SAID IN SPANISH: Mexico Grooms DREAMer Fifth Column; Puerto Rican Astrologer Picks Hillary; “Trump Must Be Stopped”...

Mexico’s elite is still terrified of Trump—and it’s still blatantly meddling in U.S. politics. (My translations throughout.).

Mexican Government Grooming DREAMer Fifth Column

One of the justifications for the whole DREAMer Amnesty is these poor kids were brought here so young they don’t even know their home country blah blah. In other words, these DREAMers are more American than Mexican (or whatever), so let’s legalize ‘em ASAP.

Oh yeah? So why were a group of DREAMERS taken to Mexico to get them back in touch with their roots? After getting in touch with said roots, they were whisked back here to the U.S. of A.

La Opinión, the biggest Spanish-language periodical in the United States, featured the story, including a photo (above) of the group visiting the pyramids of Teotihuacan near Mexico City:
After reconnecting with their roots

Ann Coulter’s IN TRUMP WE TRUST: Immigration, Not Charisma, Explains Trump’s Appeal

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intrumpwetrustSpeculation that columnist Ann Coulter might not be disinclined to Donald Trump’s candidacy began when she characterized her attitude toward him as “blind the North Korean people with their dear, dear leader.” Her description of him as “my hero, our savior” and “the greatest candidate for president ever” did little to dispel the rumors. But her declaration that Trump’s policy paper on immigration was “the greatest political document since the Magna Carta” and that she “totally would” marry him if he were single may have been the broadest hints yet that an outright endorsement might be in the offing.

Today she places him in the company of the Almighty with the release of her book In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!

The clarity with which Miss Coulter makes her preferences known is rivaled only by that of Trump’s own message. As she reminds us, he announced his candidacy “in a speech talking about Mexican rapists, pledging to deport illegal aliens and build a wall.” All hell broke loose and within a week, he had lost tens of millions of dollars: Univision dumped Trump’s Miss USA pageant; NBC dumped both the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants; Macy’s dumped his ties; and ESPN dumped his Trump National Golf Club.

Any other Republican would have issued a clarification that “what he meant was that Mexico was sending us its David Livingstones and Niels Bohrs to do the jobs Read more >>

Pat Buchanan: A Eulogy For John McLaughlin–Ave Atque Vale!


Issue one!

To understand John McLaughlin, it was helpful to have been a 13-year-old entering an all-boys Jesuit school in the 1950s.

For when John yelled "Wronnng" at me from his center chair of "The McLaughlin Group," it hit with the same familiar finality I had heard, many times, from Jesuits at the front of the class at Gonzaga.

In that era, John was himself a Jesuit teacher at Fairfield Prep, where the black cape he wore and his authoritarian aspect had earned him from his students the nickname—Father God.

In 1970, Fr. John heard another calling, and, declaring himself a liberal Republican, challenged Sen. John Pastore in his home state of Rhode Island. An unamused Sen. Pastore obliterated John by two-to-one.

It was right after this election, while I was vacationing in the Bahamas, that, one mornin Read more >>

Trump On Refugees And Legal Immigrants—The Annotated Transcript

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Somali women and their children walk through downtown Lewiston, Maine, Tuesday, in a May 8, 2007, photo. Over the past six years, as many as 3,500 black refugees from the wartorn African country have settled in this nearly all-white, heavily French-Canadian and largely Roman Catholic city of 36,000, giving Lewiston the highest concentration of Somalis anywhere in America."Their children are the only assets they have. They left everything else in Somalia," said Said Mohamud, manager of the Mogadishu Store. James Fulford writes: The Lying Press went crazy over the Donald J. Trump’s very significant August 4 speech in Portland, Maine, typified by the Washington Post’s SHOCK! HORROR!! headline Donald Trump now says even legal immigrants are a security threat [by Jenna Johnson, August 5 2016]), although in fact Trump has been explicitly criticizing legal immigration since at least last summer . Much of the outrage focused on the fact that he’d dared to raise the topic of Somali refugees in Maine (pictured right) who have enriched the place with welfare dependency, Female Genital Mutilation, muggings and rapes . See Donald Trump targets Somali refugees during Portland speech , AP, August 4, 2016. The Cultural Marxist/ Main Stream Media Complex knows it is vulnerable, even in blue-state New England , if the Refugee Racket is exposed.

As far as we can see, neither the Main Stream Media, nor the Trump campaign with its well-known dedication to the New Media, has actually bothered to post the speech. So has transcribed and annotated the immigration portion.

Note that, unlike his more recent speeches, scripted and read from a teleprompter , this is classic Trump extempore—a technique which, while famously effective on the stump , sometimes reads oddly in cold pixel. Normally we edit transcripts, but we’ve not done so here because we don’t want to be accused of putting words into the candidate’s mouth.

Watching the video makes clear, however, that Trump is didn’t need a speech writer to construct this long list of immigrant atrocities, he just needed the facts. This, like the whole speech, is a very good sign.

Transcription: 23:45-38:52

Donald Trump:

So, we’ve just seen many, many crimes getting worse all the time and as Maine knows, a major destination for Somali refugees, right? Am I right?

[ Cheers from the crowd]

Well, they’re all talking about it: Maine Somali refugees. We admit hundreds of thousands into Maine and into other places into the United States. Hundreds of thousands of refugees, and they are coming from among the most dangerous territories and countries in the world. A practice, which has to stop.

[ Applause]

This isn’t like you are smarter than other people. This is a practice that has to stop. It’s not like we say, “Let’s do something,” we Read more >>

National Data | Trump Is On To Something—Blacks HAVE Lost Ground in Obama’s Economy

Donald Trump’s recent speeches  [PDF] challenging Hillary Clinton’s claim to the black vote are clearly rattling the Democrats/ Main Stream Media complex e.g. [ It’s hard to imagine a much worse pitch Donald Trump could have made for the black vote, by Philip Bump, Washington Post, August 20, 2016]…perhaps because it might be working [ Shock Poll: Trump’s Black Support Grows 6X in Week, by Neil W. McCabe, Breitbart, August 18 2016], at least with whites [ Trump’s Appeal to Black Voters Was Actually Directed at White Voters, by Ed Kilgore, New York Magazine, August 17, 2016]. Bottom line: looking at the data, Trump is on to something.

Seven and one-half years into the first Black POTUS, Blacks should be taking stock of where he has taken them. This is important not only for historical purposes, but as an insight into where they are likely to be if Hillary Clinton should be elected for what will likely be a de facto third term of Obamanomics.

The picture is quite, well, black. Based on the Obama Administration’s own latest available statistics, Black Americans are worse off today than they were on Inauguration Day 2009. Real, inflation adjusted, median income among Black households sank from $35,954 in 2009 to $35,398 in 2014—a fall of 1.5%. Read more >>
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