows more about ISIS than they know about the Kardashians. But it has no idea that the very same Senate Democrats who claimed to oppose Obama's amnesty when they were campaigning are currently filibustering a bill to defund it, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is ready to cave.

ISIS has killed four Americans—in Syria. We're not exactly talking about another 9/11. Here's a tip: If you don't want to be killed by ISIS, don't go to Syria.

Meanwhile, illegal aliens have killed

CNN, DHS and The $PLC’s Blame-Righty Hit Job

The Department of Homeland Security refuses to release a report on "right-wing" terrorism that somehow found its way into CNN's hands last week during the farcical White House summit on Don't Say Islamic Extremism.

Your tax dollars are once again hard at work—defaming conservatives, deflecting from worldwide murderous jihad and denying the public access to information they funded.

CNN splashed the big scoop

Want to Thwart Amnesty? Overturn Judicial Rulings That Force Taxpayers to “Educate” Illegals

Not content with awarding illegals benefits denied to Americans, the Obama Administration is moving to guarantee a “right” to public schools for the tens of thousands of Third Worlders it has imported. The legal justification for its action, much like that of Obama’s Amnesty by Executive Order, doesn’t exist. But that isn’t stopping the unpatriotic President from going forward nor is it motivating the Republican Party to do anything about it.

Back in 2014, the federal government contemptuously reminded American school districts that they weren’t allowed to exclude the Central Americans hordes it had invited into the country [Feds: Schools can’t shut out undocumented immigrants, by Caitlin Emma, Politico, May 8, 2014] This “guidance” from the feds was based on the court ruling Plyler vs. Doe. According to a “Dear Colleague” letter issued by the Administration in 2011:

As Plyler makes clear, the undocumented or non-citizen status of a student (or his or her parent or guardian) is irrelevant to that student's entitlement to an elementary and secondary public education.

[Joint "Dear Colleague" Letter, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, May 6, 2011]

The problem is that this isn’t true. As Attorney William Pendell Perry noted,

“Plyler: (1) does not apply to secondary and post-secondary education; (2) did not

Defund DHS, Reject Loretta Lynch—But Only Impeachment Will Stop Obamnesty

Dr. Ben Carson is willing to say about Obama that “I think we can start talking about treason.” White Republicans should be saying that, but they’re afraid of being called racist.

Another day in the death of the Republic:

As I write this evening (Monday February 23) it’s too still early to tell if, by proposing to split a vote on funding Obamnesty from the overall Department of Homeland Security funding bill, voting on the former first, Mitch McConnell is trying to wriggle out of using the power of the purse to stop Obamnesty, as the GOP leadership has repeatedly promised, or whether, as the National Journal puts it, Mitch McConnell Looks to Trap Democrats With a Standalone Immigration Bill (by Lauren Fox and Sarah Mimms, February 23, 2015).

Or both. Or neither. Whatever—the bottom line:

  1. The irresistible force meeting the immoveable object of Democratic intransigence is…continuing grassroots resistance from ordinary Americans.

The ludicrous vacillations of the GOP’s venal Conservatism Inc. leadership, clearly unable to decide whether to fight or flee Obamnesty, speaks to the sheer fear inspired by this invisible and uncelebrated force, which stood between America and annihilation via Amnesty/ Immigration Surge throughout the 113th Congress in opposition to the entire political elite, and still so stands today.

Calling Congress works!

But nevertheless:

  1. Obama will not let the GOP “get this behind” it. Obamnesty is just the beginning.

There is quite obviously something peculiar about Obama. For example, no normal politician would court suspicion by not attending church, least of

Hanging Rudy Out to Dry–Media Party Makes GOP Cower

See, earlier Of Course, Giuliani Is Right That Obama Doesn’t Love America—He’s Leftist AND Black by James Fulford


Back in 1987, this writer was invited by friends to advise them on a press conference they had called to oppose President Reagan's signing of an INF treaty to remove all nuclear missiles from Europe.

My advice: Deplore the treaty; do not attack the president.

The next day, Howard Phillips declared that Ronald Reagan had become a "useful idiot for Soviet propaganda."

Howie captured the headlines, as did Rudy Giuliani after that dinner at 21 Club for Gov. Scott Walker, where the mayor spontaneously rose to declaim, "I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America. ... He wasn't brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up, through love of his country."

