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Memo From Middle America: Post-Election, Mexico Steps Up Meddling—But Trump Can Tromp On Them

The Mexican government has reluctantly accepted the Trump Triumph, but it has stepped up its meddling with a direct appeal to the “Mexican community”—MexGovSpeak for all Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the U.S.—to further Mexican interests. Needless to say, this has gone virtually unreported in the U.S. Main Stream Media.

The Mexican foreign ministry ( Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, or SRE) has just released a video message for illegal alien Mexicans in the U.S. delivered by the energetic Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu. She spoke forcefully and maternally, utilizing the familiar tú address, reassuring the illegals that the government of Mexico is with them. Here’s my translation and comments:
Foreign Minister’s Video Message to the Mexican Community in the U.S.

P aisano [ Literally “Fellow countryman”, used frequently in Mexico to refer to Mexican illegal aliens in the U.S.].

These are uncertain times. Be calm. Don’t fall into provocations. Don’t be deceived. The government of President Pena and all Mexicans, estamos contigo [“ we are with you”].

We want to inform you of the possible migratory actions or about your belongings, which as of February can affect you. [ Confusing sentence, presumably the “your belongings” part is about illegal aliens protecting their possessions in case of deportation.] We are going to bring you this information and serve you wherever you are.

Also , you can go to the consulate or call us.

We are going to be closer than ever, to inform you, accompany you and to defend you. In these times the most important thing is to be united.

You are not alone.

Estamos contigo. Mensaje a la comunidad de #MéxicoEnEUA SRE video, Nov. 30, 2016

Is Trump Calling Out Xi Jinping?

Like a bolt of lightning, that call of congratulations from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen to President-elect Donald Trump illuminated the Asian landscape.

We can see clearly now the profit and loss statement from more than three decades of accommodating and appeasing China, since Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger Read more >>

National Data | Immigrants Take ALL Jobs Created In The Month Trump Beat Clinton—Plus There’s A New Illegal Wave...

Employers added 178,000 jobs last month, while the unemployment dropped to 4.6% - dangerously close to the “full employment” level that mainstream economists warn could trigger wage and price inflation. The only fly in this ointment: the November numbers insure a Fed interest rate hike later this month, and further hikes in 2017 to cool off what DC-based economists see as an overheating economy.

The Main Stream Media couldn’t contain its euphoria:
In the book of United States economic history, the November jobs numbers released on Friday would make a fitting end to a particularly long, terrifying chapter that began nine years ago.

The New Jobs Numbers Signal the End of an Economic Era , by Neil Irwin, New York Times, December 2, 2016

The NYT’s Neil Irwin [Email him] is right—November (hopefully) will mark the end of a long and terrifying era in U.S. economic history. But that era dates from 1965, when the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments enabled mass immigration from non-traditional source countries. While the initial impact of that change was imperceptible, it gathered steam in the 1980s, and crested in the George W. Bush and Barack Obama years.

The damage done by the 1965 immigration legislation resonates Read more >>

Exactly Who In America Has This Insatiable Appetite For Somali Immigration?

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on]

Last week started off with another Muslim terrorist attack, this one on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus. Shortly before 10 a.m. Monday a Somali immigrant, a student at the university, deliberately drove his car into a group of people, injuring several. Then he got out and stared stabbing bystanders with a butcher knife.

Fortunately a campus cop was nearby. He shot the Muslim dead.

There were thirteen victims altogether: three with broken bones, one with possible internal injuries, the rest listed as having moderate or minor injuries.

Could have been worse.

The terrorist was identified as Abdul Artan. His age was given as 18, but that's obviously a lie. In photographs he looks to be at least thirty, with a well-developed case of male-pattern baldness.

The incident is mainly noteworthy for illustrating the utter absence of any sense or reason in our immigration and so-called "refugee" policies.

Before proceeding, let me justify that adjective "so-called."

Abdul Artan moved with his family from Somalia to Pakistan in 2007. [ Deceased Ohio State attacker identified as Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan, ,, November 29, 2016 ]Seven years after that, in 2014, he was admitted to the U.S.A. as a refugee and was granted legal permanent residency.

So after seven years in Pakistan, how was he a refugee? Is Pakistan a country people need refuge from? A country Muslims need refuge from? Read more >>

“Conservative” Lawyer Bruce Fein Claims States Rights For Sanctuary Cities, But Not For Arizona. Which Is Why We...

Finally we have a President who promises to enforce immigration law.  But here’s a funny thing: the same immigration enthusiast lawyers who then claimed it was unconstitutional for state and local governments to defend themselves against illegal immigration now have become born-again states rights’ activists. At least one claims to be “conservative”: former Reagan administration official Bruce Fein.

The last three presidents (at least) have actively impeded enforcement of America’s immigration laws. In response, desperate states and localities passed numerous measures to restrict benefits to illegal aliens and facilitate cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials. Many of these laws, like Arizona’s SB 1070 mirrored federal immigration laws. Others—such as local E-Verify requirements—were explicitly permitted by federal law. But the ACLU, MALDEF, and the federal government tried to sue each locality into bankruptcy anyway, claiming federal pre-emption.

Fein piled on against enforcement. In 2010, he called SB 1070 an “unconstitutional and ugly statute criminalizing the absence of federal immigration papers and targeting racial or ethnic minorities who ‘look’ foreign.” (The statute did not include the word “look,” so I’m not sure why he inserted the scare quotes). Fein went on:
The US Constitution entrusts the federal government with authority over immigration, naturalization and deportation matters. As a nation, we sink or swim together. “No state,” said the court in one ruling, “can add to or take from” the force and effect of national law.

[ No Repeal in Arizona, No World Cup , Huffington Post, June 3, 2010]

But now Fein argues that the 10th Amendment will prevent Trump from deporting criminals efficiently: Read more >>
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