The next day, Rudy doubled down, bringing up Obama's old ties to socialists and communists: Stalinist Frank Marshall Davis, radical Saul Alinsky, 1970s bomber Bill Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Rudy could not understand why at the National Prayer Breakfast the president launched an attack on the Crusades and the Inquisition, done "in the name of Christ." The mayor could not understand why Obama had trouble identifying and naming ISIS

ISIS Threatening To Use The Immigration Weapon To Conquer Europe

If the destruction of the United States through mass immigration is Hitler’s Revenge, the end of Italy will the Revenge of Gaddafi. ISIS has declared its intention to use the flotillas of illegal immigrants coming to Europe as a weapon. It will succeed, absent a dramatic change in Western leadership. And the worst part of all: events are playing out exactly as the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi predicted.

isisbloodyknife[1]When jihadists acting on behalf of the Islamic State beheaded 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians on the shores of Tripoli, their typically-slick snuff film ended with one of the butchers raising a blood-soaked knife and swearing to conquer Rome. Contrary to the lunatic immigration enthusiasts who claim mass migration is good for Europe, the Islamic State is honest enough to say that diversity will be weakness for Europe—not strength. An online recruiter for the Islamic State boasted recently that

[T]he number of trips known as 'illegal immigration' from this coast, which are huge in number ... if this was even partially exploited and developed strategically, pandemonium could be wrought in the southern European states and it is even possible that there could be a closure of shipping lines and targeting of Crusader ships and tankers.

[Islamic State ‘planning to use Libya as gateway to Europe,’ by Ruth Sherlock and Colin Freeman, Telegraph, February 17, 2015]

Italy is already uniquely vulnerable because of its insistence on rescuing “migrants” from the Mediterranean. As even the Leftist Daily Beast admits, “smugglers, who usually melt in with the migrants, are armed and dangerous” and the government is now obliged to deploy anti-terrorism troops within the country [Italy Fears ISIS Invasion From Libya, by Barbie Latza Nadeau, February 17, 2015].

The Italian government did briefly weigh military intervention in Libya. But it quickly retreated, whimpering about a “complicated” situation and punting the issue to the UN Security Council and the “international community [which] has the means to intervene” [Renzi puts brakes on military action as Italy frets over Libya, by Oliver Baube, AFP, February 16, 2015].

The Libyan government, which actually only controls a fraction of the country, claimed that it did not want Western military intervention [Libyan FM: We don’t want military intervention, by Ali Barada, Almonitor, February 20, 2015]. However, it did say that it was coordinating efforts against its enemies with the Egyptian government, which was infuriated by ISIS’s murder of its citizens.

You would think that the West, especially the U.S., would welcome this gift of a strong Arab country which recently ousted its own Islamist leadership and is ready to undertake military action against the Islamic State.

Indeed, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has spoken out against Islamic extremism with the kind of

Frank Morris Speaks For African-Americans On Immigration

Video: Frank Morris Calls Rep. John Conyers "Blind" to the Negative Effects of Immigration on Workers, By Jerry Kammer, July 14, 2013

Let’s face it, America’s immigration control system has collapsed. The rule of law no longer prevails. And the least fortunate Americans are those who pay the price of our Open Borders anarchy, especially African-Americans. While immigration patriotism is all too often characterized as a “conservative” cause, African-Americans are sometimes forgotten even by those who fight the hardest against this scourge.

But not by everyone. One heroic voice speaking for all American citizens: Frank L. Morris PhD, a retired Graduate Dean, Professor and Senior Foreign Service Officer. On February 11, Dr. Morris spoke to the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security on the urgent need for interior immigration enforcement legislation. More importantly, Dr. Morris spoke for the most vulnerable Americans who are too often forgotten by both Left and Right.

Dr. Morris gave his testimony, in his words, “on behalf of many vulnerable American workers.” He supports the various bills presented to further immigration enforcement because “they begin to address the egregious injustice which has de facto allowed illegal migrant workers to evade the letter and intent of American immigration, labor, and criminal justice laws such as working with, cooperating with, and paying international human smugglers.”

In any other age, someone telling Congress “American laws are meant to protect American workers and keep our communities safe” would seem common sense. Today, Dr. Morris’s comments are revolutionary.

And as he noted, Open Borders anarchy makes Americans second class citizens in their own country:

When civil or criminal laws are not enforced against any group or class for any reason, that group or class has a de facto privileged status under American law, whether formally recognized or not. When that privileged status goes to noncitizens who benefited from breaking labor and immigration laws by working, this surpasses any similar benefit available to American citizens.

The failure to enforce the law has disastrous consequences for all Americans, of whatever

The Fulford File | Of Course, Giuliani Is Right That Obama Doesn’t Love America—He’s Leftist AND Black


Here’s the basis of the latest earthshaking scandal about a white Republican blaspheming the President:

The former New York mayor, speaking in front of the 2016 Republican presidential contender and about 60 right-leaning business executives and conservative media types, directly challenged Obama’s patriotism, discussing what he called weak foreign policy decisions and questionable public remarks when confronting terrorists.

“I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America,” Giuliani said during the dinner at the 21 Club, a former Prohibition-era speakeasy in midtown Manhattan. “He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.”

With [Scott] Walker sitting just a few seats away, Giuliani continued by saying that “with all our flaws we’re the most exceptional country in the world. I’m looking for a presidential candidate who can express that, do that and carry it out.”

Rudy Giuliani: President Obama doesn’t love America, By Darren Samuelsohn, Politico, February 18, 2015. links added

This has produced a number of reactions—the black press reacted like this:

The former New York City mayor and his GOP cohorts want to guarantee that the next president is a white male, and they’re stirring up racial animus to do so.

Giuliani Says Obama Doesn't Love America: Here's Why He Keeps Running His Mouth, By Charles D. Ellison, The Root?, February 20 2015

Another reaction:white leftists who hate America saying it’s vile to suggest Obama doesn’t love it. See The GOP’s Giuliani disaster: Why Rudy’s vile nonsense is a big problem for Republicans from Salon—which shared the front page with America loves its war porn: “American Sniper” and the Hollywood propaganda machine. (See?)

The more Establishment Main Stream Media is now in a feeding frenzy about how Rudy could come to say such a horrible thing:

…by suggesting that President Obama did not love his country, Mr. Giuliani became the story.

His remarks, seemingly out of the blue, were not an isolated outburst.

No more than an hour or two before Mr. Giuliani appeared at Mr. Walker’s event, he vented his frustration at Mr. Obama at another fund-raising event in Manhattan. There, Mr. Giuliani took particular issue with the president’s recent comments likening Islamic extremist terrorism to the religious warfare of the medieval Crusades.

[In Remarks on Obama, Rudy Giuliani to the Core, By Alexander Burns And Maggie Haberman, New York Times, February 20, 2015]

Here’s some more coverage from the somewhat more rational, mostly white but still liberal, reporters at the New York Times:

“The Crusades In Reverse”—The West’s Perverted Christianity

“What is this, the Crusades in reverse?”—Jean Raspail, The Camp of the Saints

Christianity built the West, but a multicultural perversion of Christianity is bringing the West down. One of the most irritating aspects of modern politics is the way Christian leaders and commentators (although apparently not their flocks) have gone all in for Amnesty.

The Evangelical leadership, Southern Baptist Convention, and the current Pope all justify Amnesty through their own interpretations of Scripture. But perhaps Glenn Beck’s soccer ball-and-Teddy bear border handout is the most depressing recent example of self-destructive and yet oddly self-aggrandizing Christian charity [Glenn Beck to bring soccer balls, hot meals to illegals: ‘We must open our hearts by Tony Lee,, July 8, 2014]

So it is probably inevitable that popular alternatives to Christianity will arise to serve as a source of cultural pride and identity for Americans—and for Westerners as a whole. The Norse god Odin is as good a choice as any to stand in where Christian leaders and traditions have fallen short.

Seriously. In a daring editorial move, recently featured a modern reflection on the Norse god Odin: Report From Valhalla on the War of the Fourteen Centuries, penned by “Roland” of the famous poem, “Song of Roland” [February 14, 2015].

Who Would Do A Better Job Preserving The West?




Written from the vantage

John Derbyshire On Culturalists vs. Biologians; Or, Where Is The American Harald Eia?

While I was indisposed a couple of weeks ago the editors posted a transcript of my talk to the Mencken Club last December. The topic was “The Left and Human Nature.”

There is a great deal more to be said on that topic than my few impromptu remarks at Mencken. The best concentration of insights at a nontechnical level was collected by the Norwegian comedian Harald Eia and broadcast five years ago on NRK1, the main channel of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, in a series of seven programs under the group title Hjernevask, which means “Brainwash.”

This came to mind in part because the second of the seven Hjernevask programs covers the same ground as my Mencken talk—the absence of any evidence that personality is shaped by parenting.

I also found myself thinking of Hjernevask when reading about Jon Stewart’s decision to step down as host of the satirical TV program The Daily Show.

Like Harald Eia, Stewart is a comedian engaging with serious issues. Eia’s programs, however, shed light on important matters of general interest while yet being entertaining and often amusing. Stewart just smirks his way through half-hour endorsements of the left-liberal Narrative. Eia instructs while entertaining; Stewart merely propagandizes while entertaining. You could call Stewart… Hjernevask.

The sixth of Eia’s seven programs, which is about race, was circulated on the HBD blogs soon after it was broadcast in 2010. I have just watched all seven for the first time, and recommend them to the attention of anyone interested in the human sciences.

The Hjernevask programs can be seen, with English subtitles, at the following links.

  1. Gender equality.
  2. The Parental Effect.
  3. Homosexuality.
  4. Violence.
  5. Sex.
  6. Race.
  7. Nature-Nurture Summary.

Eia covers these issues from both of the non-religious viewpoints: the culturist and the biologian.

(I coined “biologian” in We Are Doomed. A biologist is a student of biology. We need a word for people willing to include biology when investigating human nature. "Biologian" is that word!)

Culturists adhere more or less strictly to the “blank slate” model of human nature. As a psychiatrist